Two White Tourists Assaulted and Robbed by Pack of Black Men in New Orleans

Two White Tourists Assaulted and Robbed by Pack of Black Men in New Orleans

James Curran and Tim Byrne of Boston area in Massachussets were in New Orleans for the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association – the annual meeting of the religious association they are members of. Just before 9pm on June 24, 2017, whilst on their way back to the hotel where they were staying, the pair was viciously assaulted and robbed by a pack of black men.

The CCTV footage of the assault shows both men getting attacked from behind. Apparently, the assailants are too cowardly to face white men head on. Whereas James Curran takes the sucker punch like a boss, the assailant puts him in a choke-hold and drags him down to the sidewalk.

Tim Byrne hits the ground face first after being pummeled, and appears knocked out. A pool of blood seems to collect on the sidewalk around him. According to local reports, he is in a coma and his condition is serious.

The robbers stole the tourists’ wallets and cell phones and fled. One of them returned briefly and jerked Tim Byrne before resuming his flight.

As of Monday night, one suspect – 21 year old Dejuan Paul, is under arrest. The police say they identified the remaining attackers and are on a look out for them.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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442 thoughts on “Two White Tourists Assaulted and Robbed by Pack of Black Men in New Orleans”

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        Love you all….no matter what

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          You should understand and know that coming here, you should leave the Politically correct garbage out.

          Again, I don’t like Blacks, doesn’t make me or anyone that doesn’t like them Racist.
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        2. @johnnysack

          “It is sad that this beloved site is an unofficial platform for racists like yourself. I come here to look at the gore and just be in complete AWE of the reality that encompasses our lives each day“.

          “I LOVE THIS SITE!! But I disagree with the racism”.

          One cannot view and accept reality in slices, it has to be viewed and accepted as a whole otherwise one ends up intellectually disjointed and maladjusted to the world we all share and inhabit.

          Racism is not a unique trait only to be found in the “worst” of us, it is an intrinsic behaviour related to our innate survival mechanism. In fact everyone is racist/prejudiced to a certain degree in that we respond defensively when encountering differences be they physical, intellectual, social and/or religious because we are tribal in nature and also creatures of habit as it aids our day to day survival to have certain set and controlled patterns by which we live and follow.

          Personally I am racist as fuck towards black people because I have personally had nothing but bad experiences with them and add to that the fact that they are way over-represented in the crime statistics in every single country where they exist in number compared to every other race there. However I will not tell you how to feel, think or how to live your life because that is your own prerogative as a free man.

          To conclude, overt racism is just a little bit of what nature requires(subconscious racism/prejudice) but taken to the extremes by the ego itself and it is only seen to be a rare trait because first world society punishes such outward displays of egocentric grandeur.

          Only 60 odd years ago in fact we first world lot were publicly and unashamedly racist, minstrel shows, black face comedy acts etc and the rest of the world is still very much racist/prejudiced towards each other all the time such as the Japanese vs the Chinese, the Indians vs the Pakistanis, the Arabs vs the Sub-Saharan Africans etc. My point being that 60 years out of the last many thousands has not changed us from what we truly are, it has merely forced our true selves socially underground via fear of punishment.

          What you see on Bestgore is the mask slipping because online anonymity allows people to be themselves when otherwise they would dare not to out of fear of repercussion. In other words, it is not other people who have deceived you it is you who has deceived yourself because you had mistaken the mask for the person beneath it.

          To end on your own statement,

          “I come here to look at the gore and just be in complete AWE of the reality that encompasses our lives each day”.

          Being in awe of the reality that encompasses our lives each day also means truly facing and accepting the ugliness of our nature along with what makes us beautiful because after all you cannot view and accept people and life in slices.

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          2. @emptysoul

            I don’t view life in slices….I see beyond the racism, there’s more to black folks then what you see in them….seems that you are the one stuck in the “slices”.

            To end this discussion on your own quote-

            “Being in awe of the reality that encompasses our lives each day also means truly facing and accepting the ugliness of our nature along with what makes us beautiful because after all you cannot view and accept people and life in slices.”

            When you start seeing the beauty in other races besides white folks, then I will take the time to listen to your drunken BESTGORE rants….

          3. @johnnysack

            “I don’t view life in slices….I see beyond the racism, there’s more to black folks then what you see in them….seems that you are the one stuck in the “slices”.

            On the contrary, I fully acknowledge that there are good black people to be found and that there is more to black people then that which I tend to drunkenly admonish. However, as a gambling man, I also acknowledge and understand the importance of odds and probabilities which is why(given their prominence within the crime statistics) I tend to steer well clear of them.

            To put it simply, not all lions will attack me should I enter their personal territory however enough of them would to at least discourage me from taking such a course of action.

