Plain Clothes Policeman Shoots Dead Robber Threatening Him and His Wife

Plain Clothes Policeman Shoots Dead Robber Threatening Him and His Wife

Police officer João Henrique Pinheiro, who was in plain clothes with his wife when he was confronted by a pair of robbers brandishing a cocked gun, managed to quickly react to the threat and shot one robber dead with his weapon.

The incident occurred in the street Coronel José Monteiro in downtown São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, Brazil on November 23, 2016. The 18 year veteran of the police force said it was either him and his wife, or the robber.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the couple approaching the entrance of a jewelry store when they are approached by two criminals, who entered the establishment minutes before the policeman arrived with his wife. One of the suspects was shot and died on the spot. The second suspect escaped.

São Paulo police delegate Hugo Castro confirmed that after the review of the video, the authorities concluded that João Henrique acted in self-defense:

We analyzed the images, talked to the witnesses and he [policeman] acted in compliance with his duty. He was in a situation that required him to act in self-defense. The thief approached him with the gun cocked to shoot him and his wife, so he had no choice but to fight back and unfortunately the assailant died…

Unfortunate deaths happen all the time, and none know more about it than us here at Best Gore. But this low life, who was ready to kill innocent people to rob them of valuables – his death was anything but unfortunate.

The dead assailant was 29 years old and was wanted by the police in connection with an earlier robbery. The man who fled has already been identified but has not yet been arrested. The cop and his wife were not injured in the incident.

Props to Best Gore member @Eficaz for the video:

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55 thoughts on “Plain Clothes Policeman Shoots Dead Robber Threatening Him and His Wife”

    1. How did the second shooter NOT see the policeman reaching for his gun? The guy in the red shirt had his gun pointed straight at the policeman, and was looking straight at him. He should’ve seen the policeman reaching around for his gun. It’s possible the gunman’s weapon was empty, and that he was just bluffing, going for the intimidation factor, and couldn’t shoot even if he wanted to.

      1. I am pretty sure the guy who first pointed the gun did in fact shoot back. The reason I think this is because if you look at the top left of the screen at about 0:23 you can see that, what appeared to be a glass pane in the door, gets damaged. Nothing else comes in contact with it. It was either the shells coming out of the cops gun (which I doubt would break the glass) or the now-dead robber did squeeze at least 1 back and missed. Probably hesitated and missed his return shot, caught 1 from the cop then freaked out and tried to run.

    1. Because it takes balls to shoot a human threat, many criminals practice on paper or glass bottles, one thing is to shoot a paper target and a way different situation to take a human life, criminal or not, it is a situation That nobody that has done it wants to do, fast and good judgment save the off duty LEO and his wife.

    1. I thought the same thing. Those two guys couldn’t have acted more suspiciously if they had tried. Notice how the women hides behind her man when trouble shows up. No feminist nonsense when you have a gun pointed at you.

  1. Rubs till the cows come home.
    Wifey’s “gunna” be all over him like a bum on boloney sandwich after that. and deservedly so. whara beast!

    Side note: Its Black Friday Guyz!!!

    ohh piss off, the only black i want to see in a supermarket is eyes.

  2. Most of the cops are cold blood murders searching for an opportunity to kill someone. The robber maybe didn’t want to hurt the victims but just rob them. Never mess with a cop!
    This doesn’t mean the cop should wait to see what would happen. Just a thought..

    1. i think that was his chance and the cop was lucky. if those two guys had the chance to kill him first. i would have done the same though. if a and armed guy is coming to your home to rob you i’d assume he’s going to kill my afterwards, might as well try to kill him.

  3. That will teach the robber. Actually, it won’t teach him, because he is now dead! Haha!

    Lesson: don’t pick on some fat fucker with his wife and assume he must be rich. He is probably a plainclothes cop with a gun, and you’ll probably get a chestful of lead rather than a fistfull of dollars.

    Was the lesson a bit too random? Well this death certainly was!

  4. Where I come from, we use our fists. Go simple barbarian-style. But this I fucking dig. Would love to have this bro in my crue when Im banging the streets for back up. btw, Im not born synic. anyone wanna buy my !”TRACES OF DEATH” VHS CASSETTES? IT´S FOR EUROPE ONLY,just saying

  5. This is going to be Europe in a few years, America in a few more. Hapless man wanting to get his lady some cheap jewelry gets robbed by legal immigrant. Immigrant cleared…”whites forced him into life of crime, he had no choice”. I can see it now…ugh.

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