Young Woman Culturally Enriched by Mugger in Barcelona, Public Unable to Act

Young Woman Culturally Enriched by Mugger in Barcelona, Public Unable to Act

Young Woman Culturally Enriched by Mugger in Barcelona, Public Unable to Act

In Barcelona, Spain, a young woman was mugged in broad daylight on a public street by a dude of skin color which shall not be named, because it’s not white so it’s protected by special privilege, which ultimately means that the evil white skinned woman, as well as everyone who’s a native European made that poor immigrant do it by virtue of being white. Her female privilege had to give way to his non-white privilege. It’s true. Just ask Barbara Spectre.

The mugger was so sure of his non-white privilege, he taunted the passers-by and others who came to assist by daring them to call police. Hardly anybody did a thing, because as a native European, it would get you in a lot of trouble if you stood your ground while victimized by a non-white alien.

Best Gore member @theportuguesedude provides some background based on the dialogue:

She cries for help and they politely ask the negro to stop. They then proceed to say they’ll call the police while probably shitting their pants. The ape, knowing they’re cowards, says “call the police”, and waits to see their reactions. The negro, tired of waiting, leaves, while people and what appears to be some construction or civil workers ask him to not leave the scene.

Yep, sounds very much like Europe under Khazarian occupation. Thanks a lot for the video, @theportuguesedude:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Please don’t use the word “cuz” on this site, you’re embarrassing yourself… Btw, are you the black version of weeman “cuz” you seem to be coming up short with your insults.

        2. Yeah. These people tend to say things on the internet that they’d be too scared to say in person. They forget that they have plenty of white criminals and serial killers. Double standards.

          I’ve met people who talked a lot of shit on the web in person. They are varying degrees of cowards. All afraid to die.


    Share this information everybody, Mark is right. The Khazars are the most bloodthirsty, evil group of people ever known and they own most of Earth right now. We need people to share this information so they don’t wind up completing their sick goals. Speaking the truth will stop them if everybody does it. “Truth conquers all things.” Aka “Vincit Omnia Veritas.”

      1. I love you dearly @fred1212 but it is time to clean up your own messes. The rest of the Western World should not have to pickup the trash you guys made. If you don’t like it then you need to change your gov’s policies .Educating people would be a start. You are educated so if you are not already doing so ,tell others of what is happening.

        To answer your question, no I don’t want him in my country or next door. He was uninvited and certainly appears ungrateful.

          1. I know you were Dill. Haha. I am only going along with it as if I was answering someone who seriously asked me to take him in or go along with Open Borders etc.

            All cool mate.

            Ok ,now I will joke

            nems :”but dill,he has your address on a scrap of paper in his back pocket do you think he got it? It would not be from That recent seminar you went to in Mali where you got drunk on seminar booze and woke up in a strange man’s apartment, would it? . Come on remember that don’t you?”

            Dill** with uncharacteristic nervous laughter** “no Nems. I don’t remember telling you any such story..arhhh ahhh”

          2. I musta been drunk nems, cuz it’s all a blur, but it’s coming back slowly. Ah yes…now I remember, IT WAS YOU I saw lurking in the shadows diddling that little boy…no it wasn’t a little boy you were diddling…. it was SVARG!
            As for the open boarders question, believe me, many of us are fighting the good fight here.
            Peace brother nems

          1. Goddamn dude! The smashed skinny negro instantly regrets dropping that banana peel on the floor.

    1. Only if that ship you put them on was made of lead with a hole in the bottom of it. Trillions have been SQUANDERED on niggers. The bloodletting is INCREASING as their DEPENDENT (parastic) number INCREASE.

      Once we deal with them, I say we DEAL with the liberals (feminists, et al) who CAUSED this travesty as well.


  2. A very sharp dressed mugger indeed. Impeccable choice of mugging victims methinks. Diversification of the mugger’s needs has certainly been overlooked for far too long. Does anybody consider this sad & sorry state of affairs as they go about their daily lives? I didn’t think so.

    1. It would be better dressed with a truck tire for a necklace and robes made of flames. These shitskins think that it’s Disneyland once they reach Europe, it is just a matter of time before we have a good old ethnic cleansing or the Chinese will want their slaves back.

      1. White people are nice until we poison your food, set your houses on fire, shoot the shit up out of your children at school or bomb the fuck out of your country. Keep playing games see what happens next.

      2. I always thought you baboons were queer sodomites, thanks for the confirmation. Old whitey will prevail despite the savagery of the black ape. Mainly because niggers can’t help killing eachother like cannibals and also their low IQ’s mean they are not remotely innovative, some are chucking spears even now. Once whitey takes away your welfare, you will simply starve to death, niggers have a habit of doing that don’t I’ve noticed.

          1. That’s not really an appropriate exclamation to make. I mean,who would comment on a nigger’s lack of intelligence whilst he is banging their wife? Seems irrelevant. You can’t even insult me without demonstrating my point. Which is you’re as thick as pig shit. Anyway, why the obsession with white women? Is it because your own are so masculine, you feel gay and abused after nailing one?

