Despite Warnings, Foreigner Goes to Brazil, Gets Mugged and Slashed

Despite Warnings, Foreigner Goes to Brazil, Gets Mugged and Slashed

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @AJBrazil, who didn’t heed the warning that Brazil was dangerous, took a trip, and ended up mugged and slashed:

I was told so. Don’t go to Brazil as it is very dangerous.

I was mugged in the “safest” state of Brazil – Santa Catarina, and in the safest city – Florianopolis on August 11, 2016.

Ironically it was very near the Federal Police and other government buildings. It was int he tourist area, where people would jog and cycle.

10 slashes all over (including face, neck front and back, head, leg). Wallet stolen. Was brought to the hospital via an ambulance, several stitches and swollen face. Had to go to the police over the weekend then to the DPS for medical documentation.

The police said they will look into it as they have surveillance videos in the place. Hopefully they act on it.

I cannot believe that they caught the Ryan Lochte incident on video and acted on it, yet they seem to be sitting on their asses, probably because they could portray the Ryan Lochte incident as Brazil’s image is more tarnished than it really is, plus they were able to extort money from Lochte’s teammates in the form of donation!

I will update you if the police does catch the mugger.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience in Brazil, @AJBrazil. It’s indeed surprising this happened to you in Santa Catarina of all places, cause Best Gore exposes the worst of the world, and compared to the rest of Brazil, Santa Catarina provides little in terms of violent content for us to see.

I wish you speedy recovery, but would note, that between Thailand and Brazil, I would still pick Brazil. Though I must say your ceaseless bombardment with emails and messages that you sent the pics got pretty annoying:

Author: Acneska

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222 thoughts on “Despite Warnings, Foreigner Goes to Brazil, Gets Mugged and Slashed”

    1. It was just 1 person actually, unfortunately my bulky sweater and tight tiny back back made it difficult for me to move around. My hands were on my phone all throughout the incident. I was panicking.

          1. I’m from Uruguay, one of he lands of lowest crime rate around. I go to Santa Catarina’s beaches every summer. Blondies, well tunned, and thongs fitting on perfect female bodies, is super. If you fear the violence… of course don’t go to USA eather

          2. I’m from Glasgow,Scotland, we have one of the highest if not the highest murder rate per capita in Europe, mostly knife related crimes but we also have one of the best tourist trades,people will go where they want to regardless of these stats,its just one of those things,don’t let us criminals dictate where you vacate lol

      1. Wish you a speedy recovery, I went to Thailand in 2007 when I woke up to find my partner had been dead in bed next to me, they said for 6 hours which I can’t get my head round as why would I not feel struggle of breathing etc?
        There was pictures online of him and myself and calling me intoxicated because I was in shock and couldn’t talk, plus the nice photographer took a photo of me while my knees were tucked up in a t-shirt stretched over my knees kind of thing and he took an upshot luckily I had my thong on but in the picture you can’t really tell.
        It’s a good job my partner had been there before as he had warned me when an accident happens or someone dies then it’s not the ambulance that comes first it’s a room full of paparazzi pointing and taking pictures, must of been about 35 of the fuckers.
        Heed my warning, just don’t go, their results were completely different to our second opinion and we asked for him to not be embalmed and if they had to then to send blood samples with him, which of course they did none of this so the only thing our coroner could do to test for drugs etc so to take something from the back of his eye.
        Sorry for my ramble anyway best of luck healing as it could of been a lot worse.
        I was 21 years of age at the time he was 26, just an unfortunate thing, plus burned into my memory, at first I was in so much shock I couldn’t remember anything for months then it all came back.

        1. Agreed. one dude came at you and first thing you did was freeze. im in chicago, il and have had many times been attacked with knifes. I still never went down without a fight and getting my mark back. A foreign asian dude who looks defenseless would definitely become a target in such a country if it would happen the same as a city in US.

