Upstanding Citizen Livestreams Attempt to Break Into ATM in Chicago

Upstanding Citizen Livestreams Attempt to Break Into ATM in Chicago

Upstanding Citizen Livestreams Attempt to Break Into ATM in Chicago

In the great multicultural city of Chicago, a fine upstanding citizen livestreamed on Facebook an attempt to break into an ATM. The video is not conclusive, but I get the feeling the hallmark citizens had to settle with vandalism, and no cash out.

Obvious thanks go to the open borders champion, and Dear Leader to the NPCs – Donald Trump, for assuring fine cities like Chicago don’t thrive, as that would go against the directives of dual citizens he serves.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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150 thoughts on “Upstanding Citizen Livestreams Attempt to Break Into ATM in Chicago”

        1. ikr?
          If someone could translate what is being said by upstanding citizen and his troop , AS WELL as 90% of the messages on the livestream…. then i [and i guess that any English speaker] would appreciate.

          1. he was telling a girl called coco to get off his live feed,she said hes from the suberbs not the hood ,he called her goggle eyed and to go and find her kids dad,then come down for a chat. messages were calling his actions into question.he said he is feeling lucky tonight and ready for some action.he mentioned breaking into the local barbers to steal some hair clippers as he wanted some lines done and was due a cut,a bank and store was also on the finna go fine sum action…im going to steal anything of value this evening.going home to black up ,get gloves mask.etc.

      1. Where is the lie though? The Black Delegation doesn’t claim that nigger and any nigger like him. He is apart of the two-thirds of the Black population who won’t make it. We are no longer making excuses for niggers who are a detriment to the Black community, we do not tolerate coons and house niggers. too. We don’t support any agenda. Kamala Harris pillow talks with a jew and is a “safe negro”, Barack Obama is of our colour but not of our kind.

        Voting doesn’t benefit anyone of any colour. Wake up.

    1. Personally I like videos like this. Mainly in comparison, it makes me feel like a rocket scientist. But also, it shows how someone with the ability to be a competent rational human being; but chooses to be a primitive beast that somehow can operate a iphone.

    2. Ever watched To Catch A Predator ? Yeah what other race ? All crackers on that show wanting to fuck 12 and 14 year old boys and girls . Ever watch any crime tv shows or actually read articles? Whiteys are the biggest savages and barbaric humans in an endless amount of ways. Fucken inbred albinos

      1. He y Mouse, you growin up to be a hoodrat? Or are yo one already? If you is lucky yo mite fin out who yo daddy is… if you arn’t meetin wit dee ole sickle guy.
        BTW: Do you half any idee how ridiculous dredlocks really look? And yo mamma trwekin her nasty crevice aint too kool neeetherr.

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        Your mongrel eyes are being blinded by the clear, wholesome reflection when you try to look at those who matter MORE.

    3. Blacks bee like nuffinn gonna hapin ‘caus Whitey is scared to be called a racist. Yeah, dey got that ole “race card” ploy downnn. Schiff, man. You can’t iffenn laugh at derr ridiculos dredlocks cause dy gots a sensitivehair-trigger. Teeecher even pass demm wit happy face grade rite up to dee Harvard skool. Yeh, dey do dat.

  1. The Balkanization of the United States of America. How did a country filled with whites get so scared of a minority? You outnumber them now, don’t wait until it’s the other way around.

      1. When I look at the politics in your country it seems it’s the ‘libtards’ that have made it harder for the black man, like Bill Clintons crime bill, what has your fat fuck of a leader done in four years apart from make the rich man, richer?

          1. Well you should be a Trumpster at this point. The Dims want to empower these kinds of upstanding citizens while clearing out the cops so they can raid your neighborhood, too, you dumb fuck

          2. @equalopprtunityhater Settle down, I guess you didn’t understand my comment. I am not a fan of Trump, but he is the lesser of two evils at this point. I am also a fan of some police reform, but at the same time realize the need for police. Police brutality is not just a race issue, that is only one small part.

