People Try to Revive Thief Choking on Stolen Necklace He Swallowed

People Try to Revive Thief Choking on Stolen Necklace He Swallowed

A thief apparently stole a necklace, but to avoid losing his score as the members of the public closed in on him, the dumbass swallowed it and it got tangled up inside his throat.

The video shows the people trying to revive him and get the necklace unstuck, so the guy can resume breathing. There isn’t a whole lot in the video suggesting that they were successful, though.

Maybe it’s Karma’s doing – tho people helping him are the very people that sick fuck was seeking to deprive of their property. He wouldn’t have given a single shit about any of them. He’d steal their hard earned shit without a second thought, leaving them devastated and broken for months. Couldn’t have happened to a better son of a bitch to choke on the loot.

Props to Best Gore member @Guss12 for the video:

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144 thoughts on “People Try to Revive Thief Choking on Stolen Necklace He Swallowed”

      1. Yes, he tried the Heimlich Maneuver. but the Brazilian version. Than he tried CPR compressing the back instead of the chest. They had to flip him over and give to him mouth-to-mouth but they couldn’t find any volunteers.

    1. @loosythepoosy I was thinking the same thing, ‘quick save him so we can have a good old fashioned lynching’ lol. Good thing for him he didn’t manage to swallow it, I’m pretty sure that there would have been someone in the crowd that would’ve been all too happy to gut him in order to retrieve the hidden treasure, lol…

    1. Maybe beating the crap out of him would be the most efficient way to get the necklace out.
      “bring a knife!!” I wonder if this fucker would remain there.
      This is Brazil btw.

  1. What kind of a Hiemlich maneuver is that? Hitting him on the back while he is lying down is not going to dislodge the necklace. One way that might work is if a few persons held him up by the legs, so that he is upside down, and someone vigorously strikes him on the back. That might do it. However, a necklace is not going to be easy to dislodge. I find it difficult to even swallow a ring, let along a necklace. I wonder how he managed to get that down his throat. Must have been a deep throat expert when alive.

  2. Brazil, right? ;’) You just know someone was waiting for the necklace to pop out so they could run off with it. I’m surprised they weren’t sticking their grubby fingers down his throat to fish out the shiny artifact.

    1. Brazil, yes! Run with the neckless? they should be eager to get him unconscious again. The lady in the start of the video actually put her hand in his mouth and he bit her… We can hear she says “ahhhh!! we only want to help you, lad”

    1. It went down into his lungs and blocked his airway….
      Why do multiple people have experience swallowing jewelry? I retrieved a nickel out of my shit once, but I was like 5 years old…. never did it since.

          1. It certainly didn’t work for you, despite being drenched in shit all your life by your parents. Lets hope they can be more creative than that. I still have high hopes for you 🙂

  3. If people already saw him swallow it and were coming at him to have a beating, like the description says, why bother trying to hide the merch? Now you’ve gone and fucked your self, bud. But you were going to sometime down the line with this broke thug life style you got going on…we all know what’ll happen to you one of these days. Cough cough wrapped up in the cartel cough cough machete cough cough.

  4. I’m pretty sure it was a fake necklace and could of used a magnet to (fish) it out. Or do what the 3 stooges did and used a pair of tongs. Serious note though if they didn’t get it out in a small window of time or administered a emergency tracheotomy with a ball point pen tube then he’s a goner

  5. They have more empathy than me. I wouldn’t have done shit to help him other than assist in making sure I stuck around to make sure the sleazy bastard is dead after I give him a good stomp in the dome.

  6. They don’t care for that stupid fuck, they want their jewelery back.
    Instead of fucking him from behind, they should’ve opened his chest with a knife. Would’ve been much faster and less embarrassing.

  7. Hell, it looks like they are trying to light a survival fire on his back. Dumbasses. If they really wanted to get necklace out beat the shit out of him like hard kicks to the stomach. I swear, people in third world countries are back there a ways on the evolutionary scale. They prove it every day. Places like Indonesia are no different from a zoo.