            To conclude then, there are simply not enough positive to negative slices within the black race for me to actually like them as a whole. If the only positive argument to be had is that ‘some of them don’t commit crime’ then the argument is already lost because one needs more from a migrating race of people than just whether or not they can behave themselves accordingly. What do they create?, what do they bring to the advancement of society?, to the advancement of technology? Etc. The reason white people tend to be universally respected after all despite our warmongering behaviour is because we can create just as well as we can destroy and traits related to advancement are given far more weight than any other trait.

            “When you start seeing the beauty in other races besides white folks, then I will take the time to listen to your drunken BESTGORE rants….”.

            Ah, but I do. I am only racist towards blacks for the above aforementioned reasons. I have no problem with Japanese, Chinese, Indians etc.

            To end this discussion on my quote again,

            “Being in awe of the reality that encompasses our lives each day also means truly facing and accepting the ugliness of our nature along with what makes us beautiful because after all you cannot view and accept people and life in slices.”

            If someone is racist because they have weighed up the individual positive to negative slices and as a result found the whole to be unacceptable then that person has made a personal choice based upon their own personal experiences. If said person is also otherwise decent, hardworking and law abiding(and not overtly racist in their real everyday life) then that racism is just another part of the ugliness of their true nature which they hide behind their socially acceptable persona.

            This brings me back to when I said,

            “However I will not tell you how to feel, think or how to live your life because that is your own prerogative as a free man“.

            Your morals and character are your own and it is your past experiences which have shaped them however not everyone shares the same morals or character as yourself and most people you will meet will only pretend to out of social necessity.

            Not everyone likes homosexuality for example. However, unless they are beating up gays in the street or insulting them to their faces they cannot be said to be wrong because morality is manmade for the most part and not universal in its application and therefore subject only to the laws of any specific society at any given time.

            Personally I don’t insult black people to their faces and/or beat them up in the streets I just stay well clear of them and choose to have nothing to do with them. Am I racist?, yes. Am I wrong?, that’s arguable.

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          1. @Zeroworld-
            did you call me a “faaaaggg”? Hahaa! Is this the level of intelligence I will receive from your posts??

            I’m from Detroit, so that won’t work, either….
            anything else you have to say before I write you off?

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          1. @Zeroworld-
            did you call me a “faaaaggg”? Hahaa! Is this the level of intelligence I will receive from your posts??

            John sack bag, what happened? I thought you didn’t stoop to such immature behaviour? Hell, you only made it two minutes before you stooped. Bravo.

        6. Sack: Take this liberal bullshit elsewhere, asshole! Wrong platform for this kind of douchebaggery. We don’t like your kind here.
          Yes, I would say shit to your face. No, you wouldn’t want me to actually do that!

      3. Niggers can be rough, growing up around em I had to command respect at every second, and they might just stab your back for being stern. Black on Black crime happens more often so it was way harder for me growing up than it was for you. Being said, youre far more useless than these boys here. They can impregnate your white women and give them golden children like myself, get locked up and make money for corporate prisons, or they can make money for people like me, if they cant keep their nose clean. But piggybacking off someone else achievements like youre doing makes me want to hurt someone.
        As to the vid, looks like grandpa lost some of his teeth in that dive, hoping he gets outta that coma and gets back to hating his black grandchildren like he belongs

    2. These two MA Liberals obviously forgot where they were in the middle of the night. They thought they were taking a stroll down their quiet, tree-lined street in their Yuppie Massachusetts paradise. They didn’t realize they were in a virtual jungle filled with wild savage animals that will kill you for a dollar. Let’s see if they vote Democrat for now on….

    1. While walking around, night or day, glance around often behind you to see if someone is following you.
      Be alert to danger and don’t get engrossed in conversation or your cell phone.
      Become mentally and physically strong and tough.
      The horse is prepared against the day of battle but safety is of the Lord.
      God bless you guys and stay safe.

          1. No God didnt create muslims. Abraham listening to Sarah to take her servant girl Hagar and have a son Ishmael with her. Then when she concieved Isaac she became jealous of Ishmael in relation to her son and forced Abraham to send Ishmael away. The ishmaelites became modern day muslims. Dont listen to a woman over God. 1 Corinthians 7 says something akin regaurdibg that man should remain single and focus on ways to please God because if he has a woman then his attentions turn to pleasing her first before God in fear that she might leave. Also the 144000 that will enter into heaven have only 3 requirements. One of those being that they dont “taint themselves with women” as per revelations.

          2. Obama created ISIS because he did not give his generals on the ground in the middle east the power to make essential/ time sensitive decisions, as does PRESIDENT DONALD “GOD BLESSED” TRUMP…

            America is already getting better, stronger, wealthier and retaining its 100% dominant control over the entire world….

