Wannabe Robber Shot by Female Cop in Brazil

Wannabe Robber Shot by Female Cop in Brazil

Wannabe Robber Shot by Female Cop in Brazil

In Brazil, a piece of shit wannabe robber got shot by an alleged female cop in plain clothes when he tried to rob a group of people she was among.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows several women hang outside a building with their children, as if they just picked them up from school or some kind of a function, and that piece of shit shoves his gun in their faces. Thank heavens that woman with the loaded gun was there, cause it would have been insanely infuriating if the sack of shit got out of there on his two feet with loot.

Got to love the female driver who instantly shoved her daughter into her pink car and casually bolted out of there like – I’m just gonna desert you all, you guys deal with that shit on your own.

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142 thoughts on “Wannabe Robber Shot by Female Cop in Brazil”

      1. Ha! As that stupid cunt put on his socks at the edge of the bed that morning, planning his dastardly deed, he certainly did not think “Today, Life, as I know it, will END”.

        Psml lol.

  1. This went on the news media, all of us brazilians are really happy for her. We, good people, don’t have the right and free will to own guns in Brazil, only criminals can, but our next president will allow us to defend ourselves. The next president is in my profile picture. #Bolsonaro2018

    1. This is what happens when they ban guns, the baddies all end up with guns and prey on all the good people. This is why we need guns in england, i have lots of people to kill

      1. you sound like a man who doesnt understand the reality of these situations. “thats why we need guns in england!” im from chicago. worked in police gang unit. Seen several murders and heard gunshots in most neighborhoods i lived in for 2 decades. Carried guns out on my lap on my way to work sometimes to feel safer. Its a shit way to live. Believe me, you dont want more guns. they only lead to trouble. this was a super-rare incident. more times than not one of those kids woulda gotten killed.

        1. Actually, it is states with more gun control that suffer more crimes against persons. States like Texas (open carry state) with less gun control have much less gun crime. I mean, think about it. Would you want to try to carjack somebody who was likely to have a bigger, badder gun than you? The proof is out there. All you have to do is research. Like most things; though, you have to get past the mainstream media’s lies and look deeper.

          1. Fuck! i thought we was fiends LOL @Malvinas argentinas Nothing wrong with a bit of hate, i respect you for it, from now on, i know where we stand.

      2. I live in a sanctuary city in Washington state. We have cartel related murders on top of gang violence. My town had the honor of making the top 10 list of “cities Americans are pretty much terrified to live in”. We have background checks on our gun purchases here. I’ve made 4 gun purchases in the last 3 months and I’ve never walked out the door with it the same day. Background checks took 2-5 days before I could pick it up. Funny thing is that I could purchase a gun on the streets and have it in my hands before the day was over with very little effort. Cheaper too. The police have their hands full dealing with all the shit going on. They cannot protect us. We were force by circumstance to become proactive about protecting ourselves. I conceal carry everywhere I can get away with. And because of that I was able to fend off an attempted sexual assault little over a year ago. Tough guy shit his pants when I pulled my .22 on him. I’ve since upgraded to a glock 19x and added an AK and an AR to my collection. I use to be a little bit anti gun. Then I realized criminals will always be able to get their hands on whatever gun they want. They dont buy their guns like us law abiding citizens do. Criminals aren’t going to risk committing a crime with something that can be traced back to them. Criminals will always have access to guns even if the US populace was disarmed leaving law abiding citizens defenseless. Also remember one thing. What everyone sees on the news about gun related deaths has pertinent information conveniently left out about the statistics. 60% Of the gun related deaths are suicides. The CDC doesn’t categorize the how and why when it comes to gun related deaths. The CDC just counts the bodies. Not the circumstances. Unlike with drug related deaths. Those are categorized by what drug used. I’m pretty sure that was done intentionally to support the gov agenda of disarming the US.

        1. @Not a feminist!!!!! glad to hear you protected yourself from a rapist and have your guns. No matter what people think we have to live in the real world. Fact is criminals have guns and will prey on you.
          @JohnnyAxe Not a feminist!!!!! Has pretty much answered your comment to me and you hear it from one of your fellow country people. She feels vulnerable and unprotected without it. London as we speak there are people killing each other every day. There’ll be more tomorrow and it’s getting worse. These young thugs over here have Glocks for fuck’s sake, where do they get Glocks in London?

