Preteen Kids in Flip Flops Rob a Store at Gunpoint in Brazil

Preteen Kids in Flip Flops Rob a Store at Gunpoint in Brazil

CCTV video from Brazil shows two preteen kids robbing a store at gunpoint. A boy and a girl in flip flops are seen threatening workers with a gun, and robbing the business off cash in the till. They sure start young with violent crime in Brazil.

Unfortunately, the ultra low age of violent offenders is not the worst of Brazil’s worries, now that it’s become clear that the overthrow of the legitimate government was an orchestrated coup, the newly “selected” Brazilian president Michel Temer was employed by the US intelligence agencies and military as an informant and is recognized by Zionists as friend to Jewish community, that the non-elected president and his cronies are set to allow foreign land grabs and the sell off of timber and other resources, that the new Minister of Agriculture Blairo Maggi is a millionaire who has deforested large tracts of the Amazon rain forest, and an Israeli born Zionist Ilan Goldfajn has been put in control of Brazil’s money as a head of the country’s Central Bank.

Zionists stole Brazil from under the noses of Brazilians, and they don’t even have the clue it happened. There will be no more denying the armed Israeli terror groups the “security” over the upcoming Olympics, refusing to toe the Zionist line on Iran nukes, China trade, NSA spying and so on. Brazil was taken over like that by the CIA before. Now they got them again.

Video of kids robbing a store (looks like a bakery) is below:

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  1. how cute. probably won’t be long until other thug kids shoot and kill these kids .this is sad though bc this is child abuse. children don’t just learn to pick up guns and rob stores without and older “mentor” teaching them this.

  2. surprise !
    some store owner still have money on the box
    surprise !
    some store owner are still alive after get robbed

    amazing brazil and it shit life style. work for die poor or deal for live rich.

  3. That looks more like a rigged up dramatization.
    The women with her clevage showing was all smiles in handing over the cash which the proprietor knows is gonna come back to the vault anyway.

      1. @Dan-A-Conda
        Halloween candy. ..LOL
        Hahahaha the scene form the very start looked totally made up and those little actors were merely there to bring about some sensationalism but it was a bad move to impress
        What the heck !That titsy twat just stood and laughed I wonder whom were they trying to please.

        Anyway I wouldn’t call it a bad move either as for some of these kinda women at the stores to come up with a sexist idea to show up their ample cleavage and pull in customers to patronize .
        or may be get laid just tp keep the cash registers ringing
        will go a long way in having their home fires burning atleast

  4. Oh gosh, i feel like that 10 year old could beat me up. :I

    Brazil is fucking crazy! Like, damn.. I didn’t start robbing people at gun point in broad daylight until I was at least 15!

    1. sign of narcissism is someone who continually self reference’s in a conversation. why dont you try debating the video/situation which doesnt involve yourself? the world doesnt revolve around you and your cutesy little avatar face.

      1. You are so negative.. Why don’t you focus on the video instead of worrying about what some 18 year old girl thinks.. If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have taken the time to try and insult me. And I know you are most likely going to say something smart ass back. But I’m right, you’re wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚ carry on, to the “really exciting” conversation and ignore my comments since they are irrelevant to you.. So do you really just read what I say, and think of all the other things I’ve said too, and then compare them and find similarities so you can turn it into a problem.. Sounds like so much more work than just minding your own business. Wow Hitler, I can’t believe you care soo much about my personal life. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. im trying to steer you in the right direction when you analyse something the last perspective you should think of is from yourself. im trying to open your mind the fact that your 18 means you should be even more grateful to me because the earlier you wake the better, and maybe try changing your avatar to something ‘philosophical’ could be a little refreshing for your ego. and then change it back at a later date just an idea all helps with the self improvement.

          2. Thanks for the personality disorder. Here this will keep you busy for I while. k

          3. Hey @Brandi. I haven’t noticed any narcissistic tendencies in your posts. Not real sure why @haydolf_h1ttler chose to point you out. That said, however, his point is not without merit. There is one member who stands out as a perfect example of what @haydof is talking about. This person jumps in on every post and changes the entire subject onto themselves. Every single comment is one that deviates from the article and outlines their own personal experiences. It’s always, “Oh yes. This happened to me one time and I…” or, “In my town this never happens because I…” Holy Fuck! Me me me. It can be frustrating and narcissistic only begins to describe this individual.
            But that just my opinion. For what it’s worth, I can see the sarcasm in your comments and think it’s pretty funny.

          1. I thought your comment was funny. haydolf, as I’ve witnessed in quite a few comments, just enjoys being an ass to people that don’t conform to his way of thinking. Don’t sweat it. This is supposed to be a place where anyone is welcome, but if you aren’t a narrow minded bigot, some people here will attack you and try to get under your skin because they have nothing better to do. Just like anywhere on the internet.

            Short version: don’t feed the trolls.

          2. @Brandi wall Hey Brandi sometimes this site can be challenging with so many different opinions please don’t take any comments to heart sometimes we learn sometimes we need to let a person know they have overstepped the mark like you have but don’t let comments stop you joining the debate

  5. hahaha! most pitiful ‘robbery’ I’ve ever seen. looks, to me, that they could have just grabbed that gun away from them easily. they won’t get far and besides, doesn’t look like that shop would have much money on hand to go very far anyway.

    1. Best. Movie. Ever!
      It did seem a bit silly how they were acting. Sadly, anyone with a loaded gun is potentially deadly. These children have been ruined. Nothing good is in store for them.

    1. We use flip-flops in Brazil to try to avoid the hot weather here. And I think all the middle class people can buy shoes, I, for example, have 4 or 5 shoe pairs, but I still use more flip-flops (I got two flip-flops, but I use just one, the other is guarded) in my daily. Only if you are very poor you don’t have any shoe, even people from Rio’s favelas has shoes (and flip-flops). Otherwise, is almost impossible to meet a brazilian that does not own a flip-flop. But it’s all about weather, americans, europeans, russians, canadians etc., doesn’t uses flip-flops because they lives in a very cold weather condition, so they must to uses shoes to not get their feet freezed. But… in formal ocaisions we use more shoes than flip-flops (to go to work, church, meet, cinema, shopping, school, college, univeristy etc).

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