          3. @jhon singleton mosby…. Amen to that brother, A-fucking-men to that…

            And with that info you shared, (wisdom I mean)
            everybody should know that if we go back some almost 4000 yrs ago we find that muslims and jews came out of the same cavity.
            They’re blood brothers, twins if I’m not mistaken.

        1. Well Little Billy, you see, white people and black people were already around when we made up the story of God, and by the time Jesus was born, if he even existed, he was in the middle, both figuratively and literally – brown. Does that answer your question?

          1. I feel its important to let all the racists know that all mankind originated in Africa…..

            I can’t wait to hear the backlash and whining….in response
            to my beloved post…

      1. Then that would simply mean that the Lord’s protected need not fear because this type of thing will not happen to them. They are reserved for an even more gruesome death of torture and beheading so as to bring glory to God for their unyielding faith. No a simple back alley black juvenile knocking them out is not in the cards for them.

      2. Booooby, take the horse and the lord, go find a nice peaceful and quiet place in the forest and let the horse and the lord take turns fucking you in the ass. Is that clear? I said, is that clear? This little ménage à trois will make you mentally and physically strong and tough. So be prepared for that little battle by buying plenty of lubrication.

    1. Thank you for the clarification.
      Being black doesn’t necessarily makes you a nigger.
      Being a mugger definitely makes you a nigger.
      Fuck those motherfucking coward ass niggers in the video.
      Low lifes PoS!!!

      1. you would never say this nonsense to a “niggers” face any day. You are just the typical sad racist.

        Far from educated, hurt (in some mental way) and live in a “tunnel vision” world. You are the type to cry often behind closed doors because you feel that you have been wronged in some way…

        So, now, it is everyone’s wrathful destiny to feel the racial scorn of “DARKFLARE”….

        darkflare sounds like someone who is dark or depressed and someone who is perhaps being abused.

        someone who finds entertainment in the suffrage of others….

        damn, Darkflare….I love you bro still to this day
        God bless you

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      1. Nigger is usually a term used to describe a black person. It is the English term for the Spanish word negro. Negro is Spanish for the color black as in complete darkness. (not necessarily a black person).
        We Mexicans call black people *Mayates* in an insulting way.
        In a nicer way we simply refer to them as *negritoes*

        1. Negro is the same in Portuguese too, same meaning and way of writing, as a matter of fact, probably the word negro and it’s pejorative variation nigger got in the USA through Portuguese slave traders, as there were more Portuguese than Spaniard slave traders.

        1. You’re a blackman? Prove it. Post pictures of yourself eating watermelon and fried chicken, followed by some green peas, corn on the cob and chitlins. Also, if you’re black, there should be a video of you carjacking and then being chased by the Po Po. Also, if you are black, post a picture of your welfare check and of your mom giving blow jobs on the corner. Black moms are known for walking the streets and giving heads. if you can do all of that, then you are a nigga. Otherwise, you’re just blowing dixie.

          1. That’s just the 1% of coons that make up for that entire list of traits that the other 99% doesn’t hold. As I stated before above, you’re and I repeat, just a white nigger doing coonery things behind a computer screen, which is what you folks call your “Safe space”, though you fail to realize that reality and virtual reality aren’t the same thing, so you can’t just go screaming the word “Nigger” at black people, you might end up missing, or possibly left for dead, depending on the savagery level of those coons.

          1. Hola compadre hispanohablante! Yo soy español. Bestgore es una página de puta madre eh?? Eso es una expresión española para “chévere” o “chido” o “padre”, lol I dont know why, having a mother bitch isnt a good thing…

      1. Difficult to describe to people who haven’t been to US big cities that it IS safe to be there if you know how to not look like a victim. Has to do with thug cowards preying on who looks weak and defenseless in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        1. Being in any major city in the U.S. it is safe like @loosythepoosy says.
          Try going across the border to TeeJay and you’ll know what feeling unsafe is like.
          I’ve gone two x’s and boy was that enough to make me not want to set foot there ever again.
          I got a feeling Brazilian favelas are somewhat similar
          to Tijuana MX.

          1. been to old shit hole tijuana too many times to count, lived south of the border off and on for years. i am a bald headed musclebound tattooed bastard, immune to intimidation. if i am going to ride the last train west, it will be on the bloody mangled bodies of my foes. JACKALS get a whiff of fear your FUCKED. oh yeah, FUCK NIGGERS

        1. No. I usually wear a sundress, some beads and do Jell-O shots. I’ve never had trouble but I always stayed with large groups of people. I always go to Lafayette Cemetery and get my cards read at House of Scorpio. Never had a bad experience.

        1. john singleton mosby-

          Well, to be fair, white folks tend to love meth. Spend all their monies on it and prostitute themselves because that’s easier than working for it legally. Hell, many of these white folks will also try to spend ALL of your money, as well, most likely through violence and/ or force….

