Fingers Chopped Off Criminal by Gun-Toting Criminals in Brazil

Fingers Chopped Off Criminal by Gun-Toting Criminals in Brazil

…And this little piggy went to market… and this little piggy got caught stealing…

Here we go again! In one of many gang controlled territories in Brazil, criminal receives harsh penalty for stealing in a favela, compared to female counterpart; case-in-point. Next time he shouldn’t be stupid and get caught. Before dusk, the sentence was handed out to would-be-thief without a gun. He gets showered with a plethora of lovetaps before painful de-fingering with a blade sharp for Brazil standards; while hand is clamped on an old 2×4.

At least they left his thumb intact after savagely dismembering his digit fingers; you know, so he can hitch a ride back to his village. He can also continue with sticking his thumb up his ass when not thieving.

Special thanks to Best Gore member @masterplan for enlightening us with a proper translation!

“This is what happens to whoever steal in São Francisco.” The sign says.
Most favelas do not require you to go inside of them for drugs… they often have kids who conduct the exchange going up and down for you. If the kid disappear with the money or the drugs they are suppose to return, they are severely punished… it sounds to me like this is the case.

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        1. fuck i got my ass jumped by three big ass black dudes one of em had brass knuckles on him for tryna pull some funny shit and tryna run off on the plug, had to go hospital for tryna steal 200$ worth of d.r.u.g.s not worth it for a broken tooth and a cracked skull

          1. You are onto something here…. it could be new Ice Bucket Challenge…. watch porn til completion with flayed mignon boy or similar video side by side…. and film the shit


          2. I think that song was in “There’s Something About Mary”
            Now if you could conger up her image….
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          1. @fred1212

            Oh you have slimey Ray Conniff in a one-er. Did you know that it was when the Ray Conniff Singers were singing at the White House for Tricky-Dicky-Corporate Criminal Nixon… that the wise, beatific and courageous Carole Feraci unveiled her beautiful “stop the killing” embroidered handkerchief and spoke? Possibly the singular most beautiful speech ever made in modern times.


            Christians like Billy Graham who were present shouted for her to be thrown out. The wife of the US Attorney General asked for her to be “torn limb from limb”.
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  1. so are we having a fingering fetish today? Oh and @seraphim-serenata its Bra’ziw not Brazil. Because that what i hear whenever i hear these flip flop kings scream

    Brasileiro Portuguese:
    ttooo brooooh auuuu tudo bem nao morto puto a voce buceta mortinho ooouuu aak voce nao bom, faak what a basterdization of a language. Similar to god forsaken rednecks basterdizing the Queens English

          1. ok it was like and 80s or 90s movie. they talk in english and was like a shitty but cool movie xd lol guys thanks you all are great 😀 thanks 4 helping me

      1. Evil Dead 2 . Ash gets bit by one of the demons , which I actually think was his girlfriend, after being possessed, of course….he gets bitten on the hand by her, and the hand starts to turn against him, so, he chops it off with a chainsaw, I believe…..after chopping said hand off, it hides from him in the wall, while Ash is shooting at it with a shotgun….finally hits it , and gallons and gallons of blood comes gashing out of the wall…..great movie..direction by Sam Rami.

  2. “This may hurt a little.”

    “Ouch! That hurt like fuck.”

    “But you ain’t gonna pick your nose no more huh? Flicking boogers in Daddy’s car is a no-no. Now I want to hear you thank God that you are left handed so you can still write at least.”

    “But I cannot write with any hand at all. I refused to learn to write because it is Gynocentric.”

    “Bring me another plank of 2X4 and a clamp Sanchez.”

      1. As long as they are killing eachoter is fine, too bad brazilians are fleeing like roaches to the US,Portugal,Spain and Italy.

        If you go to Milan,LA or Lisabon you will see a lot of brazilian chimps everywhere, it’s easy to spot em cuz those turds are always wearing flip flops and look like monkeys

        There are an estimated 1.5 million Brazilians living abroad,[7] mainly in the U.S. (450,599),[8] Japan (~210,000), Paraguay (201,527), Portugal (~120.000), Spain (~120.000), Germany (~100.000), United Kingdom (100,000)[9] France (80,000), Italy (35,000), Switzerland (25,000), Angola (30,000), and another 100,000 are living in other European countries.

        These numbers are legal immigrants god only knows how many illegals are there ….

  3. This is the only admirable thing about these shit hole countries, how they punish criminals. Like any law or death penalty they aren’t deterrents but damn, they sure make a punishment swift and permanent!! I wish we could do stuff like this in America. Now sure, you get the whole fair trial and all, not just dragged to the jungle…well, unless you’re caught “red handed” doing stuff to some little kid…but once convicted you’re immediately taken out back and get something hacked off whether it’s fingers, a hand or your dick and balls in the case of sex offenders!!

    God that would be wonderful if we could impart the same suffering and fear and pain on criminal vermin that they cause their victims!!

  4. Pretty damn coward to push kids to do the drug running and then mame or kill them when they no longer are needed. All this bullshit for drugs. It’s a very sick twisted world, Brazil seems to lead the pack.
    Karma is a quiet vicious dark eyed scary unavoidable monster – whom no-one escapes. No-one!

    1. It’s not just about drugs, they have fucked up DNA and enjoy behaving like savage chimps. It’s part of their culture man. That’s why I’m racist against them and don’t care about their lives. Also, they smell and have ugly dirty homes. They also breed like roaches, so when they die it’s good for the planet.

  5. It better be outrightly this savage or the thieves will keep springing up from favelas all over Brazil with dirt laden napes and unbrushed teeth with those crawly fingers stealing people of their possessions which is never their own.

  6. Where is all the blood??
    I’d expect a squirting blood flow from a wound like that..

    I saw the last guy who got his fingers chopped of in a forest bled a ton! He probably died from blood loss.. Why does this guy have no blood or very minimal amounts??
    Is he a wizard?

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