    2. Same here in South Africa. And the fucking criminals go around with AK47s while the cops are restricted to hand guns.

      I’m definintely getting myself one, just a long process here…

  2. active self protection here, she crept upon him , shot him square in the chest, backed off until she knew he was down, went back, kicked the gun away, then felt his ass while he was still warm, 10 out of 10 to that hot gun toting totty

  3. Dont be too harsh to that bitch in the red car. Its Brazil, you dont know if some horde of armed lowlifes is storming in to revenge their fallen brother. I would get the hell outta there as well. Fuck off everybody, who cares anyway.

    He should be happy. In Trumpland he would have been shredded by bullets in a second, by passenger or cop who gives a fuck. He died before jail, so his poophole wasnt raped till its the size of a moon crater. Win Win situation.

    1. Trumpland? lol

      Not all of us are cowboys. Some of us are Indians, 1/8 anyway, but not the ones that have problems with trains, just firewater. Just so you can get your stereotypes aligned.

      I’ll allow the part about his catching more than one round, way the fuck more than one round.

      OK, and the part about getting queen-sized in the brotherhood prison system.

  4. It was always my dream to do something like that, mostly due to the fact that I want to kill someone and be the last person they saw. I’m always very jealous when I see shit like that, I’d still be scared to face prison so I’d be hesitant about it but god it would be a dream come true. I envy people that get to legally kill people because it’s an opportunity that you don’t even get in life that often. Bless her, I don’t know if I could hold myself back and just shoot him one time in the chest but its very humane and professional of her, guessing he didn’t even die, good on him.

    1. Or you can just signup for the largest sellgun organization in the world, the United States Military and commit lawful wholesale murder without legal outcomes . And while you’re at it, bring home some opiates and Pashtun Women for all to share….

      1. Thanks for clearing that up, I’m very happy that he died. And killing animals for fun is just cruel to me, I could never kill an animal just like that, it definitely has to be a human and it needs to be without consequences. I couldn’t just join the army, I need to know the person and what he did, he needs to be as close as possible to me and I’d prefer him to look into my eyes so I can see his life fade away. Too bad this will never happen, glad I got this site to look at dead bodies.

  5. Seeing that one woman run for herself validates the feeling that no matter how many people are around us, we’re truly alone in reality.

    All we really have is ourselves.

    Although there are the people who are God’s children who actually do the right thing, like the heat-packing woman in this video.

    This woman deserves a nice night of orgasms from a nice cock to reward her for fucking that piece of shit robber up.

  6. The moment stupid bitch in pink car drives away she lost her shield; if robber wasn’t hurt as bad as he was he could’ve take a clear shot at her…
    By the way; good riddance: live by the sword, die by the sword

  7. I didnt know they had paved roads or people with full blown foot wear in Brazil

    Where is the rest of the video with her POV GoPro angle, when she drags him into the rain forest and her gun jams?

    This aint brazil, this is probably Ft Worth, Texas

  8. That one chest shot sure was quick and lethal. I wished she had shot him in the crotch, though. It would have taken him out for sure, too. Cause him to fall, no doubt; it wouldn’t have been fatal, more than likely, but I bet the thief would regret that even more for the rest of his miserable life.

  9. He set his own stupid ass up for that!… He attempted to rob a group of more than 10 people BY HIMSEF?!… I bet it came as pure genius to him when he first thought it!… He was like….

    …. Look at all those people!… If I rob them all myself, I won’t have to share the loot with anyone!… Damn I’m smart!… Wait a minute… What if one of them has a gun?.. Like that chick with the bag and the tits………. Naaahhh!… I got this….

  10. Looks more like a Dad trying to grab his kid from a Mother’s meeting… the female cop/guard/whatever would have been there to protect the Event… she did a great job making some kid Fatherless 😉

    1. That’s what I was thinking….
      either dude was trying to simply kidnap a kid or else it was a mad dad trying to take his kid from the mother or babysitter or something, he just holds his hand out like trying to take a child’s hand to walk away….. custody hearing or something…… gun probably wasn’t even loaded….. bitch coulda’ said “FREEZE! POLICE! DROP THE WEAPON! NOWWWWW!!!!”…… Doesn’t look like she gave him a chance to surrender peacefully……

  11. I agree with Mark. That woman who shoved her daughter into her pink car and bolted away is soooo annoying!!!

    First off, she reversed, eliminating the cop’s best line of cover. If I was her, I would have DROVE FORWARD over the robber’s prone body.

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