Driver Uses Car as Weapon Against Armed Thieves

Driver Uses Car as Weapon Against Armed Thieves

CCTV video from some kind of underground garage shows a pair of thieves on a motorcycle assaulting a driver in a car. The video shows one robber threatening the driver with a firearm, but the driver appears resultant to give in to his demands.

Eventually, at long last, the driver proceeds to use the car as a weapon against the thieves, who quickly chicken out and run for their lives. Too bad the driver didn’t go all out on them and ram the useless cocksuckers. This way, they’ll be back assaulting more drivers in no time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Driver Uses Car as Weapon Against Armed Thieves”

    1. The thieve’s gun was either fake, or empty. Otherwise, he’d have used it. All he seemed to do was wave it around, using threatening gestures toward the driver. Once the driver figured out it was all a charade, he took off after the kid.

      No idea why the driver didn’t go after the guy. My guess is the thief took off somewhere where the SUV couldn’t easily follow, such as through a pedestrian doorway.

    1. — Well I’m not sure about the gun part ^_^; but I would have ran him over like a busted up speed bump.. it woulda felt like I was traveling off-road on hills & shxt… then back up for good measures and another round of “off road fun”.

  1. I like how the assailant points to his gun and taps it as if to say, “See I got me a gun”. Duh… I bet he has so many gaps in his teeth that makes it look as if his tongue is in jail. Can you say…. “Foreigner Redneck?”

  2. I would’ve hit the gas the second the gun was pulled or I would’ve ran. Split decision. Persons having a conversation w a gun pointed at him. Person in the truck is lucky he had a clueless assailant

  3. i would have ran them over. a perfect chance to release some bloodlust with no reprisals, not many times you get chances like that in life. the driver is probably a liberal, wont surprise me if the driver got on his/her knees holding a sign and apologised for them and said they must have felt so oppressed seeing me as a priveleged white person driving that white priveleged car.

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