Epic Karma – Backpack Kid Dishes Out Lone Street Justice

Epic Karma- Backpack Kid Dishes Out Lone Street Justice

Epic Karma- Backpack Kid Dishes Out Lone Street Justice

Brazil isn’t always filled with cuck-pussywhipped beta males.

Thief looking to obtain any object of worldly possession to survive another day picks on wrong prey. Faced with option to be raped of life and possibly worse, backpack stolen, kid unleashes the fires of retribution burning deep within. Caught in the fury of untainted surrender, thief is pummeled with defensive punches. Backpack kid got pissed at robber attempting to rob him of what possessions he might have had.

By the looks of the mighty faux pas pistol wielding wannabe thief -which looks to be a broken kids’ toy- the thief is served a tall glass of karma served cold!

Props to newly registered Best Gore member @bunecao for already contributing with videos:

206 thoughts on “Epic Karma – Backpack Kid Dishes Out Lone Street Justice”

          1. He came in the way of Karma., he should’ve shot him with his own gun., anyway that was Beautiful, So Beautiful I think I’m gonna cry.

        1. I’m not a fan of mob justice, but I don’t really blame the “victim” for his actions in this situation. I don’t know about you, but I am always yelling at people in horror movies that hit the villain once, and walk away. We all know that they are going to get back up and attack again. If all movies stared this guy, then movies would be a lot shorter, and less aggravating.

          1. I am the same. I agree as i said. I love the counterattack. Ok kick him in the guts and head ok. But once he is down and incapacitated then any more kicks is pretty weak to me. Yes. You have a slight chance that he will getup and kill you. But i tell you what. If i kicked a guy in the head twenty times and left him with braindamage and then checked his pockets and found no gun or extra knife ,i wouldn’t feel very manly for the rest of my life. I know . I’m a cuck.


          2. @Honkeykong, not about weakness or fairness. Straight up revenge and clean, white-hot hate. Strike hard and low, and to Hell with them..

            This message is approved by beloved father Satan.

        2. It’s all good Nems. Plus, I don’t really like the term “cuck”. I have fucked my boy’s girls with them, and let them do the same. I did that shit for fun. I think the term is played out, and misused. I wouldn’t call you a cuck, more of a bitch. Just playing. If you ever down with swapping bitches, holler at me.

          1. I’ve had and have close friends, but I’d have to bleed em if they fucked my wife, or girlfriend(s) when I had em. I guess I don’t share well.

          2. @honkeykong You mean people actually take their wives to that wifeswap stuff? I always thought it was a given that you took your sister and pretended she was your wife. i developed a sister fetish after a while though

          3. If you let another man in your girl then you’re a cuck unless she’s just a piece of meat to you therefore she’s not your girl just a bit of fun. Only cucks get married to sluts because they don’t know how to act. You seem confused bro, get your shit together and stop letting guys fuck your mrs, go and be the one to fuck everyone else’s mrs. She’s your whore not anyone else’s!

          1. Ha! So you are a LADYKILLER.
            I knew it!
            Why did they divorce? Because of jealousy that you fucked his girl ? Is she with you now or came to you afterwards for a time?

            Hey ,i wont forget about the bitches.

            I want to show them an AUSTRALIAN COCK-A-TOO!
            Like me ;brilliant white /yellow plumage and wont shut up! Haha

        3. It’s a long story, but unbeknownst to me, their relationship was fucked at the time. She started talking about wanting to leave her man for me, but I refused due to the fact that her man was my boy. She is currently with another one of his “friends” that doesn’t share my thoughts on bros before hoes. I am still friends with my boy, and don’t have any respect for that slut.

        4. @hopingfornemesis Well i do understand the feelings of pity but after all, the robber was intending on fukking him up bad, if not killing him. It’s funny how we only see what happened but don’t see what was prevented if that makes any sense.
          You know Ronnie kray was a fag with an accent to match, very feminine, mincey i suppose you’d call it but i wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him. Those streets do remind me of London in the sixties. Like home in a way.

        5. Yes, it’s a shame he missed the opportunity to piss on the guy’s face or do a teabagging, would be more humiliating for the thief.

          I would make him lick my boots and confess that he’s gay fag on camera.

          1. Ha! Now that, i like! No lasting maims but the humiliation is punishment enough! Call me when it happens! I want to join you in dealing out the justice. My name is not
            HOPING FOR Nemesis for nothing!