  8. This clown had obviously never had an incident with a dental prosthetic. I was eating an apple once and accidentally loosened and swallowed a crown from my tooth with a mouthful of apple. The crown had cost over £200 and I simply could not afford another one. For days I had to sift through my brown turdy stoolmess and took to eating lots of Stilton Cheese, Wholemeal Bread and vegetables to kinda help things along and keep the stool consistency as soft and loose as possible. I took small wooden sticks to work in case it happened there. The fucking thing turned up on the fifth day (at work) and I felt it pass. It “clinked” when it hit the pan wedged outta the side of a real nasty brown one. I poked it off with the stick and had to slip my hand in among the oxtail soup to retrieve it. I washed it off in the sink and when I got home I brushed it carefully using Lady Wankdust’s toothbrush (I spared her the horror and simply didn’t tell her) and took it back to my dentist who simply cemented it back into place for £5. It is still there on my lower left jaw and chomps my food every day.

    This guy on the video obviously didn’t imagine what suffering can be caused by swallowing a metal object. If I had been there I could have explained to him the horror of having to sift one’s own turds for the precious metal while he was choking. It might have helped.

      1. There is an additional detail which I had to spare you guys. But from your comments I actually think you are tough enough and have the stomach to deal with it. On day three of the transit of my dental crown through the Wankdust gut I was staying up at my brother’s home in Edinburgh. It was an impractical situation to sift through my stools there, so I dropped the stinker on a couple of sheets of newspaper in his toilet, rolled it up like a Burrito, double bagged it in carrier bags, put it in my overnight rucksack, took it home with me and dealt with it the next day.
        The cleaning of the treasure with the former Lady Wankdust’s toothbrush was not planned. It just seemed the right thing to do as no-one in their right mind would use their own. I did rinse it afterwards, but it didn’t seem right to tell her as she might have got angry. I am gentle, caring and sensitive that way.
        Please remember I was earning minimum wage at the time and a new crown would have been £200. None of this is what I do on a normal day, circumstances were at odds with me. Sometimes Life’s like that.

          1. Lord Wankdust, thank you for the story.
            However turds have lots of germs in them, and the smell of the turds wrapped up in newspaper must have been absolutely revolting, not to mention your rucksack is probably infected, LOL.

            But respect for getting your crown back. You da Man!

    1. You are just too good. I can picture your descriptions. You might be more successful arriving earlier… I think he choose wisely, I’m very surprised with kindness shown. Glad to hear you picked the right toothbrush for the job. I pray you will never have to poke your turds with sticks again.

        1. Well to be honest, how do we know that Mrs Wankdust hasn’t ever borrowed Lord Wankdust’s own toothbrush when cleaning her high heeled Jimmy Choo sandal after stepping on some dog-poo? Or maybe used his chin razors to shave her nether regions?

          Still, Wankdust is an absolute riot!

          1. @Mr Spock Thank you for your concern. The double-bagging worked perfectly and there was no contamination of my rucksack. It did stink to high heaven when I opened it back home the next day, but that was an open air sift in the garden that time, so no harm done. However, you are absolutely correct about Lady Wankdust having used my razor to hack off the stubble from her bearded clams. After the birth of our son, her clunge looked like an architectural salvage team had ripped out a fireplace down there and she really did get very hairy afterwards. She may have been trying to disguise the terrain damage, a bit like a landscaping team being sent in to plant trees on some Industrial Wasteland. But she started some grounds maintenance a few years back, trimmed back the herbacious border and I actually found her pubes stuck to my Gillette Contour razor and confronted her about it. Then I did the decent thing and purchased her a razor of her very own. It would have been a problem which would just have kept coming back time and again.

            Since an incident on a camping holiday with friends as a teenager, I have always kept my toothbrush in secure area. No-one get near it but me.

    1. The crowd was probably making bets on how long it would take before he was completely dead…that’s why the left him alone, primitive culture so they were betting bananas, peanuts, and coconuts..

  9. I thought this was going to be a Gore video, not a porn video.
    I click play and in a matter of seconds, I see some gay guy that looks like he’s high on ecstasy and poppers and another guy that is fucking the shit out of him. the crowd seems to be enjoying the spectacle.

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