      2. Sorry to hear that, Im from Santa Catarina too, 200km south from Florianópolis. I’m 23 Y/o and have never been mugged or robbed. We from Santa Catarina fear the other states criminality too, Rio de Janeiro is a mugging festival. You got very unlucky my friend. This Avenue ”Beira mar” you were is kinda dangerous at night, its some what deserted at nightime, but still you got very unlucky. I’ve been to florianoplis dozens of times and have gone to different places at night there and not even 1 problem. I think we Brazilians learn from a young age by instinct where to go and where to not go. I dont know. My best regards, and hope they get this robber trash.

        1. You know there’s more videos showing how stupid white people are on YouTube than there is of the third world. You even have your own shows in the USA showing how stupid you are, like Ridiculousness and tosh.0 just to name a couple. You talk big talk, when you want to degrade. but you’re just as retarded as the people you love to hate.

          1. You’re talking out of your third world asshole , any third world videos on you tube far outweigh any I have seen from the developed world. Third world stupidity is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. Absolutely shocking. That’s because the third world is full of mixed race savages from the worst races on the planet. I dont even know why you are upset, defending your third world hole is indefensible,futile and ridiculous when the whole world is laughing at you.

          2. You sound very angry like we owe you something lol
            You’re lucky we let you keep your life. Don’t come back. We don’t miss you lol
            When a good foreigner comes along, they have a blast and enjoy it.
            When a asshole comes, they get fucked.
            So just from your rants about brasil alone, I take it that you’re the asshole.
            You deserved it!
            And we are the ones actually laughing at you! Haha

          3. I didn’t get fucked, i punched a favelado because he tried to rob me, oh I had a blast Brazilian girls are easy especially if you a gringo and a musician that’s all i did play music and have sex what could be better? I’m always calm. You’re projecting. You hate the fact your third world shithole is exposed here time and time again for what it is, it is highly entertaining watching third worlders raging in frustration.

          4. It’s the same thing I do in El norte. I dj, i fuck, drink and do drugs. These white girls are so easy. They want halfers. But I’m not doing it. Rather them swallow. And boy do they love to swallow.
            I’m not mad that the posts are about South America. Most of you are angry that we don’t live like you do. Oh so “civilized” and that whatever we do works for us is so uncivilized and backwards. But you keep on commenting the same shit over and over and over lol its funny to me that people that live thousands of miles away can cause so much anger in whatever white picket fence neighborhood you live in lol
            And the sad part is that I’ve had white guys try to steal sound cards, mixers and laptops to sell so they can buy molly and other drugs I get for free. And I’m not an asshole to anyone for their color. Just their attitude. Even the white people that are around me will break your teeth if you step to me, because I’m just cool like that with them.

        2. South American women like it all most like anal, the works most are white or mixed race and beat anything you are getting up there in figure and looks / personality and you know it, the type of women you are getting are cheap skanks that have been with everyone and are obviously not fussy about going with third world nignogs and would suck any man lol El Salvador is not exactly known for lookers is it? Argentina, Brazil, Colombia ,Cuba, Mexico,Chile even Peru sampled them all. Niggers are always back of queue when there’s a gringo on the scene 🙂 Ha ha.

      1. By the way in the video that’s what the two fucking favelados were sniffing that i met, if you notice they are ALL sniffing from those bottles to get high. Its a liquid inside some kind of potent shit like cleaning fluid, when they tried to rob me one of them accidentally tipped it down my arm. I punched one and the other ran.

      1. No it is NOT safe. I saw a murdered white middle aged tourist with a gunshot to the back of his head and massive pool of blood led down in the middle of a path he had his hands on the back of his head and had obviously been put in that position before the cunts shot him. I went to Rio to sort my visa out many years ago. We were driving a hire car up the mountain to the Christ redeemer and drove around a bend and there he was, two cops standing by and another looking in the bushes moving things with a pen in his hand looking for “evidence”, must’ve happened minutes before we came around the corner. Never saw it on the news that night , not a single report i will never forget that image. Brazil is a fucking SHITHOLE.