          It’s fun to share and exchange facts…

          1. True. Exactly!!!! And that is the point i wanted to make! Does it appear that those young black men look like crackheads or meth heads. Young black men do this for no reason besides shits n giggles and robbing someone. That isnt very common in white young men.

    1. Remember when that black mayor (who did jail time shorty after his mayoral time was up for stealing political donations)during the time of hurricane Katrina said “we will rebuild New Orleans as a chocolate city!” Yeah mayor Great job, you successfully forever damaged that once great city. But hey I mean if the shoe fits mayor? Not only that but all the blacks that were relocated instantly made all those cities crime rates increase by large numbers. See this video? Never visit that chocolate city ever again. Since they removed the evil legacy of slavery statues did that make one difference in these spooks decision on almost killing these two White tourists? Nope it didn’t. Should of left those statues up to remind people of how it used to be when New Orleans was a safe Ivory city!

  1. This is what you can expect froma person that has to wake up every morning and has to see a black face and nappy hair and black skin when they look in the mirror in the morning…i would hate life if i had to wake up in the morning and be a black skinned ugly nigger himan thing…GROSS!!!…i mean imagine it…lookin in the mirror and bei g a black person that has to suck…the physical appearance lookin back at you is a fate worse than death and enough punishment…so they take it out on the world and act like niggers and everyone cant really stand them not only cuz the way they look but mostly cuz the way they act…they just killed a baby down the street from where i live…if i ever had to look at a disgusting black face in the mirror idk what id do…that alone is reason enough to not even live…fkin disgusting

  2. Fucking nig tried to rob me on Bourbon Street almost 2 years ago. Luckily he didn’t have a weapon. I didn’t even really think about it just reacted and fought like hell. He ended up getting my crappy work phone cause it fell on the ground. Guess I got lucky overall

  3. Fucking feral slaves these monkey’s need shipping back too Africa. I hope the jigaboos are arse raped by their fellow “soul brother’s” in your Yankee “penis system”. But some shrill bitch of a Jewess judge will believe their guttural and nonsensical uttering of ” a didndonuffin”. Slaves need leashing and nurturing/spaying failing that a good lynching works wonders for keeping them in there rightful place.

    1. So weird when people call anything in the South a Yankee institution. Southerners would have much to say about that as they do not accept the term Yankee as applying to them. Yankee only applies to the Northeast US if you live in the States.

      1. @KettenHund. Fucking ooks will be a’hollerin on the phone too Jessie “Blacktion” Jackson when the po po roll through their hood ‘bitchin that theys animal rights ha bin violated. These bucks need too be put back in the fields. Some poor southern farmer’s crop will suffer a decline in value thanks too their niggardly idolatry. Failing that send them all on a one way trip too Africoon the shitstain of civilisation.

  4. Gotta suck to look in the mirror and see a black nappy headed nigger face lookin back at you…thats a fate worst than death…you black people turn into niggers when you look in the mirror and get mad at the world for having such a disgusting skin color and features…if i were black id probably be a nigger too cuz thatd suck knowing that i was black and having to see that disgusting face in the mirror

  5. There should be a reward to every Niggress that has an abortion, it would reduce the porch monkey population and the crime rate of every country that’s been infected with niggers.

    1. Prevention is better than cure.
      What you could do is pay around 1000 dollars to every Afro-American woman or man to have a sterilisation procedure done. The procedure is reversible and the money could come from rich whites who want to keep the African American population in control.
      This way everybody is happy,the woman gets 1000 dollars (or more) and doesn’t get pregnant, the men get 1000 dollars and dont become fathers at 16, their population goes down, crime goes down.
      A few years back they used to give high school girls money not to get pregnant.
      We should do this in India too.

        1. True, but i dont think the black people that use that tactic think that far ahead. I think they would take the 1000$ as soon as they could get it because they would probably already be broke and they would love and jump at a chance at 1000$ to spend on drugs or going out. The problem is that the Supreme Court ruled such practices as unconstitutional. Planned Parenthood has a dark past.

  6. Should it be:
    A murder of blacks
    A murder of niggers
    A flock of niggers
    A gang of niggers
    A black out of niggers
    A bother of niggers
    A waste of flesh
    Just don’t know what to call it, we got to have a phrase for what it is

    1. A Carload of…
      A Gang of…
      A Porch of..
      A Shimmy of…
      A Sack of… also Asacka…
      A Penitentiary of… also A Pen of…
      A Cell of…
      A Jungle of…
      A Savannah of…
      A Jones of…
      A Court of…(basketball or criminal)
      Anything except a school or prideof

    2. I just can’t jump on the “ALL black people are bad thing”. There are niggers, yes for sure. But there are good black people. I think if my friend Kris saw me say something super-racist, I’d be ashamed. She has a university education and has published works of literature. Some she self-financed. She’s no handout girl. So, I can’t do the “all black” are this or that. Although, she only dates white men. I think she’s white but ended up in a black chick’s body. I really do. She doesn’t “act black.”

