Robber Picks On Three Armed Off Duty Cops in Goias, Brazil

Robber Picks On Three Armed Off Duty Cops in Goias, Brazil

In Goias, Brazil, an unlucky robber was shot and killed when the three men he was attempting to rob were off duty policemen.

The CCTV footage from the convenience store shows the robber enter the establishment wearing a motorcycle helmet, and threaten the patrons with a firearm. He then somehow drops the firearm and as he goes to pick it back up, the off duty policemen take advantage of the opportunity, draw their own weapons and fire at the thief.

Props to Best Gore member @Refuse2Renig for the video:

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52 thoughts on “Robber Picks On Three Armed Off Duty Cops in Goias, Brazil”

    1. Dude had major bad luck. Should have tried to work instead to become a bandit??

      Try doing the legos, bandit series you learn a trick or two… ooops too late sombrero

      Sleep well you winner .. I mean wiener

  1. LOL poor idiot. Robbing a store where 4 armed policemen are there is really unlucky.
    Dropping your gun during the robbery is dead careless and sloppy.
    He’s in Hell right now thinking “If only I didn’t drop that gun!”.

    Still, Brazil has one less asshole that will rob people.

    1. @mrspock, Brazil is just a mix of native indians, africans and europeans, so, you will meet black and white people here. Statistically Brazil is almost 50% white and 50% black (or mulato). As a rule, in the north of Brazil there are more black people, and in the south more white people, but there are white and black people everywhere here living together.

  2. He was too bad and hadn’t honed up his skills in using the firearms .
    He quite missed out in learning his trick of the trade and paid with his dear life ………… I surprised not a wee bit .

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