    2. They’re animals. That’s one of the most viscous photoshoppings I’ve ever seen.
      Seriously, Hope You Heal Well.

      Never look too happy to be anyplace; predators are lurking everwhere, even behind Badges

      How do cops kill unarmed deaf mute Thursday August 18 but it’s not all over the news?
      Oh, yeah… ’cause he’s white, CNN doesn’t care.
      RiP, mann

    3. I’ve cut myself worse while shaving for fuck sake!!! I’m from Glasgow,Scotland and slashing is a way of life when your iin the criminal fraternity, either giving or receiving, sometimes both,I’ve been lucky considering the life I’ve led but yeah you should google slashings in Glasgow and see what you get

          1. No you got it wrong @FredHawley you should have written:
            “but she’ll be post op when she returns home”

            Geez Fred you might hurt her feelings!

      1. Ohhh I Seeee

        You were sent from the future to kill Michael Phelps before he won…
        Phelps’ people hired local to intercept you, yet you’re not deterred and will finish the mission at all costs ? ?

        That, or you’re there for Lochte, in which case ‘bon chance mon ami’

      1. Where I live the crime rate isn’t high and it’s not very dangerous but there still is the odd robbery or two, if you look like a victim with your phone out you can be robbed ANYWHERE. This has more to do with you than the country/area you’re in.

        1. *yawn* yes I hate whites. I must hate my mom because she’s white. What did you create that is making the world better? Lol the whole world is in shambles because of wars the white man starts with other countries for resources that your so called technology needs to run. You want to be mad at everybody and yell at the screen go ahead. But you’re done.
          You want to talk about white people sneaking into Mexico or Somalia. They don’t have to. They don’t make money off immigration so they walk right in. And lots have moved and continue to move. they have taken *stolen* and continue to steal a lot from these countries. then they set up lucrative business deals where their white countries come in and steal. You think we’re wild. Yet we could care less if you opened up shop next to us. But as soon as you start to rape and pillage the land and it’s people, we want to kill you and anyone that knows this that still chooses to continue using these resources.
          When they know how these resources are taken and stolen from that country but don’t care. You are the problem and you’re also the solution. But you’re too stupid to acknowledge this.
          You don’t know fuck all about culture and history. So I suggest you shove your computer mouse down your throat and hang your self. You’re nothing but a useless pawn. You serve no purpose. To your people or the world

    1. I’m not Brasileiro. But you act like brasil as a whole did this to you. When it was probably some junkie that chose you because you’re the easy target.
      I’ve been to many places in brasil and I am just as careful as I would be getting out of my car or house in canada.
      Thievery is an ancient profession that is still going strong worldwide.
      Remember that, the next time you leave your sheltered life.

      1. No, Brazil really has a high crime rate. Even the house I am staying in, I was just recently told that it has been robbed 3 times before! Brazil is within the top 20 with the highest murder rate, one can imagine that the crime rate is much higher than the murder rate. The owner of the house told me that these things are infrequent, 70% of the residents of Florianopolis never experience these kinds of things, so I guess 30% do? 30% is extremely high.
        Tell me, why then do you spell Brazil with an s?

      2. Thieves like going to houses with nice things to steal. Does this make a more upscale neighborhood that has break-ins seem unsafe? It shouldn’t, but you just labeled it as such. And in your case, the thieves know foreigners with cash stay there from time to time.
        I wouldn’t pull my phone out in a foreign country. I take throw away phones and forward my calls to it.
        English isn’t my first language. I speak Spanish and that’s how we spell it. With a S.

        1. Same for the french……..Brésil……is it cool or what
          To speak a few languages……
          Still hard to believe that the guy is living in a house
          That got robbed 3 times……?????
          Now remember……one slap only……and all the zippers
          Will give up on you…….
          Bet you, you can’t laugh without squeezing your ass hole……so in case of a fourth robbery……
          Just forget to run and scream at the same time…..
          And yes of course they know you are there and
          Incapacitated……good luck……
          And get the fuck out of that house….ASAP….
          The funny thing is that we had this discussion
          A week ago about fighthing for your stuff (phone)
          Or not…….

