Karma Burns Cable Thief in Africa

Karma Burns Cable Thief in Africa

Karma Burns Cable Thief in Africa

Not much is known about this video other than:

Some crispy critter decide to steal cables close to my house, luckily it blew up and Karma fuck his day up!

Props to Best Gore member @rc073 for the video:

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  3. Sorry guys in my excitement I forgot the location, more info got to “light”

    Location South-Africa, Gauteng, JHB, Westdene, 4th Ave,. Rec center.

    The underdone turd cut into the HV side of the transformer 11kw incoming line.
    Correct white powder from fire extinguisher, unfortunately It didn’t help as he was still walking around.
    Took 24 to unfuck everything

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  5. I don’t fukn get this.
    This also happens in my country. Some idiot decides to get some copper and they tear open a generator or try to cut power lines. Big SHOCKER they get shocked. Like wtf do you think is gonna happen dumbass??

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