      1. Yes because shes probably realized the error of the ways of blacks and fought against her natural tendencies to become better. That is what we are all called to do. I think each race has different issues but the inerface we communicate on determines what is taboo.

    1. Jungle Patios.

      Ookk ookk wat u sayin muthafuka. U deesrespktin ma hood. I be a big nigger who whoop ur honkey ass!!!

      Translation for humans.

      I disagree with your opinions on this matter good sir and I must politely request you desist in this matter or I shall be forced to resort too violence.

  7. Its the worst nightmare when the thugs go preying on some unsuspecting tourists looting them of their valuables and belongings .
    What about the cops ? are the streets of new Orleans go unpatrolled maintaining law & order especially where the baboons roam the nights free letting lose mayhem and creating trouble for the back packers for the camera eye to see.

    Nightmare in the city of New Orleans …ya see
    Looters thugs and murderers in Memphis, Tennessee
    What the cops must know to put the baboons on leash
    cause in the tourist land these elements disturb the peace

  8. Exactly why I pack brass knuckles when I leave the house if a negro runs up on me like that or a pack of wild negroes I may get my white buttocks kicked but not before I sock a monkey in the lip and watch that s.o.b hit the ground before I get pummeled by an aggressive chimpanzee(s) Woo yaah!!

  9. The white guy had to take one for the rest of you pink dick piggies… I kinda liked watching it… Whites have been doing shit to blacks for centuries… Fuck you all who have the nerve to call them niggers… Fuck you!!!!

      1. Bet you’d like to…fat ass and titties and sexy lips.. Much more appealing than paper lips flat ass and saggy pink titties… Faggot… I’m your fantasy cave man.

          1. I probably make more money than you too.. Dumb ass… Shits hilarious.. 🙂 ps.. I’m sexy as fuck!!! Go and see what hole is microscopic enough to grip that little thing and quit wasting time… I’m sitting making money while your sitting wishing you had some… All the nigger calling don’t mean shit… We’re still here fuck face:)

          2. White people are the biggest cowards.. You’d never say that amongst a “pack of black men”… That’s why I just laugh.. Pussy

          1. Lmaoooooooooooo…. I’m. Sure your memaw and papaw taught you that…welfare?! Fucking joke.. Wet dog smelling faggot…

          2. You don’t even have a regular picture and have the nerve to name call… Poor white trash. Probably wishing your cousin would suck your dick…

          1. And you said all that for what?? You’re still a Coward and a small dick bitch… And no, this isn’t Facebook but you’re the one talking shit about pictures in the first place dumb ass:/

        1. My dick is average. Could be bigger but eh. You’re a coward for cheering these beasts on and spewing hatred towards whites for no reason. You were gloating about your looks, so it’s only natural I comment based on your profile pic. I don’t just attack people’s appearance for no reason. You earned it.

        2. Wait. You have a fat ass, titties, sexy lips AND you’re a cave man as well?
          I’ve subjected my penis to some questionable circumstances in the past, but, a fat ass cave man does not sound as appealing as you suggested.

    1. You negresses are hideous. Even the best looking among you smell like leather and have undesirable facial features like bloated lips and broad noses. Not to mention the average nigger IQ is (at least) 15 points lower than that of whites, and obviously even more distanced from east asians. Ugly and stupid make a bad mix, y´know… lol

      About the video, all the niggers involved should be severely punished for the crime, and at least the one that knocked out the victim should be executed.

      1. Here’s an idea… Since your hate is so strong… Do some research on every invention created by a black Man and then stop using everything you learn about.. Including the traffic signal… When the light is red just keep going:)

        1. Haha nothing more comical than pretending niggers ever invented anything.

          I mean, lets cut them some slack, they maybe invented a few minor things, but get real. Blacks are a physical race, unable to compete intellectually with most of the other “genetic collectives”. We should give them physical jobs and be done with it.

          Just acknowledge how your race works. I dont hate niggers per se, just the violent, easily corrupted and anti-thinking ones, which seem to be a LOT of them.

          1. You’re too lazy to even do the research… Blah blah blah.. Trying to sound smart and you sound like you’re taking in a bunch of air. This was fun while break time lasted… Bye twiddle dick 🙂

        2. Yes @Proud Truther. And when you’ve finished researching this list of black inventions you will have plenty of time left to investigate the reason that black men prefer women of any race other than their own.

