Elderly Woman Confronts Female Thief in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Elderly Woman Confronts Female Thief in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Elderly Woman Confronts Female Thief in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Having visited Ecuador before, I can confirm that it’s a country of thieves. I’ve been around the world, but no country I have ever visited comes anywhere near Ecuador in the frequency of crime. You basically never board a bus, never step on a street without being surrounded from every side by thieves.

And whereas we’ve seen many upon many videos of thieves being viciously lynched in various parts of South America, it’s not as common in Ecuador (there has only been one from a long time ago). This is something I mentioned to my friends with whom I communicate by email a long time ago – there is such a high concentration of thieves in Ecuador, that when a thief is caught, he/she will be surrounded by fellow thieves so if anything, you as a victim will get lynched, because a thief will help a thief before it helps a victim.

Video below only confirms all that. Having happened in Guayaquil – the country’s largest city, it shows an elderly woman who confronted a female thief who had stolen from her. As you would expect from a country of thieves, there are people who actually go against the victim to assist the criminal, because who the fuck cares about victims when you see crime as your life’s purpose?

The thief seems to have lost her flip flops in the confrontation.

Props to Best Gore member @impiacopetona for the video. It came with busted audio from source:

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    1. Guayaquil is a city where there is a crime mostly thieves but compared to countries in Central America there is no comparation so I don’t agree with what it says in the description of the video and I know it for a fact because I grew up in Ecuador

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