    1. The type of person in that video… that foolish waste that can barely be called a man. There could be 10,000 of him and 200 thinking men. The 10,000 foolish monkeys would have no chance against us. That person in that video is a waste to the world. He serves no purpose and is a wild animal.

    2. The whites who aren’t jew (chameleons) are using the jew to ‘cull’ the whites who are cucked by letting them use their biological nigger weapons to remove the ‘trash’. It’s eugenics in practice. Cleans out the gene pool. Mudsharks, feminists, useful idiots, lesbians, gays and mentally ill. All dropped out the gene pool. Whites aren’t ‘scared’. They’re drawing battle lines.
      We learned the jews ALWAYS open the city gates to let in the zombies. This is just arranging for the inevitable kike parasitism. Jews are INTERNATIONALIST ISRAELI/Russo/Slavic yids, they just suck blood.

      1. It’s half intelligible, half idiot nonsense. The idiot seriously thought he was going to crack the safe on the atm with that little hammer. If nothing else, it makes you appreciate your education watching this. In fact it may make you feel like a neurosurgeon or a rocket scientist.

        1. Yes, i do realise now how intelligent i am.
          It’s typical monkey see, monkey do. You can just tell he’s repeating what he’s heard other niggers spouting. He doesn’t even have his own mind.
          A fucking loser heading for prison.

  2. Lofl. Just when you start to think you finally understand just how dumb niggers are they do something like this, forcing you to abandon thought and start over again.

    It takes a level of stupidity far beyond the dictionary definition of the word to fully appreciate just how stupid niggers are. To think they would live stream themselves marauding, lol. Can’t din du nuffins your way out of that one. No doubt their court appointed lawyer will blame whitey for it all then.

    Perhaps they will call the looting an externally manifested act of frustration born from the helplessness and hopelessness felt as a result of systemic racism and societal oppression. A cry for help if you will. A symbolic action representing the return of the remuneration gained from slave labour. Not theft then, reparation in action.

    Libtards would eat that shit up and a libtard court would weep, self-flagellate and apologise before letting those gud o nigger bois go free without punishment. The lawyer makes a chunky sum of cash whilst the rest of us stand amazed at just how stupid niggers are and how easy it is to game the system and beat the house when you bet on black.

    1. I’ve tried the thesaurus and cannot find a word to describe the level of stupidity displayed here.
      I suggest inventing a new word for nigger stupidity.
      More importantly, whilst watching this i just couldn’t help but wonder how many stupid little brainwashed white girls are thinking he’s cute, and it concerns me.

      1. Niggupidity? As for white girls, I don’t know what to do about that as after all, they swallowed feminism and gave up children and family. That’s insanely dumb even when one considers a white girl in a ‘relationship’ with a nigger is 1, 342 times MORE likely to DIE in that relationship than with a same race companion. This is before ANY mention of slapping the white bitch down and she’s still breathing. Facts don’t lie until the jew gets a hold of them. Then it’s ‘domestic violence and white supremacy.

        Love your avatar btw. Patton. A GREAT man used and murdered by the jew.

      1. Watch out he’s going to ‘ crack skulls ‘ with his black friends for being reminded how much of a worthless unintelligent nigger he is. You can take the nigger out of Africa but…….

        1. My little slice of heaven has a 0% nigger population for 40 miles in any direction, believe me he isn’t going to be cracking shit. It is deer season and my area has a lot of forestry roads, this buck might just end up with antlers screwed to his head.

          1. Same, no Niggers or Pakis here. Just whites and whites from other European from nations. I have no problem with Italians, Romanians, Polish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Philipino, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese , French , German. But as soon as niggers appear in first world nations they start limping and think they are Wesley Snipes or Tupac. In London those coons stab and kill each other all the time because they are so stupid and primitive so are no different to Chimps and Apes in the wild that piss and shit to mark their territory..

          2. @the-captain That sounds like paradise. Mind if I move there? I’m sick of niggers here and English becoming the 2nd language. We get the shit end by both. I miss living in a town of 99% whites.

          3. “It used to be a nice neighborhood, until those goddamn white people moved in. Said NO ONE. Ever!”

