CCTV of Robbery Gone Wrong When Man Packing Heat Surprises Robber

CCTV of Robbery Gone Wrong When Man Packing Heat Surprises Robber

CCTV of Robbery Gone Wrong When Man Packing Heat Surprises Robber

The video came with total shit music dubbed over the original audio track from source. What boggles the mind is that shit music like that is even produced, but what’s worse, is that somebody actually listens to that crap and would choose it to spoil a video with it. What the actual fucking fuck?

The video is a CCTV footage of a robbery gone wrong. I got no backinfo, but the setup and execution seem very much like the many similar robberies we’ve seen take place in Brazil.

The attempt backfires on the robber due to one of the unlikely victims packing heat. The place looks like a convenience store and it’s clearly already dark outside. The robber barges in as the heat packing individual walks inside as a presumed customer. Being threatened with the firearm, the customer hands over to the thief whatever it is that he’s carrying in his hand plus his wallet.

The thief then turns his attention to the clerk, which gives the customer the opportunity to pull out his own handgun and cock it. He puts the gun in the thief’s face and before he realizes what the fuck is going on, the thief takes fire. The scrawny clerk claims her female privilege and scurries away.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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        Actually, it’s a scientific fact that music IS getting worse. A study at The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council in Barcelona (I had to look that up) said that music is getting louder and the variety within the music itself is becoming less. In other words it’s all beginning to sound the same.

        1. I cannot remember the exact details but changing the music was done deliberately to change our frequencies. Music used to play at 44hrz and now it plays like 50 hrz or something. It changes how your mind and body react to the electrical frequencies. Also part of it is “do re me fa so la te”. This basic foundation of our current music used to be different. I cannot remember everything but there are many audiophile types and videos on this subject. There are free programs that can convert all your cd’s and audio files into the old 44hrz.

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      The robber got fucking owned, definitely worth the watch without the music.
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  1. Haha haha mark!

    Omg I needed that laugh.

    What’s the matter mark? You don’t feel the music? Hah!

    I don’t know why but when that music started the vision of you trying to watch this video amongst the droning of some lovesick fool just cracked me up…

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  2. Bad situational awareness. So unprofessional. In his head he was like “grab grab grab go go go” but he should of known tactics. Going for the man first and not the clerk was actually a good idea, bit follow through was wrong. He needed to control the entrance and exit and keep every where he could see them with their hands in the air. But hindsights 20/20 and its easy to critique it now with adrenalin pumping and shit going down quick.

  3. I don’t have to like the music to comprehend why others might enjoy it. Yeah, it’s god awful. I’m sure sucking a dick is horrible, too. But nearly half of the population of the world does it on a regular basis, so who am I to judge?

    I’d rather spend my energy on things I enjoy. Not wasting it hating things I don’t.

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