Young Punk Who Stole Bread and Harassed Villagers, Beaten Up in Brazil with Dull Machete

Young Punk Who Stole Bread and Harassed Villagers, Beaten Up in Brazil with Dull Machete

Young punk after harassing local villagers after stealing bread in Brazil gets beaten up with dull machete. Marks on the leg looks like it was made with a dull machete. Both of his hands are fractured, the punk is in an upbeat mood all things considered.

The cameraman makes the infamous Peace Sign over delinquent; a Brazilian favela gang sign. Haven’t we all learned yet that you don’t mess with people within a squalor and who are down and out and more than likely a part of a gang or know someone who is?

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    1. Human beings have unpredictable ways of behaving in situations like this. No one knows what was really going through his mind, but I personally think he was just trying not to make them even angrier and rooting for them to leave. He probably had to drag his ass all the way home, even though I don’t know if he made it, because in the end of the video you can hear the guy saying: stay there and die, you faggot! I don’t think we’re gonna have any updates on that matter, though…

      1. If you would realize that using the “w” word is only encouraging the use of this racial epithet, you could do your people something positive. We are not “white” we are proud people of color, we are EuroAmericans who built this continent and we demand respect. We are not so-called “Caucasians” who emerged from a mountain range in Southwest Asia like some snow monkeys.

        Never allow anyone, especially those of another race, refer to you with that racial slur. Even albinos aren’t “white”. Kick their fucking teeth in for uttering this racial epithet in public, in exactly the same fashion that you would experience violence uttering “nigger” at a restaurant.

        SMASH ANTI-EUROPEAN RACISM—by ANY means necessary!

    1. Iberians filled Brazil with niggers to dig gold for them, brazilians were pretty much created to be slaves, not just Brazil, pretty much all “”””latin”””” america.

      Latin-Americans ain’t even Latin, they are pretty much native americans mixed with niggers.

      Then some genious decided to gave em freedom lol

      1. Indeed as I myself am a Mexican of native indian and nigger blood, but I have been educated in a white Anglo Saxon nation who’s public education is still superior to inferior private Lusophone education where at best you have Germanic influences from your southern Flipflopistani state of Santa Catarina. But even so my country is Americanizing and is hellbent to becoming a modern nation as we don’t have favelas though we still have ghettos but I mean it’s better than a hillside favela that smells like poo and we instill English in all our schools as of a few years ago to be accepted into the modern age while you Brasileiros are still fighting to suppress your blacks and Indians while we have a diverse congress of every shade though still hopelessly corrupt but I mean isn’t Redneckistan aka as America the king of corrupt you dump silly flip flopper 🙂

        1. Hail my flipflopistan broda, there is no such thing as education here in bra’ziw, our toddlers already know how to behead someone with a machete, that’s all the education we need down here in bra’ziw.

          puta boom favela mato ela puta boom boom

  1. He must be drugged to be that calm. I wonder if he just lied down there and died because I don’t see how the hell he could have gotten back home with both arms and hands busted and one foot almost severed… Maybe those are magic flip-flops! Sucks that this happened to him just because he wanted some food, but as we all know you never fuck around in a favela!!

  2. this is the future, and if we don’t seal our borders and halt all immigration we can expect to deal with these desperadoes daily . If we deny our vastly overpopulated countries the luxury of using immigration as a pressure-release valve? They will be FORCED to deal with their number in whatever way possible to adapt to the carrying capacity of the land. Overpopulation is the mechanism that drives EACH crises that faces Humankind today, be they economic, political, cultural, or environmental

    This poor wretch, and millions just like him, are destined to be culled; let it be so without comment or criticism: Let Nature take its course, for the sake of our species and our planet.

      1. well, a full-fledged nuclear war between the two powers of India and Pakistan would be a major dent in world population numbers. 210 million in Pakistan, 1.4 BILLION in India. we couldn’t hope for total annihilation, but, since China is an ally of the Pakies, and consider that Bangladesh might get some radioactive contamination from their neighbor? We’re talking some real numbers here. Fingers crossed?

    1. Will it really help? Will there be a noticeable difference if migration is banned? What about the development of people in humane, intellectual terms, the development of the country as a whole? Will a smaller population solve this problem?