          1. With the skills I have taught you, deduct the ‘am! and replace it with n! … next, I’ll teach you how to sit n’ stay, giving paw will come later.

  3. IFrom what I have seen on the internet it’s not only blacks doing this shits it’s also lots of people from Syria and so on. I don’t understand how can people still defend these scumbags when it’s totally clear that not controlling the borders is becaming a major problem in the WHOLE Europe.

    I’m not against people coming to my country, I do think it’s right to accept people who need help. However we have to be sure that these people are going to be monitored and also make a way to look for their backgrounds.

    1. Jason ,I am an Equal Opportunities Chauvinist(real old meaning of Chauvinist before it was hijacked is a Culturalist). Black ,White ,Yellow .fuck off…. you were not invited , will not contribute to my nation and want to slaughter me in my bed ,you can fuck off. The fact that ninety nine percent of this dross is Muslim,non-secular ,English speaking blaha blah blah belies the propaganda that they are terrified, weak refugees. Bullshit.

      They walked through a million Moslem countries to get to the EU and Australasia . What …they didn’t have refuge there? Bullshit. Only ones that believe this “weak refugees” baloney are idiot Sorocizing Lefty Average Joes in the EU and America. Conservative Average Joes don’t give a fuck either way and likely don’t even know what is what about the whole thing. EU /Zio/Yankee powerbrokers certainly don’t believe this crap because they manufactured the lie.

      In fact ,Er DOG an of Turkey is already on record saying publicly HE weaponised these Muslim hordes. Evidence also shows he did it with ZioYanjeestan when they were still lovers but he just continued the policy for his own PanTurkic Jihadi ends. Real weak Syrians refugees stayed in Syria ok the main because Turkey did not want them.

      1. It’s funny to think that these people who claims that these refugees are weak and needy, will never feel how is to be stabbed or molested by one of them because they are too busy in their fancy ass car or discussing how to make the world more peaceful spreading roses and love around it.

        What I mostly hate is the fact that I’m called by racist just because I don’t accept at people like this going to countries from Europe or even here (Brazil). Like really? Call me racist?
        I really appreciate the mix of cultures and color, this is what makes my country so much beautiful and rich with people and costumes. “Oh but you have a lot of violence” yes we do but it has nothing to do to refugees, because they never come here and when they do they are here to work. So yes I am against letting refugees entering other countries if they are a bunch of scumbags looking for problems.

        Oh and btw if only Turkey didn’t want them….Dubai hates not only the bad refugees but ALL of them.

        Almost forgot to mention that I also see on the internet even YouTube some Europeans being all like “close the borders we don’t want any of refugees”. Ok denying the bad ones is something but all of them? Even when they are looking for work and better life? Bitch during the WWII it was you white European asses coming to Latino countries and mostly Brazil, lying even to the authorities saying you were not German or Italian afraid to have to go back. So please stop the hypocrisy….

        I had to vent guys

        1. How the fuck has multiculturalism and miscegenation nothing to do with Brazil’s violence epidemic? It has everything to do with it. The safest and prosperous parts of your “country” are the southern states, alongside SP. You cannot admit this reality because you’re Brazilian, thus, biased. You’re probably a mongrel too and less intelligent by definition.

          How I would love to send these turd world economic migrants your way, favelado.. after all, Brazil is a big, open air lab experiment, so a good destination for all the undesirable untermensch, when the massive deportations start (and they will). We’ll also send all race traitors and Joos to your typical paradise.

          And lastly, how dare you complain about those WWII German and Italian migrants, who brought more wealth, innovation and technology to that cesspool than any negro, pardo or native could ever even imagine, let alone create, you ungrateful fuck?

        2. Glad you vented but I am not sure I understood you.
          You agreed with me re not wanting slackers or troublemakers etc

          I love colour and all nations as well. Australia is even more multicultural than Brazil will ever be and is probably the most multicultural country on Earth. A stupendous proportion of Australians to this day have at least one parent who was born overseas. So where do we disagree?

          It went wrong when certain NEW immigrants pushed into Aus and not invited wanted to change our ways and dictate our future,ie Muslims and Some Chinese and Sub continentals to a much lesser degree. Sharia and Islam be damned.

          If you love them so much you have them in Brazil . Take them all in. You took some small numbers in one hundred years ago.. Do it again. Bolsonaro is a Christian Zionist who follows Zioyankee Policy . It should be easy to take them all in. Be full of Turcos. Isn’t that what you call them there?

          1. Full of turcos selling electronics and smoking out of shisha hahaha. Yeah I agree with what you said, even more with the “wanted to change our ways and dictate our future”. But it’s not only them doing it, these damn liberals support them in everything, an example for this? Take Sweden, they are trying to adapt even their culture just to “accept” the refugees because not doing it would be racism.