      1. I understand your point..” blancheeurope”.(white europe)….but for centuries Europeans
        Have literally stolen from the rest of the world……now
        It just comes back biting you guys…….not surprised at all.
        I know I know…’s your country but…they like it too and want it to be theirs…….all those
        Colonizations definitely have a “cause and effect”on so many of you….
        Try to be pissed at your liberal politicians……and
        Prepared to have “happa” Arabs kids in the family…!!!
        Good luck…

    2. elmas is right! If you are… hmm how to say without insulting… I guess, dumb enough to go in the streets “showing off” some of your valuable stuff, obviously it will be dangerous. I’m living in Brazil for almost 21 years and I’ve never been robbed or witnessed something like that. The thing is: you must know how to take care of your stuff and be careful.

    1. But Lochte is a well known individual @ajbrazil – they extort $ from his roommates, & come off looking like all that overpriced Israeli security they hired for the games, and to provide backup to the local cops, are actually doing their jobs if they catch the perp. Too bad your attack didn’t happen in Rio also. With that mega satellite the Israelis put in place to “help” monitor things – there would have been no problem at all getting very clear video of
      the guy that attacked you; it has the capability to zero in to within 1m, and the clarity to read a newspaper, all in real-time, & all being recorded.

      1. Brazil used this story to deflect attention away from it’s systemic maladies and Olympic fails and this is the real reason why the amazing achievements of other athletes is overshadowed. The truth is, guns were drawn and money was taken. And, to treat Conger and Bentz to a Brazilian perp walk replete with media manufactured hostility, then to extort over 10K from the other swimmer and justify that crime by saying it’s going to charity, way to treat your guests!

          1. @felipe.s actually now we know that Lochte wasn’t lying. They never went inside the bathroom much less destroy the inside door of the bathroom.

    2. Lol so now brasil is trying to tarnish a honest and well behaved Olympian?
      You guys kill me.
      Standing up for some retards that act entitled everywhere they go makes you look stupid and ignorant.
      They are a bunch of obnoxious jocks that would make your life a living hell if you went to school with them.
      The Olympic village is a huge party orgy and these retards left Olympic village to go look for drugs and girls with dicks to party with. Since they can’t bring them back to their hotel room, they had to party somewhere else.
      And they got rowdy. They broke shit inside the gas station’s bathroom. Lied about being robbed and one already escaped brasil because they want to question them and press charges for property damage.

        1. I’m not from any ghetto, I don’t eat beans. It actually gives a lot of Latinos intestinal discomforts. Acid reflux, heart burn etc etc.
          And you’re right. Criminals should be treated accordingly. So when a usa citizen steals in Saudi Arabia he should get his hand chopped off and not have the whole nation crying over the barbaric sentence he got. If they did the crime in brasil, they will face the time or pay money to go home.
          Call it extortion if you want. I see done in the legal system in the USA and Canada. Oj simpson is a great example. He paid for the damages.
          Don’t blame the Brazilians. They didn’t force him to get drunk and high. But if you’re so high on the civilized ladder, then why are these ultra civilized men acting like fucken niggers in the jungle?
          Learn to control your nigger tendencies.

    3. So, let’s break this down — two security guards pulled guns out and demanded money from the swimmers before they could leave the gas station. Sounds like a robbery to me. Doesn’t matter what boorish behavior the swimmers engaged in beforehand, the essential facts are security guards with badges held them at gun point until they handed over money. They did not trash the bathroom like the Brazilian police claimed. Lochte embellished the story, but the essence of it remain true.

      1. Must have been a pretty high class restroom that got damaged for all the money that was taken. I missed the part of the video where it shows them actually break anything. All it showed was them coming out of the restroom. Seemed a bit extortiony to me.

        1. I didn’t see any video of them damaging the rest room. I didn’t see any photos of the damage that was done. I see 4 people from the United States coming out of the restroom, getting in a cab and then ordered out of the cab at gun point. I am sure that the two who had their passport pulled “confessed” under all sorts of threats. They need to keep these events in better places. I knew it was fucked when they shot and killed the Jaguar mascot on the first day.