            Stay strong and resolute in a world going to hell in a handbasket. Keep those forestry roads clear!

  3. It’s amazing just how stupid some people are, to livestream a crime and show it off to all their mates. One of those friends may fall out one day and they’ve got this clip to use against the guy. lol.

    1. I’m sorry to report Mr Spock, sir, that you are unfamiliar with the nocturnal habits of the Chi Town denizens and netizens. The clearance rate* is <10%.

      * Arrest rate. Known homicides may be included. Not to be confused with conviction rate.

      Oh, yeah, Curly, the land ape life span is ‘undefined.’

    1. They are arse fucking their own “movement”.
      Just look at Portland [for instance]. Gangs of niggers/wiggers marching the streets, armed, actively seeking violent confrontation. And when they cant find it [provoke it], then just beating any white person they encounter.
      Fucking animals.
      “Whitey iz rasczist, we dun finnin to be stacking our freedoms, we be treeted wronnnggg!”
      Pfft. Yet the fucking banana boats keep coming, dont they?

  4. How do we come up with a solution to improve the world that includes everyone, even the dummies. I’m saying we need to create robots to do all the labour. Everyone on the planet gets whatever they need for free. The earth already supplies everything we need. Money, pieces of paper with numbers on it, is not needed.

    Poverty, or lack of necessities, is what is causing most crimes, theft, robbery. The rich 1% need to stop hogging everything. These fucking Jewish hogs need to be put in check. Nature provides enough for all of us. We have the technology to create all the robots we need now.

    Example, we could have restaurants completely run by robots, no human labour needed. The food would be exactly the same/perfect every time. A robot would do a better job than a human. And a robot wouldn’t spit in your food because you’re an asshole. People could reserve a time slot at the restaurant, and there is no cost for the food. Everything is free. We don’t need money.

    All of this revolves around labour. You have the environment/natural resources, then you have labour. We just have to replace human labor with robot labour. Then we don’t need to earn a pay check or go to work. The robots do all the labour, we can eliminate money. All humans get everything for free. It would end a lot of violence and crime. It would increase the peace and happiness of everyone on earth.

    We would just have to make sure that no greedy fucks try to break the rules and hog it all to themselves.

    1. Lets take it to another step
      The only way for true peace is to get rid of the flesh and replace it with metal. Machines don’t need sleep, food, water, oxygen etc. They don’t worry about color, religion, nationality, orgin. They are faster, stronger, more durable, can be programmed to be smarter. They could explore places we only dream about. Not to mention how much more efficient and driven they are when given a task or purpose. If we want human legacy to not only last, but prevail time, the next artificial step in evolution is Robotics. It would mean sacrificing free will, thought and body/soul, but its the most efficient way to continue on. Too bad our technology isn’t that advanced yet, it could be great.

      1. You think when amazing robots start to be built you will be able to “buy” one like you can buy a PC or car? You think you’ll get your brain implanted in a robot head and live as long as metal? Those things will cost thousands of lives, and only billionaires will get to taste them. The ones that work regularly to pay the bills and watch videos on BG, these, me included, we ain’t be part of the party, and we ain’t gonna live enough to see how the shit it’s gonna end.

    2. A society run by A.I would be a kill shot for humanity, because those same elites making life tough now, will program and manufacture the robots in the future. It’s a very slippery slope in my opinion.

      1. Yeah, if it’s run by evil cunts, that could be a serious problem. I don’t like calling them elites though. When I think about it, they’re just other people who are in fortunate positions. Why put them on a pedestal.

        A select few people on this planet have figured out a way to hog almost everything and get everybody else to do the hard work. I’m surprised they haven’t been hung from lampposts already. Greedy, selfish, sneaky, lazy, cunts. Profiting off the labour of everybody else.

  5. Fuck Facebook. The new mainstream media. People watch shit, and it affects them in some type of way. Fuck off. Live your life and stop being concerned about what other people are doing. The more you care about what others are doing, is a clear sign that you aren’t truly happy with your life.