            And btw my bad if I am not clear, it’s difficult to defend or show my points in english.

  4. nucken figgers have devolved since the cotton picking days.
    In USA they went from a MLK people who dressed proper and spoke properly during the civil rights era to the saggy pants ebonic plague you see today. Devolving!

    1. I don’t know what MLK is but I agree with you. Same happened here in Oz. Aboriginal teens now are wilder and dumber than their grandparents . Their grandparents had smarts and motivation but no opportunity in White Australia yet now their youth have lots of relative opportunity yet no brains nor drive.

      For those who like history ,Australia only allowed Aborigines to vote from 1967.

          1. After Martin Luther king Jr was killed, they renamed a street in every city after him. These streets happen to be located in predominantly black communities. You can definitely buy drugs on any MLK boulevard in the country. @illegalsmile55 this sarcasm as got to end. I’ve got feelings ya know. 😉

  5. I fucking LOVE how Europe and U.S.A close doors for white, educated, law-abiding successful people, who has family living there, has a high-skill profession, never convicted or so much as arrested in his home country… but open doors to violent criminals who doesn’t acknowledge rules of society…

    Nice going, first world countries. That’s an absolutely rational and logical thing to do! Geniuses!
    Or maybe they know that I read BestGore… you can’t be sure these days…

  6. ‘Ape rape’ common sport in EU and sadly here in AUST also, fk diversity, diversity = DESTRUCTION, globalist scum haven’t effected my life as a whole as I chose to live well on the outskirts of society just how I like it, if I was subjected to seeing this happening I think I would just snap that is why I confine myself aboard my boat, my happy place, I can watch, read and see from a distance the worlds decline and my ONLY worry in life is making sure the baby sea Eagle chics I am watching over at my anchorage are safe from PREDATORS, unfortunately there is not much I can do on my own to STOP unwanted introduced species upsetting the NATURAL balance of the indigenous and endemic peoples of this country, I can see all to well where Australia is heading, there is NO turning back, its just all downhill from here, you have no idea how much this saddens me, my children and grandchildren will live a life much different to mine when I am no longer here, good comments on “Khazarian occupation” yes indeed, its pretty much global, AU is without doubt an occupied country run by the globalist elite, we used to know it as the Commonwealth of AU so any Aussies here readin this you HAVE to ask yourself ….. is it the REAL dejure Commonwealth of AU as in the COMMONWEALTH created for ‘we the people’ OR is it the BOGUS commonwealth registered in the US? is our JEWdicial system under the TRUE Commonwealth of AU? the TRUE Commonwealth of AU that was formed during early settlement? STOP fooling yaselves, we are TOTALLY UNDER occupation, our courts are a VERY good indication of that, common law rights STRIPED! more and more CONTROL laws introduced ie VLAD, right to freedom of press/ opinion/ speech GONE! (conditions apply) I think there are to many Aussies here in AU that are still either completely comatose or in a semi mindful torpidity, anyway, dunno how my original post evolved into this but I am sure those that endured it GET or are WAKING up, if so, then do YOUR bit to awaken others …..

  7. Bunch of coward pieces of shit! If I was there, I would beat the crap out of that nigga.
    Spain is probably one of the most cowards countries in the whole planet, they were too coward to fight in WWII lol, they cannot even protect a girl being robbed, what a bunch of stupid faggots. If that happened over here, we would kick the shit out of that nigger

      1. You are right, Mexicans are among the worst scumbags on earth, they are the worst breed possible between the worst from Spain and the worst from natives. They are as bad (or even worst) as sand niggers. They are the less civilized people on earth, scumbag for real

  8. From the very earlier onset ;Europe should have envisaged what mayhem so willfully it was leaning towards notwithstanding the angle of humanity . Post immigration ; allowing for grant of “special privilege” has the whole continent weakened at its already cancer inflicted knees .
    These visibly disturbing scenes where the original countrymen are reduced to nothingness and are left lip tied , the apes on the lose are nothing more than a big parcel of promises with never ending chaos .
    Its about time the sleepy Europe rubs its eyes off its stupor and wakes up to stabbing reality.

  9. She’s probably a feminist who fears toxic masculinity. But crying out for men to help
    Too bad they’re all pussies and won’t do anything because they fear blacks and will probably hop on a keyboard later to call blacks some niggers instead. Half the users of this website can relate

      1. Sad situation really but i am sure that they will purge them from their countries, just watch UK for example. This situation will not be alive for to long from now.
        Bloody cleaning from Muzzies and Niggs is harsh future in Europe.

  10. Is my blood boiling? You’re fucking right it is. I wouldn’t give 2 fucks about the politically correct laws protecting this feral pavement ape. I’d pile drive him right in the fucking head. If the police want to charge “me” for a crime, then the only thing that will do is make me want to go out and start eradicating these parasites. You’d have a full blown psychopath on your hands.

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