Footage of Failed Cash-in-Transit Heist in Johannesburg, South Africa

Footage of Failed Cash-in-Transit Heist in Johannesburg, South Africa

This video is an amateur camera footage of a shootout which happened on March 6, 2018 in the suburb of Randburg, which is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Footage is of a failed cash-in-transit heist. The suspect in the black beanie behind the white pickup truck exchanges fire with security personnel protecting the armored van (down the road out of frame on the right).

The suspect in the black beanie is hit just as the other suspects can be seen trying to pick him up in a stolen white Ford Focus, I suspect he was hit in the neck as he leaves some gnarly arterial spray on the side of the stolen getaway car. Needless to say, with all the gunfire, his buddies gas it and leave him for dead as he bleeds out face down in the road.

Props to Best Gore member @joe-dirty-69 for the video:

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82 thoughts on “Footage of Failed Cash-in-Transit Heist in Johannesburg, South Africa”

        1. i doubt it was edited so the retard cunt filiming it probably felt it was too graphic at that point…….. damnit!

          almost as frustrating as a dull blade beheading. lol.

    1. Quite right, illegal. In the end it’s always betrayal.
      Looks like he made his bed right there in the middle of that random street, and now he’s layin’ in it.
      I wonder if he’s ever drove or walked over that exact spot, only later to have his last breaths on it… Oh well, sucks for him.

    2. Beanie Boy was out of position to get his ass into the rear seat, and the driver had to slow down. What the hell?

      Then, he was fucking around with his rifle and the door. He even shot a round into the street. All told, he had five seconds to outrun that bullet.

      At that point, the gang had to evaluate its assets. As far as I’m concerned, retrieving the rifle was the wise choice.

      It’s all about the business.

      1. Nice breakdown, man. Have to agree, if that’s the life you’re gonna choose, it’s all or nothing.
        Your right, numbnuts over here had ample time to get his fidgety ass in the car, dude had the reflexes of a fuckin’, retarded sloth.

      2. Saw photos of aftermath.
        Apparently the guy with white shorts was helped into the car, because he later died with his leg sticking out back door… car crashed into something as well (think it was a tree)

          1. The robbery aftermath pic is on crazy$ Pic is at end of video. Can’t add link because of censorship. Search “damn-bank-robbers-turn-quiet-street-into-a-war-zone”

          2. Sweet, thanks rs1, I’ll go check it out.
            “Quiet street” haha, guess the damn hooligans must’ve just moved in, across the street!

  1. These places should just be quarantined as failed states.

    Cover them with a giant dome/cage, give them all weapons and put it on a live stream.

    Or just nuke them and move on.

    What the fuck is the point of their existence – lynching, robbing, shooting, raping – real life ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

      1. Ha, ya I enjoyed it. It was one of the very few films Affleck looked like a competant actor, lol.

        Hey, there’s a few things I can admire about good ol’ Brasil. One being that big ol’, fat booty!

        1. when the football is on tv, foot-ball (not american football) the commentators go “gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal…” every time someone scores. ha, they try and hold it down the longest.

          big ol booty indeed. but i found that brazilian chicks are ovverrated. but fuck, butt fuck yeah….

          1. @svarg26 im in london mate, theres too many of them to be like that. and they have this thing where if you dont love them, they put the shit on you. theres only one way to survive here and thats to take it on board. but im sure not one of them. the thing about europeans coming from africa is a blatant lie, to make blacks feel part of society, and when they feel part of society they behave much much better and dont complain as much and work like slaves or robots. so who gives a fuck.

            must be nice in sweden being Away from it all. London has lots of people from all corners of the earth……… take it on board mate, its old news here.

      1. Ahhh, yes, yes, my good friend, pigs. I, too have seen this WONDERFUL type of artery. I believe they call it, ‘Assault and Splattery’. Splendid what the hood niggas are creating these days!

        (Felt the need to type that in an old British, art fanatic dude’s voice, lol).

  2. This reminds me of when one would tell their buddies
    ” alright dude get in”
    Drives a little bit
    “Ok man we were just kidding’ get in”
    Driver drives a bit more laughing
    “Alright bro, we’re really going to stop now, get in”..
    “I think he got shot back there”
    “He’s just being dramatic, C’mon’
    Broey jump in the car!”
    “Deshawn! Deshawn! Quit being a Pavement Nigga!”

  3. Before the heist the fatso with his face planted on the road had nurtured a dream of easy riches and now he lays prostrate bleeding to death never having anticipated that sometimes heists turn out real ugly .
    What ’em guys and this bugger had miscalculated was that there would be bullets flying across and one of them is gonna have his fate sealed permanently .
    Stolen cars ,easy riches crates of beer wads of currency voluptuous babes ,Booze and Bums ……….nothing comes easy my man ummm ; it seems Texas was beckoning this lot hurriedly .

  4. someone, please, cap that lady that’s screaming like a banshee. bitch, you are far enough away from the action, why you screaming like you the fattie that got popped???

    also, you may have filmed better if you weren’t busy screaming. why stop filming when things get good?

    terrible. this video as me frustrated all the way around.

    actually, one good thing… that nice bright blood smear on the white car. that’s sexy as fuck.

    1. @african-angel Will the killing stop once they’re all dead? They think the white man is responsible for their shit lives but no white man has been in power since pre 1994. When all the whites are dead they’ll still murder each other and then there will be no hope for the country. I know you’re speaking only about Joburg but rest of the country shares the same sentiment.

  5. Nice one! Glad my submission was posted, the sad thing is these scumbags are so heavily armed that the security personnel working the cash-in-transit vans often just get slaughtered. I’m glad these guys fired back and with deadly effect at that, when you try to play GTA in real life it’s always going to end badly lol

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