5 thoughts on “Total Shitstain – Literal and on Every Level”

  1. The backwash and trickledown of all the manlove he had been getting earlier that day is in clear view. His lower intestine was absolutely awash with jism and loose stools. The hospital authorities pumped out nearly a gallon of spunk from his slack sphincter. It had been mashed up with a lot of his dribbly faeces from the many, many hours of heavy industrial, jacksie pile-driving which he had enjoyed that day. He wore diapers as a daily part of his dress-code. When they identified him through dental records they found his mouth full of used condoms which he used as chewing gum to freshen up his turdy breath (he was a champion rimmer in local competitions).
    They had to bury him in a sealed plastic PVC coffin to prevent the spunk and sewerage leaking out into the rest of the cemetery. All the diarrhea and gallons of semen made splashing sounds as the plastic casket was lowered into the grave.
    So sad.

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