      2. They demanded money for the stuff they broke. The gas station owners/workers said that’s all they wanted. They weren’t gonna press charges. But because they called back home with that made up story and it was in news that they got robbed at gun point, the police wanted to question them and press charges to clarify the story internationally.
        The 2 other swimmers already rat out that fucken idiot. So how does that make him look? Innocent. I don’t think so.
        I get it protect your own kind. But these clowns thought they could get away with murder because they won a medal. And that the USA government will come with tanks and f18s to rescue them. And at the end of the ordeal give them the cover of time magazine.
        That’s some fucked up patriotic way of thinking lol
        Just admit that they are a bunch of entitled fucks that got caught and should face justice.
        Maybe that will humble them a little bit.

  1. You must somehow have an inside connection to the webmaster, he perhaps being a friend or relative. Can not otherwise guess how your post was allowed? You having “censored” the images, which show nothing but scribbles.

    1. @fermier-eyes, nose, & mouth are often “blocked out” to protect the
      individual’s identity. You occasionally see police photos marked in this manner also. If you click on the 3rd thumbnail photo you’ll see the frickin’ bandages.

  2. If AJBrazil was a pussy he would never have gone to Brazil in the first place. I don’t feel he’s blaming every Brazilian. Hes pissed at the local cops for not doing their job. His attack underscores the dangerousness of Brazil. There really is no safe places in Brazil, just less dangerous places. Thankfully he didn’t end up shot or floating in the Amazon River. I wonder if his objective is a woman.

  3. Brazil safer than Thailand???? have to say that living in Thailand – Bangkok – for nearly a decade it actually feels safer than back in my home town in the UK. Granted the hooker towns of Pattaya and the backpacker areas, you got to have your wits about you, generally if you’re a wanker and start giving grief to the locals, a dozen or so will end up following you home or hunting you down abd acting all hard….

    But Brazil?? fuck me… they dont even hide the fact they are savages… get Trump to build a fucking wall around that hell hole… (but leave internet access on so we can see from BG all the delights!)

      1. they are savages in that they will fuck you over from behind in a group … but fuck me, seeing the videos of the street thieves in Brazil and the regular daily drive bys with two guys in the scooter are just day dreams for the wankers out here. There is no way the Thais would do it as most of the guys out here are plain and simple cowards. Brazil are just fuckos! Savages..

  4. Thanks for the pics @ajbrazil. You are lucky you got away with your life. You say you are there for health reasons? Might I suggest getting the fuck out of there and going to a country that is actually safe and not a pit of disease. Good luck and stay safe.

  5. Well, you should fuck yourself indeed for being so retarded and portray all Brazilians as the same. Never been robbed or witnessed a robbery or similar shit my whole life, two decades already. The thing is, if you want to live or stay sometime here, you gotta have intelligence, if you have autism you’ll end up being robbed! Or even killed. Be careful.

          1. @genericwhitemale and @felipe.s Your responses are very disturbing. You blame the victims rather than the culprits. It is this type of mentality that perpetrates criminality. And you wonder why so much crime happens and why people say the place is dangerous.

  6. I would never ever go to colored country. It’s not about damn “racism”, it is complete different mentality. White and Blacks? Oil and Water. You can mix it(Multiculturalism) but on the end-they SEPARATE.

    I wish you Good recovery dude. Be careful.

    BG community knows best.

    1. Agreed with that. Portugal fucked us up by introducing African slaves to the old Brazil and making children with them. Every messed up 3rd world country nowadays, it’s the white people to blame. No intended racism against white though.

  7. You gringos whined your asses off about the Olympics being in Brazil for months before the event and it happened without any significant incidents. I can only imagine how much you would have whined if something real had actually happened like that terrorist attack in the Munich Olympics.

    1. Everything the americans and europeans wanted was some terrorist attack in Brazil during the Olympics, so they could have a boner with that and claim how safe their countries are. You can notice it just by reading this article title.

  8. After finding this blog and reading all the stories I wouldn’t set foot in Brazil if you paid me. I just know when there’s a horrific photo that it’s going to be a story about something that happened in Brazil.

