Plain Clothes Officer Shoots Assailant, Receives Round of Applause

Plain Clothes Officer Shoots Assailant, Receives Round of Applause

At the DB Ponta Negra Hypermarket, located on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, West Zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, a group of at least 4 assailants attempted to rob people in the lottery department.

Among the people was an off duty military police officer in plain clothes, who was in line to pay some bills and play lottery. He reacted to the robbery with fire from his weapon, shooting one of the assailants. The accomplices managed to escape.

The video of the aftermath shows the members of the public rewarding the officer with a round of applause for ending the robbery before it could materialize.

24 year old robber Arlesson Guimarães Mendonça was taken to hospital where he’s said to be in a serious condition due to severe blood loss, fighting for his life.

Here’s the video:

And a gallery of a few pics:

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    1. Too bad we can’t do that here in the states. The white, western world is being invaded by these darker shaded rats. These people want to leech off the white man’s achievements. That’s why they leave their fucked up countries and immigrate to north America and Europe (white countries).

  1. Strict gun ban has worked out great for Brazil. The people are at the mercy of well armed criminals. Most are not lucky enough too have a cop with a weapon around when the thugs come to rob and rape you a gun point. Anyone advocating for gun control in the US should be considered a traitor and enemy of the Republic.

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