          1. Haha well maybe, MAYBE, because even a nigger finds distateful having to mate with landwhales. Although they still do it, and profusely so. I´ve seen a bloated creature in the neighbourhood carrying around two or three chimps (that already show signs of such blessed genes), and is amazing something like that can provide herself a semen donor. But then again, maybe is not that amazing.

          2. @Dan-a-conda
            Black men do tend to like white women, I’ve seen it in lots of places.
            I’m not a racist, I will laugh at racist comments and observations, but don’t hate blacks or any race, as one does not choose one’s colour. Anyhow….

            This evening in London, I was watching a US show called Catfish. Ever heard of it?
            It’s about cheating dating website dawwwwgs being caught out with a TV crew.
            Most of the dawwwwwwg are black men, hehehehe lol.

            There was a white girl called Michelle who had been chatting online to a cool black dude called David for 7 months but wondering why he never wanted to meet her.

            Michelle is typical of of many women who only date the hot black Chads or Mr Neck Tattoo types, whilst totally blank out the nice guys of every colour (black, brown or white) even if they were educated and mature.

            Michelle and TV crew got David’s address and drove to where he lived (all this is in USA).

            They knocked on the door of David’s house, asking for David. A fella turned up.
            This guy was a black dude, but a fucking ugly one, whose real name was “Duwayne” not the hot Chad type called David in his Internet photo, which was lifted from elsewhere in the Internet. And as it turned out, he just worked in some retail shop, well into his late 20s. Ah yes. the man is ambitious.

            Michelle was understandably heartbroken and she walked off to the car with TV crew.
            I felt a bit sorry for her, it’s not a nice thing.
            But then she asked “Why are men so disappointing?”
            And that’s when I had to laugh, at her pig-ignorance. A lot of guys will ask why women are so disappointing. All we want is a reasonably bright woman that is not fat, ugly or a bitch, who has not had too many cocks in her mouth, but even finding that is hard.

            I just wanted to laugh at her for going for a hot black Chad dude, not wondering why they never met after a few weeks, and then finding he was some fugly guy.
            All those nice genuine guys she didn’t give time of day to….how she must regret it….LOL

          1. This was a good fight between the lady and the racist. Why don’t you 2 stalwarts meet up and settle the issue with a duel? Pistols at 20 paces, shall we say?

        1. ive just checked that niggermania site, and despite its comedic layout .. it has some serious undertones, the black race is light years behind the white race. i honestly think in all seriousness that you do not have the capability of sustaining yourselves in modern civilizations and thats not being racist its just seems to be the way it is.

    2. amazing, only other person EVER I recall posting their enjoyment of an innocent being attacked is African Angel. definitely something ill within your burnt heads, fuck off @asscakepattybonbon

      1. Are you for real? I have only been lurking here for a year and I have seen dozens of psychos or pseudo-psychos delighting at suffering and suggesting/evoking stronger scenes. BabySlaughter5000 comes to mind.

        1. babyslaughter is a farce and I don’t recall recent thread it reiterated it’s ill. regardless, I am confident it wasn’t a post of someone getting jumped from behind or mentally challenged youth kidnapped and tortured. people talk shit here all the time but to relish or enjoy or otherwise be proud and specifically align with your race as you witness the takedown of the unprovoked is mindset I’ve only come to view through assbonbon or AA. prove me wrong

          1. babyslaughter is a sick and ill motherfucker who in a recent post, (SiSi’s most recent video release) posted about his fantasies of murdering woman and newborns,
            in one of the most demented ways imaginable.
            Apparently he thinks SiSi’s are boring and execute only man.

    3. And what “shit” did whites do to your countries? Build hospitals? Schools? Farms to keep your worthless asses fed? Or just buying you from slave traders of the same kingdom-tribe as you to let you free after? So we took arround 9 million of you into our care, freed you, and then you hunt us down asking for reparations…. Meanwhile, arab countries bought 17 million of your pathetic species, and you never heard of them ever again. I dare you to even try asking them for reparations now! Go on, try it!

      So since whiteys are your problem now for something that we supposedly did hundreds of years ago, i suppose its fair to come with similar comparissons to what YOUR SPECIES did to US in the last century alone: What has niggers done in Zimbabwe, in Haiti, and in South Africa as a “thank you” for helping building your societies and, as a result, help with your fast growth and development? They murdered “whitey”, obviously… and now they are asking “whitey” for help again, because they realised that “their” countries are going to shit and they are all dying without “whitey”… Ironic.

      Appreciate us that you are here now typing on a white-made invention, using a white-made technology called the “internet”, typing in a white-man’s language rather than your fucking ugly ebonics… and shut the fuck up already. Get yourself educated, you fucking stupid subhuman ape…

      1. What do you define as “white” – because there is a ton of Asian and Indian shit all up ins my tech, from my phone I’m typing on, to my wireless network, to the satellites, the alphabet I’m using, the alloys, the algorithms and algebra…

        1. Im not counting with the Asian inventions for this rant, otherwise i’d be bringing IQ’s to the table and talk about how Asians have the highest IQs per capita too. Im just specificaly talking “whites vs blacks” in this situation (or caucasian vs negroid if you wanna bring up the correct terms).