  9. Despite warnings, despite videos, despite genuine reality thanks to bestgore, you still decide to book a flight to that godforsaken piss-hole Brazil. Why on earth would you travel to Brazil? its so mediocre like Hawaii and any other tourist magnet. You got what you paid for if that’s what you were lookin’ for…

  10. Stupid as a stupid does, id be more worried about bringing the zika virus home dude.

    Id like to thank are Brazilian host for an awesome games you’ve done the world proud.
    And a massive shout out to Team GB. its official people the British are Athletic Gods!… (like it was ever in doubt tho hey?) 😉

  11. Pay heed or ready yourself to Bleed .
    C’mon man you’re still lucky to be in one piece but throwing caution to the wind looks hardly palpable in your case as you seem to be past your 40’s already .
    Was it the sunshine or the chicks you had headed for ?
    As for the stuff that got stolen from you @ajbrazil , I would say to leave it at that ……..cause returning to Brazil might bring in another nightmare.
    Stay safe stay not far from home …..
    mind ya , too much sunshine is bad at times.!.lol
    Now don’t ask me why !!

      1. ahh a classic paragraph from blucon, and finishes with ‘Now don’t ask me why !!’ what is it like to actually talk to you in person, if i gave you a simple task of say calling to a supermarket and buying some eggs .. what would you say to me? do you always talk in riddles? your children must be very confused.

        1. I am gonna say ,hey @hayd0lf_h1ttler …….lets go buying some of those “yellow eyes ” and since you’d be the one who is thrown up to come up with a diddle ……I will have to see how confused you’re gonna be with my riddle .
          By the way if we ever go criss crossing each other you would have to see if there ever is the coolest one amongst a crowd of many ……… its me . the blucon !!
          As for my children I am not as old as you to have fathered any ……… as I am just past my 23rd year in age .
          Atleast its a good relief to see ya having changed your avatar ……..the one before was loathesome …….
          and lastly I have to ask ya …. do ya always come perplexed here on the BestGore ?

  12. You went to Brazil during the olympics, just the time when all the thieves, pick-pockets and Brazil’s finest lowlifes will be hanging around to pounce. Tightened security doesn’t matter, the pouncers are too good at what they do to care about security, plus it’s a challenge for them to continue doing what they do right in front of the security’s eyes. You say you are there for health reasons whatever they may be, but surely getting robbed and mugged will exaggerate you poor health! Going to Brazil at this particular time of the year was not the best choice you could have made, but I do wish you a speedy recovery.

  13. With slashes all over, why only show face area?? Not to mention half of it scribbled out lol. No offense to seem callous to the situation but in my honest opinion, this is not worthy of a best gore post.

  14. Why not show your face you fucking coward. Happy you got fucked up, hope it teaches you to be a man next time, instead of hiding your fucking face and being a fucking bitch, while also adding onto the shit that a third world country has gotten for the last month.

    1. How about respecting the fact that everyone should respect other members when they share things to be posted in “members rock”?
      Maybe you should go get slashed up, take pics of it and show your face as an example of proper picture taking?
      A lot of times it’s the authorities that censor victim’s faces, or maybe he wants to try to stay anonymous whilst still sharing his pics and story. What exactly have you contributed besides your ungrateful bullshit comments revealing yourself as an entitled cunt?

  15. Acneska you are losing my respect for writting such a biased title for this article. I’m not saying my country is safe, but you’re just portraying us as all the same. I’ve heard already some foreigners saying they had never meet people as kind and helpful as brazilians, and that’s what we are. There are a lot of exceptions, the government is fucked up and very corrupted, they are surely the reason of why we have these sad exceptions. But everything we have to do is to have some intelligence and be very careful with our stuff and ourselves. I’ve been living like this for so long and for now nothing bad happened to me regarding this subject. Regarding others subjects, I consider myself very unlucky because I’ve suffered a lot during my life, mostly because of the country I live, but this have nothing to do with thieves. So, I admit my country has a lot of problems, but it’s not that bad regarding the behaviour of most of the part of its population.

