Gypsy Filth Sucker Punches Old Man to Steal His Wallet in Serbia

Gypsy Filth Sucker Punches Old Man to Steal His Wallet in Serbia

Gypsy Filth Sucker Punches Old Man to Steal His Wallet in Serbia

A few days ago in a mall in the city of Nis, Serbia a gypsy filth assaulted an old man by sucker-punching him in order to steal his wallet. European Gypsies, also known as the Roma, are a distant relative to their cousins from Khazaria, also known as the Jews.

In the CCTV footage of the robbery, a strong, independent woman™ can be seen passing by the assault scene. She looks at the victim, but gives zero fucks about what happens and just continues walking.

Unfortunately, it is illegal to speak truth about Gypsies or Jews in Europe, though it’s perfectly legal for Gypsies and Jews to be racist toward the native population. Combine it with the inherent female privilege, and you get the situation you see here.

However, even though in case of this woman the female privilege played an important role in her seeing herself as superior to the man being assaulted, so she would not get her cock carousel riding outfit wrinkled by getting involved assisting an actual man, it’s quite unlikely a man would interfere either. But for different reasons.

For one, Gypsies don’t work. Their lifetime ambition is to one-up fellow gypsies in how much they can steal, or get more up the ladder of a gang. As such, Gypsies always operate in gangs. When one assaults, you can expect there to be a whole fucking whack of them behind the bushes. They got to kill day to day boredom of not having to worry about work somehow.

And secondly, if a man interfered with the Gypsy’s right to assault and abuse non Gypsies, it would be deemed a racial attack and the man would get locked up in a cage while the filth would walk free to rob another defenseless victim. Ain’t life under Zionist occupation grand?

Props to Best Gore member @axe-e-cute for the video:

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71 thoughts on “Gypsy Filth Sucker Punches Old Man to Steal His Wallet in Serbia”

      1. How do we know this young guy is a gypsie ? It’s not like he has a sign around his neck stating the fact. Maybe the old guy is the gypsie and stole it off the young guy in the first place, who ran after him to get his wallet back. Young gypsies turn into old gypsies – it’s a law of nature…….

  1. Got back up like a champ tho. Face to face my money is on grandpa. Looks like the old guy turned to stalk the gypsy down. You can run but you can’t hide from your old man beating. Ya gypsy pussy

  2. In 90’s, when police caught gypsies pick pocketing and stealing in general, they beat the shit in them so bad, that theft is scared for life + they got prison time.

    Today, different story.
    We are under psy ops attack from every corner and people are afraid to stand up for each others.
    Laws are build to discourage any decency and give wings to bad seed.

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  5. Always looked upon Gypsys as traveling dirt-merchants.

    The ones God punished to ‘walk the earth without a homeland for all eternity’ for gyp-ing folks throughout history.

    Watch out for those traveling circus shows, cause they make up 90% of those Freak Shows!

    For those of you not familiar with these human insects, watch the 1932 film, Freaks. That’ll make your hair stand (‘I’d like you to meet my wife, my daughter, and cousin- and there’s ONE-PERSON-STANDING-THERE!’)

  6. True story- Was doing installation job for a customer (Gypsy offspring-owned a home), after job is finished, they want you to fix the lawn mower, change the cat litter, etc. etc. F*cking Grounds Keeper, I was reduced to!

    I explained how to maintain a certain item in their home… ‘I don’t know how to work a hammer.’

    WTF!!! Never heard THOSE words uttered like that before! I had the urge to work him over with my claw hammer!

    Oy! Vey! Go away!
    (I never said the J word Lol!)

  7. Me thinks the show The Walking Dead portrays some real-life situations in a fictional manner.

    For instance- Average Joe walks into a car dealership. Out come the zombies (Gypsy-types) from behind the desks and vehicles. But, instead of YOU, it’s your wallet they drool over.

    Benjamins…………..Green…………… Benjamins!

  8. This shit doesn’t count as fucking gore. That cunt didn’t even fucking bleed fucking Siberian retards he should’ve cut open that old fucks chest and showered in his blood. I can fucking upload this shit to YouTube

  9. I don’t think this was theft, more likely the Pikey filth was attempting to enter the old guy anally. You can see the old guy saying “yes yes, certainly, you are quite broad across the shoulders aren’t you young man but let me get me teeth in first as I wasn’t expecting this on a Tuesday afternoon”.
    Pikey pondlife can’t wait so just cops a feel when getting the wallet, but you got to give credit to the old bastard – he just gets up and goes searching for hung gypo, in a state of heightened arousal of course.

  10. I fukin, hate pikey’s They are true scum. Hitler tried to gas most of the European gypsys, but some got through the net, may they be dammed to hell, nicking an old boys wallet, dont get much worse than that. Bastard grabbing, horse flashing, thieving white nigger gypsy cunts. Kill them all..

  11. Just wanted to say the description of the video is perfect. About gypsies i mean, completely accurate. I tell you this as an Italian, it’s exactly working like this. Those fucking dirty useless monkeys are exactly like you described. They are racist and act like criminal bosses, racing who steals more and who beats innocents more, or kill….besides they are only a bunch of useless rats. They don’t pay taxes, they don’t respect any law, they live without rules. And nobody can do anything, because the italians antifa- faggots will defend them and make u appear as a racist, and the corrupted antifa- faggots politicians will destroy your life. I really wish some day a “smaller” Hitler will pop out and start burning alive all those cunt animals. Starting from the babies, they are the worst. The progeny of evil. The holocaust wasn’t enough for them, they should need a new one…. Isn’t it curious? The ones Hitler was chasing, are exactly the worst people nowadays. Those dickless Jews, and the primitive disgusting useless Gypsies.

  12. I’m feeling so sick of knowing that some people associate gypsies with Romanians,they do make our country look like it’s full of filthy thives, motherfuckin bugs wearing human masks,the way they act it’s unique, everything they do is annoying for most people,poor Antonescu should have killed them all, motherfuckin pieces of shit,they act like they’re invincible when they’re many,but when it’s just a couple or a single one they beeg for mercy if they get into a conflict or catched trying to steal something, I’d fucking execute them all,poor filthy rats

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