Two Assailants Viciously Beat Old Man and Steal His Man Purse

Two Assailants Viciously Beat Old Man and Steal His Man Purse

Two Assailants Viciously Beat Old Man and Steal His Man Purse

Although you’d normally expect this type of behavior in a glorious multicultural heaven like Philadelphia, apparently this happened in Russia. It comes to show that you will find absolute pieces of scum anywhere. Or did the Roma invade Russia as well?

The CCTV footage shows what I was told was an old man being brutally assaulted and beaten by two assailants who stole his man purse. If they didn’t steal his shit, I’d think this was a hit or something, cause the extent of beating went way beyond anything needed to rob a person, in particular an older one.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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27 thoughts on “Two Assailants Viciously Beat Old Man and Steal His Man Purse”

    1. I don’t know why anyone would think Russia is a workers’ paradise. Outside of a few western municipalities like St. Petersburg and Moscow, it’s a highly stressed country with substandard living conditions and few opportunities.

      1. I tell you why many people think Russia is a worker’s paradise. Because many “workers” are migrants from even more shittier (typically muslim) countries surrounding Russia: Dagestan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, all kinds of other shithole-stans. Yep, it’s all different countries and life is much, much shittier there than in Russia.

  1. I live in a rural Russian city. When walking down the street at night, I keep boxer cap, crotch protector and knuckle bandages in my bag. When some “gopnik” comes to me with the intent to talk me down with their flawless criminal logic and then beat me down, I ask them to give me a second, then put the cap in my mouth, flip the crotch protector on (right on top of my jeans), and while reeling up the bandages over my knuckels, I just ask them “so, gonna fight? ok then, come at me…” and take a boxer pose.

    Nope, that’s a lie. I’m just getting wet from my power fantasies. By the way, here’s what gopnik looks like:

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