Thief Dies Colliding with Police Vehicle After Robbing Man on Street in Argentina

Thief Dies Colliding with Police Vehicle After Robbing Man on Street in Argentina

Thief Dies Colliding with Police Vehicle After Robbing Man on Street in Argentina

This happened in San Martín Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The composition of CCTV videos show three robbers on a motorcycle assault and rob a guy on a street. After the robbery, the trio is pursued by police from whom they try to flee.

Eventually, a police vehicle cuts them off, causing the motorcycle to collide with the vehicle. The robbers are violently thrown about, getting their due comeuppance.

The outcome – 1 robber dead and 2 seriously injured.

Props to Best Gore member @islasmalvinasargentinas for the video:

Some pics of the aftermath, props to Best Gore member @existenceispain:

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209 thoughts on “Thief Dies Colliding with Police Vehicle After Robbing Man on Street in Argentina”

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