            Contact me on aitolosk3 at gmail dot com. I have a question to ask you. It isn’t about propositioning you or anything like that! Haha

    1. Having a fake gun, and attempting robbery or murder in Brazil ? What was he gonna point and say bang bang when he needed to shoot kid? Ya might as well just let someone beat ya to death and film it, then have it sent to BG, via post office, with your estate picking up the postal charge.

      …. uh cuz that’s what happened.

    2. Lol, can’t agree with you more. Thief got served with a two piece and a couple biscuits with a side of cole slaw. Lucky he didn’t get killed. Getting K.O.d like that, the victim could have stuffed his finger up the perps ass like “D-Bo” from the classic movie called “Friday” to add insult to injury. I hate thieves with a passion.

      1. @jonnieboy
        You, & I both brother!

        But there are 2 types of Chairs that you could have Been Talking About Here. So lets see which one best fits the bill for Attempted Murdering Thug, And Lets Let Our B G Brother which ne would best suit him alright John??? 😉

        #1- The *Wheelchair Type*,, You Know, The Ones You Often See In Shopping Malls, or On Street Corners That Are Specifically Designed For Retards, Equipped With A Bright Red Woven Basket In The Front Of It, For Pencil-Selling ,,,

        #2- The *Electric Chair* That ends-up Having A Major Malfunction, and he fries until boiling bubbles come out of his fucking Mouth, and Ears. And after Ten minutes of sheer horror for the Spectators, & Himself,,, His eyes pop-out of his head with, nerves & blood vessels still attached, eyeballs moving Around while still Alive and Screaming like Something out of a horror film.

        Hmmmm, So You’s Decide What Best Fits Da-Bill That Cock-A-Roach. 🙂

        1. Oh I just remembered …………………We live in the mountains, .……if your a thief and come here un announced I Got This “WOOD CHIPPER “after my dogs rip and eat your face off…


    1. You got cctv and the mobile video. Cool!
      Yeh! Faux pistol. -“That’s what WE do to thiefs here at Camacho, you come with a replica…”

      Indeed after being cot the thief didn’t run away but insist in fighting. Lights out for him, possibly permanently… well deserved 😉

  1. I’ll say it again: that’s how you fucking do it.

    If you get robbed and see an advantage to your side, don’t just stay there like an idiot . Got a gun? Shoot the fucker dead. You got a car and the criminal is on a bike? Chase him if you get the chance and run him over. You know Kung-Fu? Give him the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Ok, not that last one, but you got the picture.

    With that being said, this particular one was a dangerous move. The pistol was definitely fake because the thief tried to slam the poor victim in the head with it instead of simply shooting, which reminds me of Monty Python.

      1. True, but that wasn’t enough to knockout the guy on the first attempt. If that was a real gun, the victim would most probably be dead by now. Perhaps he realized the gun was fake and that’s why he reacted in the first place.

        Anyhoo, it’s pretty safe to assume the thief will be thinking twice before robbing someone again. As a matter of fact, the thief won’t be able to do any thinking after those kicks to the head!

          1. what was that show called and it was on same channel as man show and it was bunch of Asians on obstacle course yet dubbed in English as I recall it was damn funny

  2. Yes, NICE ONE spiffing what ho. This kind of thing actually happens regularly on the sea front during the summer in Blackpool if you have the bollocks to try to pinch Candy Floss off of elderly ladies.
    Fuckers they are, especially if they have lost at the Bingo earlier in the day. The guy in this video got off lightly.
    Old dears in Blackpool do exactly the same but while you are unconscious on the deck gurgling after a hammering these old girls will squat over your face to let you breathe in the aroma from their yellow stained Bloomers. No matter how badly injured you may be, after the knickers inhalation you are up and off faster than Saddam Hussein Bolt.

        1. I agree, even though people will say “it’s pussy” I don’t care…but it’s Brazil and that’s just jungle law.. In America we don’t need to use excessive force, once the person is down, that’s it… don’t over do it because you’ll be in prison.

          1. You’re right. Brazil where poverty & hopelessness lead people into drugs for an “escape” from their terrible lives. Cure poverty = cure violence in society.

    1. Londoner cuck ,Until you have lived in a place where this happens every day for years and have put up with cunts telling you you are going to die for 2 dollars then you have no idea. You would die so easily because you are a pussy that is more worried about hurting murderous robbers than defending your life. I’ve experienced this video many times in Brazil and the reason i am speaking now is because no 3rd world favelado was able to take my life. This is London in 30 years. Get used to it.