      1. if migration is banned, and borders are sealed? Eventually countries in Sub-Saharan Africa will reach the tipping point and there will be Natural if not Human-caused upheavals which will lower the population…ie, plagues and famine, or either internal or external war. This includes most of the top 15 nations in the world, population wise…Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Egypt, Vietnam, Philippines, Congo, Iran, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Venezuela, perhaps even Ukraine. Bear in mind that if some of these countries could stabilize they would become rich, since they are chock full of resources….(Congo).

        Would lowering Earth’s population make a difference? Somewhere between a glorious utopia of a billion souls, where there would be no poverty, and the environment would be self-sustaining, to an Orwellian dystopia of 15 billion souls that would exist in hives, eat insect extract, and drink filtered sewerage, until the entire ecosystem of Earth broke down and eventually lead to the virtual extinction of the species.

        If one thing Science has learned about Nature: we are nowhere near in controlling it, that our biosphere is extremely fragile, and that Nature, once provoked, is a genocidal bitch

    2. Not pro-immigration here, but you might be interested to know that historians, archaeologists and sociologists have been able to correlate abrupt climate change with the outbreak of wars, falls of civilizations and mass-migrations. What happens is that populations of whatever size seem to do OK until their collective ability to sustain themselves fails due to environmental upheavals….There’s a long cold snap due to an enormous volcanic eruption somewhere in the world or there’s a years-long drought.

      Today we are experiencing rapid climate change that causes economic/social breakdowns but there isn’t anywhere for stressed populations to migrate to.

      I read a fairly convincing pro-immigration article that explained how if destitute immigrants are given some support in their new location, they ramp up the economy by creating new demands for everything from housing to cigarettes…Over time, as new immigrants become independent of assistance and then progressively more successful, the economy grows, tax-base grows…But I don’t know if that’s really how it works…Or if it does work, is it worth the taxpayer cost of investing in new immigrants? Is it worth the increased social stressors? What about immigrants who make no effort to assimilate?

      1. Being from a shithole god forsaken 5th world cesspool you’re wrong. What our countries need is males neutered except for a few who exhibit intelligence. And then have aggressive government education forced at gunpoint to instill Anglo Saxon ideology and work ethic and European etiquette. We have this at a limited scale with great success. Because it’s common in our shitholes for retards to have 5 children at least who have a colonial slave mindset brought by Spaniards, not knowing the country can’t support anymore people. There are a few of us who are hard at work trying to make our countries better either at home or abroad but we’re outnumbered by savages who steal, don’t work and reproduce like rabbits and those little rabbits end up on some gang or cartel because they are too stupid or poor due to overpopulation.

      2. “I read a fairly convincing pro-immigration article that explained how if destitute immigrants are given some support in their new location, they ramp up the economy by creating new demands for everything from housing to cigarettes…Over time, as new immigrants become independent of assistance and then progressively more successful, the economy grows, tax-base grows…But I don’t know if that’s really how it works…Or if it does work, is it worth the taxpayer cost of investing in new immigrants? Is it worth the increased social stressors? What about immigrants who make no effort to assimilate?”.

        Nope. That’s not how it works. It is however what the greedy business bastards want you to think it all works.

        Despite what the libtards believe economic migrants from poverty stricken countries are not all doctors, engineers and scientists just waiting to give you the cure for cancer and warp drive technology. The vast majority of them, as in over 90%, are low skilled workers of low educational level and barely literate in their own language let alone yours.

        Their very presence in the workforce drives down wages and working conditions for low skilled workers in general because it creates an over supply of labour and therefore a greater demand for work than there is supply.

        Now, I shouldn’t have to point this out because it should be common sense but people on rock bottom wages do not purchase property and they do not ramp up the economy because every little bit they make get’s spent on essential overheads such as rent and food.

        Talking about rent, the increase in demand for rentable property pushes up the rent for everyone else as well which makes it less likely that they will be able to save up for pension pots or deposits for property purchases.

        The above also puts greater pressure on the social security net and drives up taxation.

        “Over time, as new immigrants become independent of assistance and then progressively more successful, the economy grows, tax-base grows”.