    1. No one is portraying all Brazilians as the same. I do not know how you came to that conclusion. There maybe 7 good guys vs 3 bad guys in Brazil, but you only need 1 for bad things to happen and it just so happened that there’s a lot of bad guys in Brazil, more so than most other countries.
      Instead of complaining and blaming the victim, why don’t you ask your government to do something about it?
      The place I was staying in was robbed 3 times. I was told nothing bad happens to 70% of the people of Florianopolis, that means bad things happen to 30% of the people living in Florianopolis. 30% is a lot!
      So ask the police to do something about it. Complain to them that they are not doing their job.

  16. If anyone still wants to go to vacation to Brazil, just make sure to watch your back 24/7. Even if you are tall, muscular, strong dude with background in MMA, you are sure to be robbed at gunpoint and knifepoint in which you cannot do much. I don’t know why anyone would go to vacation to Brazil, but it’s definitely a place I’d avoid especially from my own personal experience as well.

    I’m 6’4″ and 250 lbs with self defense training and it doesn’t help much. Just stay in the states or other safer countries. Brazil is not worth it at all.

      1. I only need hot water when visiting the mountains. Not many poor people in the Rockies.
        In hot weather It’s useless to me. Same as computers and a cable box.
        The world is much bigger and better than the inside of our homes.

  17. honestly i dont believe they would do that to you if you havent tried to fight back, if they hurt you there must be a reason…. also that area shown in the google map is where gay men look for sex, its a dangerous area at night

    1. I tried to get away, packing. It seems like you are giving an excuse to the criminal and that’s what’s wrong with many Brazilian on this site.
      I wish there were gay men looking for hookups then this might not have happened.
      It was actually 6-7pm, not that late.

      1. not giving an excuse, but your story sounds very strange to me…. I am a brazilian myself though I dont live there anymore, but your wounds tell me for some reason someone tried to punish you, sorry but thats how I feel

          1. I have been following this website for ages, I NEVER came here to disagree with nothing they say about my country, but in this case I see somethings I dont understand, Florianopolis “safest city”? Thats the capital city of SC and they got some of the most notorious favelas in the state, but still, why would someone go and try to rob a fully grown man with just a pocket knife? usually they got guns, the ones carrying pocket knives are the homosexuals near that spot, did you mess with any of them?

      2. What, you mean if you were balls deep in someone’s sphincter this might not have happened ??
        Look mate, if you went to do some Brazilian cruising that’s cool.
        You deffo look like a bit of a chutney ferret.. lol

          1. @yochan Because I was walking from Iguatemi and I decided to continue my walk (I was told it was safe there) for health reasons then I was going to go to Casquinha to get Acai then to the bus terminal.

  18. Holy hell, they got you bad. I never even thought to use wite-out as a weapon. I’ll remember that the next time I don’t like the look of someone’s face. Just kidding.. hope you have a speedy recovery.

      1. You got what you wanted. You knew the warnings and chose to ignore them anyways. Stow your silliness about “people said it safe dur dur dur” … if I told you that diving into a pool of liquid magma wouldn’t harm you would you believe me until the moment your pedantic insignificant life came to an immediate end? Or maybe you’d not be a moron and know that I was telling the truth about liquid magma?

        They’re not even going to look for the person that assaulted you, I can guarantee you that. You’re a nobody in a country that wouldn’t have a single hesitation toward staging what was an obvious homicide to suggest a suicide had taken place if for no other reason than to spare paperwork. Keep traveling though, hopefully next time they’ll finish the job.

  19. To all the posts and people talking about Brazil being so bad and posting all the negative things. How many of you internet keyboard warriors have actually been there? I was there for the Olympics as well for the World Cup! I’ve been there several times and I can assure you safety was not an issue there. Sure Brazil has it’s problems just like any other country. But it’s hysterical how some of you don’t even have a clue about that place yet base everything you see and read online.

  20. millions of people go to Brazil without incident every year. thousands went to world cup and olyimpics without issue. this could have happened in UK city or Sweden etc… there are bastards everywhere and good people too

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