        1. Hoping for Nemisis , oh yes when you are out on the street they don’t care what nationality or class you are you know? I had threats on my life a few times by these nasty favelados, but instinct takes over you know?

      1. Can’t you see the vicious circle? Violence breeds violence. Get angry with Brazil corruption and politicians they are at fault. Spending billions of dollars on new stadiums for Rio Olympics and World Cup 2014 while people are still living in “houses” I wouldn’t let my dog live in.

        1. No i can’t. And that is why i am still alive because i was not afraid to stand up and let scum like that walk all over me. You would be dead by now because they would pistol whip you and then kidnap , sexually assault and kill you if your family refused to pay up. You have no idea what you are talking about. These people are sociopaths and psychopaths and have low intellect no empathy, you can;t reason with them, you can’t make friends with them, your pity and white social justice bleeding heart is futile. They would kill you in a second.

          1. I would talk to them, show them the error of their ways, forgive them, turn the other cheek as a Christian is supposed to do and tell them that crime is stupid and won’t get them anywhere except perhaps prison and an early death, they must study, work hard, better themselves, that is the way forward. They need hope in their lives.

            Or it’s a downward spiral into hell. Poverty is the root cause of it all, the poor housing, the lack of investment, wealth inequality, this what causes the hopelessness and anger that turn people into crime. I see it far too often.

          2. Londonistan, I can see many of your points . Yet turning the cheek friend, would only make you a martyr as @zipzap and others have said.

            I would like to think a happy medium is possible but maybe we really do need to shoot first and ask questions later as Zip says. I just hope that shit never happens to me. Haha

          3. How are going to do all that preaching when they are holding your face down in the dirt with a gun touching your head or knife at your throat?

  3. Backpack Guy did EXACTLY what you should do.

    Crook is coming to you, you don’t ask questions, you know something is about to be going down, you strike first and knock him on his ass.

    Then you kick him in the fucking head over and over to make sure he doesn’t get the fuck up.

    This was beautiful. Absolutely fucking beautiful.

  4. Resident cuck here! All you badasses behind the keyboards?

    Ever heard of a reversal of fortune? What makes you think that one day at least one or two of you wont be in this robber’s position? You think you will ALL be rich ,in-control toughguys who wont have to steal to eat.

    Pull your fucken heads in ! The victim tried to rob,he fucked up and he got beaten but the head kicks were excessive. Let’s not glory in the fact this guy has braindamage. One day in londonistan,merkellistan or amrikkia this guy may be you, your brother or your son!

    1. “who wont have to steal to eat”?
      I have been on the street in the past…but I have NEVER stolen to eat.
      Worked my ass off at menial bullshit-jobs to buy my food.
      And some asshole like this comes along to rob me?
      Fuck that…I hope he dies.

      “head kicks were excessive”?
      No…the victim has every right to protect himself , his property & other people.
      The criminal would have continued to victimize others had he been allowed to continue.

      1. I see the 3 above got my back. Much love to the Fisticuffs Fools that know when it’s your life on the line, you kill that fucking swine and let their fuckin’ family whine.
        “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”

      2. Fair enough. I just thought he was punished enough by being overpowered and kicked insensate with the first two kicks.
        I will say being homeless in a first world country is way diff than being homeless and destitute in a third world country. Do you know what i am saying? In amrikkya you do bullshit jobs and some one will give you some food or money. In poverty countries everyone has very little and so can not spare you shit or evwpen give you a job because there are no jobs! You can’t even shovel stable shit because someone else is already doing that on starvation subsistence level on their own farm.

        1. .. I somewhat agree with you also Nemo’sis.. Living in here in Mom&applepieistan, I wouldn’t kick to shit some chap who tried to rob me if indeed I knocked him out with a punch or two, I’d probably end up robbing him cause I don’t fight for free.. It would have to be an extreme case for me to kick someone to death…


  5. People are starting to look up the difference between fake guns and the real ones. That’s how critical things are here, and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting better any soon. I’m glad I live far away from any towns so I don’t really have to deal with this bullshit.

  6. I agree with the ass-whooping folks. This thief was armed and ready to murder someone over a backpack. Someone this brutal and uncaring won’t learn anything from their mistakes unless you communicate with them on a level that they can understand and appreciate.

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