        Nope. Open boarders migration is not a one time thing, it’s a constant.

        As soon as the migrants start demanding more wages in return for their labour more migrants are brought in to undermine it all again and back to square one you go.

        Without borders, without controls on migration the taxpayer ends up subsidising private enterprise because every time the state sector steps in to prop up poorly paid workers the business owners take it for granted and keep their wages as low as possible. Take a look at Amazon for example, rich as fuck but won’t pay their workers a liveable wage.

        These asshole companies are also the ones who refuse to pay taxes themselves so the state is being hit at least four times. First via welfare payments, second via reduced income tax per each poorly paid worker, third via the zero tax the companies actually give back and forth via the reduced consumerism the poorly paid workers can‘t partake in as a result of having no disposable income.

        It’s not just the low skilled either. The H-1B visa scheme allows for greedy companies in America to undermine the wages of the skilled workforce by bringing in third world immigrants to do the same job but for far less.

        Then there is of course the outsourcing of industry to the third world and the biggest reason why China is now such a threat on the world stage because we gave them all our fucking jobs and left our own workforce to rot. The “deplorables” as Hillary called them.

        No, no, fucking no. Open borders and outsourcing to the third world are not good things for a country to do. They only benefit the greedy tax avoiding businesses and serve to feed the extremes of society such as the self loathing and violent far left and the angry and vengeful far right and a country haemorrhaging money whilst locked in a violent social struggle is a country in a death spiral.

        1. There is nothing in your reply that didn’t make total sense. I’ve been seeing the “caravan” and having some serious bleeding-heart moments…But “….open borders and a welfare state..what could possibly go wrong?” Don’t know where I heard that.
          I think there is more to it, for me anyway…Even though it feels selfish , I do not want a densely populated USA. I like the open spaces and forests where you can’t hear anything but wind and birds. I like the endless sweep of desert. I need all of it.

          I’ve read there are over 60 million internally displaced/refugees in the world. We can’t begin to give even a fraction of them a home in the USA at the western standard of living.

          1. You can’t have the total population of the world’s shitholes heading towards the better parts of the world because those better parts will become shitholes as a result.

            The only way it would work is if those shitholes worked towards and strived to be first world themselves.

            This is where the self hating libtards and the greedy business owners fail in that we should not be bringing the third world to us, we should be bringing the first world to them.

            Help them in their own countries to better their own countries.

            Everything else is just exploitation in any other name.

      1. You might want to blame the US military/industrial complex for choosing the Muslim countries as its new focus of proxy wars after the USSR broke up, but you should go back further in time to 1948 when the last act of European Imperialism took place when Zionists invaded and colonized the Holy Land, with US support. American interests in Southwest Asia were received positively by the native population until the Jews took advantage of their refugee status in Europe and captured land in the Levant, resulting in instant and perpetual war to this day

        However, you can see events such as the Arab Spring occurred spontaneously without outside intervention, and this revolt was the result of overpopulation and its effects of poverty and unemployment, not political intrigue. So it is the exploding population of Southwest Asia and North Africa that can also be blamed for the turmoil there….not just Israel and its American ally.
        Concerning Islam, I’ve lived for years in Muslim countries that don’t have the kind of upheaval you see in the Arab world… There are extreme Christians and secular Christians too. After all, the USA is a majority Christian nation, on paper anyway

        1. I agree re 1948 but disagree regarding the Arab Springs. Their proximate causes may have been overpopulation,high food prices etc yet the long term impetus was zionatoyankeestani intriguing.

          All I need to see was the relative silence kept by The USA and its eunuchs to know what was going on. Funny how the zionatoyankees were vocal when an Arab Spring tried to happen in Qatar or was it UAE. I can’t remember. The Saud were greenlighted to quell the rebellion and it was.
          Yes,most Moslem countries were secular to a degree thirty years ago. This was also when america enjoyed popularity in Europe as well. Those days are gone.

          Where did you find benign Islam? Was it Iran? That is probably the only place nowadays. All of America’s Moslem allies despise her now .