  6. Existe um provérbio brasileiro que diz, “o Brasil não é para amadores”… Enquanto alguns usam pequenos martelos para abrir frágeis equipamentos, onde o acesso a armas e explosivos é mais fácil, no meu Brasil existe uma coisa chamada cangaço. Quadrilhas de 15 até 20 homens se armam com fuzis, veículos blindados (roubados é claro) e muitos, mas muitos explosivos para dominar, explodir e roubar de 3 a 4 bancos simultâneamente.
    Estes ai, sao Pobres jovens que querem se aparecer na internet sem ter oq fazer. Verdadeiros amadores.

      1. There is a Brazilian proverb that says, “Brazil is not for amateurs” … While some use small hammers to open fragile equipment, where access to weapons and explosives is easier, in my Brazil there is something called cangaço. Gangs of 15 to 20 men are armed with rifles, armored vehicles (stolen of course) and many, but many explosives to dominate, explode and steal from 3 to 4 banks simultaneously.
        These are poor young people who want to appear on the internet without having to do it. True amateurs.

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  8. Best i can decipher is the ATM took his EBT card, and he needed it or the cash to buy his cheeseburger,then wubberwhips got his hammer out to try and recovery his Key card. Then some more verbal diarrhea spurted out, and he dodged a monster truck, then slithered back to his jungle camp. Is that about right ?

  9. Live streaming your criminal damage and attempted robbery is beyond stupid.

    The criminal justice system takes financial crime very seriously so our stupid black friend and his homies are likely to find themselves booking into the Big House for quite a while (not less than 3 years and not more than 7 years imprisonment in Illinois; up to 15 years if it’s classed as a Federal crime).

    1. lefties give them the idea they have some sort of right to do stuff like this and damage cities and loot. And plus they gotta be cool on social media like they are big bad tough guys. Dumb ass going to straight to prison not realizing it. Its not just black people its white libtards to i see doing the same dumb shit. Democrats need to go. this party needs to be removed from the united states. They are ruining the usa. Making black people and woman violent saying white people are racist, cops are racist, men are sexist etc. They want to create destruction to make it look like our country is out of control so their dumb lefty becomes president. Nancy Pelosi, clintons etc get them out of our country or put them all in prison.

      Just as hitler trump is called a nazi. HItler wasn’t against jews he was against lefties. THey brought gay porn into their country and thats when he put his foot down and started exterminating. I saw a vid of hitler praising jesus. So he definitely wasn’t a racist if the dudes praising a dam jew. He brought back 6m jobs getting rid of those lefties monopolizing their country ruining their economy just as walmart and amazon is doing to the usa. Black people are fucked up from lefties promoting violence on news, music etc. They asked a question who did more for black people tv and who opened black history museum everyone voted for obama but answer was george bush and the lefties had shocked look on their face.

  10. No ear protection from those very loud, thrashing bangs of the hammer.
    No hand protection by way of sturdy gloves.
    And worse of all…
    …No safety squints.

    It is obvious, on the very first viewing, that this chap had not employed any planning whatsoever.
    ‘Cept bringing along the hammer.

    Oh ma daze !!!

  11. A job well done. Baboons would never understand physics using a small surface area for impact nor metallurgical characteristics anyway. Stick to the trees, vines, Facebook live, and bananas next time.

  12. No one minds the rich athletes, doctors, lawyers, engineers, regular hard working Joes. There are many of them. But unfortunately there are way more of these. There is no reasoning with this person. What makes sense to the people who have jobs, families, money, responsibilities, and respect for themselves and others doesn’t make sense to this human. There are many of these types of crazed losers. And that’s the problem. The news can spin it all they want, the politicians and Hollywood stars can act like the problems are systemic. The stars can adopt all the little African babies they want and give them millions of dollars and a first class life to make themselves feel like good people. But that’s not the reality. The reality is that this poor unfortunate fool is the rule not the exception. You can not reason or help a lost crazed insane clown like this.

  13. Someone should have thrown a banana onto the pavement outside to distract him or lured the stupid deluded fool out of there with a bowl of chitlins. They could have skipped down the pavement together singing “Zip-a-dee-doo-daaa..” and got clean away wid nuttin!

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