          1. What’s “children”? Oh, well, don’t bother. Just carry on with those emojis.

            Guess, the negroes really had you didn’t they? Should get used to it because this will now happen more often and you won’t be able to spam emojis then.

          2. Your autocorrect solved that “children/childred” equation for you. 😀

            And yeah ill be using and abusing the emojis since it bothers you so much. Nothing makes me feel better than to make a poo-in-loo mad. 😆

            And i dont know what you mean, the people are waking up, national socialism is on the rise again world wide, and soon enough we will have a well wanted race war in our hands. Its time to cleanse the land with your shitskins blood. 😀 So go enjoy drinking that Ganges river water that you love so much while you can. 😆

        2. You again @scumcat… Geez. Let me work over your comment as you like to do to others.
          Uuuummmmmmm… Is your “tech” on a safari trail? It must be, somehow. How else would you get Indian shit all up in your tech? You’re fucking retarded talking about satellites and alloys while referencing Asians and Indians as though Indians weren’t Asians to begin with.
          Oh fuck, my last sentence ended in a preposition. Perhaps you’d like to skirt around the subject matter and point out my grammatical error because you’re so smart like that.
          Did you forget your Nickelodeon password or something? What the fuck are you doing here?

    4. Assbombom what kind of woman sticks up for the niggers?? You must be married to one yourself or have a nigger baby daddy.
      That explains why you say you make a lot of money, cause you live with a negro that you support.
      And Fuck a nigger, motherfuck em 1000x’s to the power of seven square.
      Any other bitch from whatever race gets together with a nigger, she a fucking disgrace, and brings shame to humanity.
      Fuck them both.

    1. It doesn’t work that way @Leslie.
      A hate crime can only be perpetrated by white people. What you saw in the video above is simply the result of the black mans plight. A simple survival technique developed by the same guy who invented the stagecoach jacking, better known now as a carjacking.
      These young black men should be commended for their ambition and self reliance.

  10. “The Negro is a wise and noble race who carries themselves with a quiet dignity”, said no one, ever.

    Give a hungry nigger a fish, you’ve fed him for a day;
    Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever.

  11. This is why I so enjoy forums like Niggermania. I DONT condone some of the extreme views they have, but at least they talk openly about the obviously intellectually inferior and more physical black race with some lucidity.

    And they left him in a coma, really? Those niggers should be hanged.

      1. I am spanish, and not totally white either. Even if I was a nigger myself I would still acknowledge that blacks are on average dumber and more prone/fit to brute force, which is why they are so violent and widespread in certain sports.

        Niggers in Spain are innocuous though. You see them chilling at the park, loitering the floor (with garbage bins literally alongside them), and filling in packs the religious cult buildings (such as the Jeohva Witnesses) and “sport betting centers”. Occasionally I have seen them going to work in the countryside as gatherers. A supertitious and rudimentary species.

        1. What you just saw in the video is all too common here in the USA. Even niggers hate niggers. Violent, loud, obnoxious beasts. What you live in sounds like a godsend compared to the hell they create here on a regular basis.

  12. Crikey! What we are witnessing is a pack of young North American pavement apes. They are a nocturnal species, choosing to sleep all day and forage at night for their resources. The father ape oftentimes will leave the pack soon after impregnating the niggress, so it is the responsibility of the male children(nigglets)to provide for the pack. These nigglets are fairly harmless when travelling alone, but they become unstable and unpredictable when in groups. This animal is normally very talkative and loud, speaking in a tongue unknown to man. Dindu nuffin, gimme dat, muh dick, and das raysis are a few of their more common calls. If you witness a pack of pavement apes being quiet, it’s probably best to keep a close eye on them. It is highly recommended that you carry a sidearm when anticipating any contact with this creature, as they can strike without warning. While the North American pavement ape doesn’t possess the intellect and reasoning that we do, they do understand the language of brute force.

  13. Ah well, they are just a bunch of niggaz being niggaz.
    Kinda cowardly doing it from behind though, diiiiiiiiiisgusting.

    All that slavery and shit……that was 1865, let it go guys…Abe Lincoln freed you.

    Still, they will probably use the money to buy buckets of KFC and cola, and hang around the mall, y’all. Chill…..

