Men in Delivery Truck Come to Aid Woman Being Assaulted by Robbers in Buenos Aires

Men in Delivery Truck Come to Aid Woman Being Assaulted by Robbers in Buenos Aires

Men in Delivery Truck Come to Aid Woman Being Assaulted by Robbers in Buenos Aires

In the Buenos Aires town of Villa Bosch, part known as Tres de Febrero in Argentina, a pair of robbers on a motorcycle assaulted a woman walking alone down the street and tried to rob her off her wallet and the bag she was carrying.

The robbery in progress was noticed by two workers who were passing by in a soda delivery truck. They observed that one of the robbers stayed on board the motorcycle, while the other got off and threw the woman to the ground, battering her with kicks and punches.

The 54 year old truck driver responded by ramming the offender who had been waiting on the motorcycle, after which he got off and along with his companion, a 19-year-old youth, they took on the other assailant to defend the victim.

After a brief struggle, the two thieves fled without stealing anything and left the motorcycle they were manning behind.

The assaulted woman, identified as 51 year old Kaur Parminder originally from India, required medical attention to recover from sustained injuries. At least she didn’t get dragged behind the motorcycle by her hair.

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52 thoughts on “Men in Delivery Truck Come to Aid Woman Being Assaulted by Robbers in Buenos Aires”

  1. fucking white knights want to feel like heros until one of them get gutted like a fish and reality sinks in. How come they don’t save the husband and beat up that woman who holds her husbands wallet robbing him of money every day as she was walking home from monkey branching.

  2. Women huh. Four hard working men out doing what they do to help keep this world turning end up wasting part of their day because of this woman’s drama. If she would just stay home and order her tampons on Amazon, shit like this wouldn’t happen to these guys.

  3. white knights if it were i would pass straight because i know that if it were me nobody would help me as much as i do and call the police if there are cameras on the premises for the bitch don’t accuse me of failing to help

  4. Ok people. We can’t have it both ways. It would be great if we didn’t have the need for cops, but that would mean that the people would have to step up and take care of one another. The way it should be. “It takes a village” and all that. These guys already had a job, and took the time, and risk to help a stranger. That’s some true heroic shit. Most people don’t do shit to help society. The world would be no different without them, except the roads would be less crowded, and less animals would need to be killed in order to shove in their fat mouths. These guys, actually did something. *raises a shot of vodka in their honor*

    1. How God Damn gay are you? Fuck you and fuck your hero stories.
      Oh, I guess I should stop eating dead animals too.
      Let people do what they do. We’re all at the same pond together and we’re all gonna get wet. Now, jump in the water you silly goose.

  5. Good on those two blokes, it’s good to see some people with a sense of right and wrong and the guts to back it up. Knocking a person over, beating them up and robbing them is wrong by anyone’s standards. Knocking a person over, beating them up and stopping them from robbing someone is right, and I know that if it were you who was being beaten and robbed you’d be grateful for the intervention.

    1. lol, good point. I watched the The Boys from Brazil the other day.
      South America is guilty of hiding Nazis.

      Britain didn’t beat up Argentina over its Nazi sponsorship, it was over the Falklands.
      And Argentina got its own back by knocking England out of the 1986 World Cup (that cheating cunt Maradona’s handball goal)

    1. @meepjeep29

      This is the only feel-good video on BestGore isn’t it?”

      There used to be a lot of feel-good videos on here, they even had their own category called “chill out videos” (see TOPICS at upper-ish right of page) but then… well, I’ll just paste my reply to someone who asked about the old videos… long story short, one idiot whined to other idiots and made years of work go *poof* into thin air.
      Several years ago, someone complained to Best Gore’s video hosting service about BG’s content and, instead of the usual ‘account is currently on hold, remove offensive files within *insert deadline* to reactivate links or account will face deletion’ they immediately deleted EVERY SINGLE VIDEO without any warning whatsoever, which is why the older videos won’t load. I have no idea if there’s still an archive somewhere that we could use to manually ‘reattach’ each video to its original post (I’d be happy to donate my time if someone were to teach me how, as that’s a bit beyond my skill level.) but for now those old posts are just placeholders. It’s a damn shame, there are so many videos that I still remember, even after all these years, that I wish I could re-watch or share with people.

  6. Loving it.

    The robbers don’t get anything. In fact they lose a rather expensive motorbike, lol.
    Dear oh dear.

    The biker sounds like a pussy, he just ran away leaving his mate and his bike behind. In the clip the van starts rolling backwards as the protagonists rush out without pulling the handbrake up.
    He could actually have stolen their van.

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