Robber Fatally Struck by Propane Tank in Norzagaray, Philippines

Robber Fatally Struck by Propane Tank in Norzagaray, Philippines

Robber Fatally Struck by Propane Tank in Norzagaray, Philippines

This happens in Norzagaray, Bulacan in the Philippines on the evening of Aug 29, 2019.

At 0:45 an unnamed man wearing a cap is observed walking into a small grocery store and was shortly followed by an employee carrying a propane tank. Not seen in the video, the man wearing a cap attempted to rob the place and shot the store’s owner, Lanie Palad, which results in her death.

At 1:25, the man in the cap is seen running out, carrying the deceased lady’s bag, containing an undisclosed amount of money. The employee is seen hurling the propane tank at the robber which fatally struck him in the head, causing his body to go completely rigid before falling to the ground (I think the term for this is “decerebration”, but I could be wrong).

The robber’s cohort (still at large) is seen fending off the store employee but was also hit by the same propane tank that killed his buddy. Unfortunately, the cohort got away.

Credits to Ms. Lenardii Santibañez for allowing me to have the back info as well as the cctv footage of the incident.

Props to Best Gore member @psychodoll for the video:

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    1. That’s why you hardly ever see this in SHITHOLE UK even though they have cameras everywhere. All you ever see is niggas stabbing shit. lmfao, that nigga got mutherfucking owned! Thought I was gonna die of old age myself though waiting for it.

  1. Kind of like Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee, but with a bigger can of baked beans.

    Propane tank? Or propane wank?
    Either way, fuck him.

    PS – his dumb tattoo is supposed to say “Mum” and be on his shoulder, isn’t it?
    Who does he think he is?
    Fuckin’ Popeye?

    Well .. now his eyes are fuckin’ popped shut!
    Tightly shut!
    Slant-eye Asian rat !

  2. Who says you can’t learn anything from sites like Best Gore? How many “normal” or “family friendly” content sites gonna provide you with so much medical information that you actually understand decerebrate posturing means his brain stem is fucked below the level of the red nucleus, or that the survival rate is around 20%?

  3. 2:36 the guy wake up.. aint dead.

    just knocked out.

    dont know who’s the guy in picture, but more probably the guy who throw the propane tank, considered how he attacked the second men after throwing the tank at the other.

      1. @SteveRH69
        No fuck brother! Ha, ha, ha, lol,,, No fuck My Good B G Bro, cause that was funny as fuck.
        Maybe both of those Stupid Fucks,, They Watched-It, (That Exact Episode) Right Before, Going Ape-Shit On That Poor Lady, Yea?? lol?? 😉

  4. Hey thedre glad to hear you got a kick out of my profile name, thought it was fairly appropriate for the site. I initially did it for my girlfriend who was terrified of going in for her 1st mammogram, And I thought to myself that does sound shity having to get your boob flattened what if us guys had to go through some shit like that! It cheered her up and gave her a good laugh. That’s what it’s all about if you have to put yourself through a little bit of pain to put a smile on people’s faces then its well worth it. Love all of your posts and your political view, and your awesome profile background! Wish I had more time to be on here and post more but just way too fucken busy. Also I would have responded to you in the mentions or activity page but I can’t access it or just don’t know how, Let me know if you have any ideas of what I’m doing wrong or not doing, Cheers BG bro!

  5. Did anyone else notice… the guy seemed to misstep and began falling down at the moment the bottle hit his head. Either that was just a lucky shot or that employee may have a shot with the NFL!

  6. I loved this. The total stiffy was fucking genius. Catching the second fucker with the same gas tank is actually the work of a Semi-God-Like-Creature.

    Someone should make a statue of the tosser. Then they should build a church to worship him in the shithole Philippines.

    The Pope should change the Pope-Law and make the gas-tank tosser an actual living saint. I’d fucking worship him and sing hymns and shit… the fucking lot. He is a Motherfucking Biblical Legend.

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