  3. This is what was said after the video stopped. Dudes like.. “so you didnt get that meat cleaver job at my uncles butcher shop? Well, let’s go home and pour us a Margarita, sit down and injoy another day in Sunny levita “

  4. There’s 7,000 (and counting) of these fuckers heading to the U.S. right now, and I bet there’s isn’t a half dozen shoes among them.
    It’s pretty bad when you end up with the dregs of a third world shit hole

    1. There are already over 300 k favela niggers living in the US.
      The US is home of the largest brazilian diapora in the world, and don’t be surprised if 10 years from now there are over 1 million of em there

      Other countries with large brazilian diasporas are Portugal,Spain and Italy (lol brownzilians are delusional af they think they are portuguese,italians and spaniards, when in reality they are wakandians)

      1. We already have 1/3 of the entire population of El Salvador living in the U.S. that’s two million plus.
        And now a line, one mile long, ten abreast, snaking it’s way up Mexico from Central America.

          1. Buy futures in pinto beans and jalapeños now! I’m making a killing and the asshole caravan isn’t even here yet.

          2. @fred1212
            Flip flops are a bust. The bean parade are getting free energy bars and Chinese knock-off flops.
            Another good tip is North Face parkas.
            I hear that the U.S. will take down all border fences so the browns wont know when they’re in the U.S. They won’t figure it out until they’re in Greenland.

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  6. Maybe I’m alone in this train of thought,but I think just breaking his left arm would’ve been the most effective solution. Why? Well, if you mess up both his arms, the motherfucker is not going to be able to work for a long time, probably leech from whatever bullshit programs brazil offers. If you mess up any of his legs, not only is he going to be on leave, now you’re going to have to drop his sorry ass off somewhere else where theres people nearby and away from where shit happened instead of dropping his sorry ass in a deserted location and have him walk his way home.

    But then again, if they’re gang faggots, then they can do whatever they want and nobody is going to rat them. I forgot about that.

  7. It’s funny how these thieving scum have no issues terrorising innocent people yet when the tables are turned, they cry, beg & plead for the attackers to spare their lives probably just like their victims did….
    …clearly he isn’t as tough as he thought he

    what goes around comes back around…i love karma.

    1. Well it seems that is the way it will PAN out unless the criminal intent of this fellow is not BREAD out of him.
      Seemed like a half-BAKED idea stealing bread in the daylight if you ask me. Should have just stolen something worth more DOUGH and then cashed it in for money to buy bread. I suppose he KNEADED food immediately though.

      I suppose i could continue with more FLOURY language but i probably would not get a further RISE out of you.

      1. Y’know @hopingfornemesis.. I WONDER™What’s the MATZA with those assholes, he’s probably hungry as FOCACCIA.. I really PITA the fool cause his ass whoopin was second to NAAN..I hope they catch the muthafukrs that did this and charge them with assault and CHIABATTAry and BRIOCHE of peace.. all and all, I feel bad for the poor CHAPati..

        1. I am well my friend and yes my friends went to Faro? Oporto and Lisboa and loved it. Beautiful blue skies ,warm weather and lots of fun.

          Susanna was a very beautiful woman in the Bible. She was so attractive that the rabbis /elders lusted after her and blackmailed her to have sex with them in an orgy. She refused and they said ok .we will try you in court for meeting with a lover etc she still refused and was almost to be put to death when Daniel saved her by clever questioning of the rabbis.
          You know ,Daniel who survived being in a pit with lions.
          You are just as beautiful as that Susanna.

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            I’m really happy that they loved !! It’ s really beautiful Portugal!!
            I didn’t know the story of Susanna, it’s a little sad but i’m glad at the end she make it with the aide of David!! Yeahhh
            And thank you my dear friend for saying i’m beatiful as Susana!!
            Thank you!! Your are very kind!!
            Have a great weekend!!!
            Um beijo grande

  8. Let him eat cake. I made a lovely Lemon Drizzle slab last night. I could have sent him some of that and would have saved him from the “knifey-leggy” stealing-the-poor’s, bread-theft punishment thing.

    The thing is… when I see these clips of Brazil nowadays… nobody looks happy. Check out what things used to be like down there in Rio.

  9. poor guy, out of hunger he just wanted some bread to eat, it’s a good thing an invisible guardian angel was present there, to change the minds of the favela gang, or he would have got his fingers cropped off with a machete.

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