    1. The history of mankind shows that practically every race and religion has been enslaved at some point. Every empire was built up using slave labor to some degree. Every last race that has ever been enslaved has recovered and found their place within the human race. Every one except for the blacks. In all of this time since the emancipation of the black slaves in the U.S., they have wreaked havoc and proven to be a drain on the resources of any region in which they inhabit. Freeing the slaves was the worst thing that could have happened to them. Now we are stuck with them. They can’t be exported, they can’t be repurposed and they refuse to assume responsibility for their own existence in the world.
      The solution seems simple. Send them all back. Unfortunately the liberal mindset is a disease with no cure and prevents the advancement of civilization.

  14. Sorry, it does sucks for the two guys jumped. However, I’m from Boston, and I live in New Orleans. You need to pay attention. Obviously the church neglected to tell these guys what happens every night. The only reason this is news is that it was caught on cctv. In this city you have wannabe gangbangers mugging white people or black people, you have junkie white people mugging anything. Everyone here knows to pay attention, even when you’re out drinking. These guys missed the memo. Pray for them?

    1. Awww i didnt know you cared, little poo-in-loo… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😆
      I’ll compensate it in here if you want, just in case you have another bad day while you still try to scam people as another “microsoft tech support” guy… 😛 😆 😆 😆 “Helloho! I am micloslof tek suppolt guy. U have vilussus on yo’ pc! How can i be helping you?” 😆 😆

      1. What’s wrong with you Der? Don’t you know he is a very important person here. He starting to remind me of Donald Trump, all puffed up and thinking he’s top shit. He’s the only one allowed to rant half page replies, got it? Good! 🙂 😉 😀

  15. Although its kinda sad how the blacks prey on the community in general, I have to admit this couldnt of happened to a worst bunch of scoundrels. As part of the Unitarian Universalist Cult ( a well-known vast propaganda tool for the leftists) where they deny the Trinity, the Christian concept of God, the Deity of Jesus Christ, the Bible teaching on sin, etc,. YET, with all these denials of the fundamentals of Christianity, they still apply the term “Christian” to themselves, and profess belief in Jesus Christ.! of course this isnt by chance, their nature is to deceive and guide as many sheep as possible into leftist agenda/idealogy.

      1. let me guess your a nigger or a jew? well globalisation doesnt seem to apply to israel .. or china. face it you jealous black cunt you are not european and never will be you monkey cunt. and no black person will ever be european. and another thing .. ‘kid’ .. the people of europe decide who lives in europe and believe me there will be a backlash one day ‘kid’. people are already talking about a europe without black faces and terrorist muslims. there will be civil wars across europe. we will remove you all eventually. we will remove the traitor politicians. get it into your heads that we dont like you and we dont want you .. you fucking stinking shitty good for nothing dumb monkey dindunoffin parasitic invading chimpoid cunts. europe for europeans the rest of you are not europeans you are just invaders and worthless shitty ones at that.

        1. Haha……. Europeans……… Looting the planet
          For centuries……..Fucking frenchs are no better
          Than the English……And they don’t like to share….Now
          Patriotism is another plague to man kind……
          To Nuke the entire planet would be a must to me…..!
          Man is just another monkey with a brain….And the jungle is catching on fire…..It’s coming and it’s big…..
          Me think the blacks are very good in many ways
          ………But if I prefer my people over blacks……Fuck
          Yeah…..Does this makes me a racist…..Fuck no .
          Johnny Mathis once told me that life is short…..To
          Live it to the fullest ……And listen to his songs
          Cuz the message is right there…..
          Bouahaha……..Is that another successful “nigga”
          A’m having a ball…..

        2. Haha……. Europeans……… Looting the planet
          For centuries……..Fucking frenchs are no better
          Than the English……And they don’t like to share….Now
          Patriotism is another plague to man kind……
          To Nuke the entire planet would be a must to me…..!
          Man is just another monkey with a brain….And the jungle is catching on fire…..It’s coming and it’s big…..
          Me think the blacks are very good in many ways
          ………But if I prefer my people over blacks……Fuck
          Yeah…..Does this makes me a racist…..Fuck no .
          Johnny Mathis once told me that life is short…..To
          Live it to the fullest ……And listen to his songs
          Cuz the message is right there…..
          Bouahaha……..Is that another successful “nigga”
          A’m having a ball…..

        3. Haha……. Europeans……… Looting the planet
          For centuries……..Fucking frenchs are no better
          Than the English……And they don’t like to share….Now
          Patriotism is another plague to man kind……
          To Nuke the entire planet would be a must to me…..!
          Man is just another monkey with a brain….And the jungle is catching on fire…..It’s coming and it’s big…..
          Me think the blacks are very good in many ways
          ………But if I prefer my people over blacks……Fuck
          Yeah…..Does this makes me a racist…..Fuck no .
          Johnny Mathis once told me that life is short…..To
          Live it to the fullest ……And listen to his songs
          Cuz the message is right there…..
          Bouahaha……..Is that another successful “nigga”
          A’m having a ball…..

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