Young Woman Sucker Punched and Robbed While Waiting for Elevator in Romania

Young Woman Sucker Punshed and Robbed While Waiting for Elevator in Romania

Young Woman Sucker Punshed and Robbed While Waiting for Elevator in Romania

In Alba Iulia, a city in Romania, a young woman was sucker punched and robbed off her phone and wallet by some guy.

The attack took place on Saturday, November 17, 2018 around 6pm. The CCTV images show how two young men enter the elevator, but the woman, who would become the victim, does not come along, apparently so she’s not in the elevator with other men. They even held the door for her, but the princes just fell too precious to volunteer her wonderful presence.

She may not have been aware there was another man behind her, and when she noticed, a fist was already en route to her princeface.


According to Romanian police, a 20 year old woman was admitted to hospital after apparently losing consciousness. She told the hospital staff that her phone was missing, so the staff notified the police. The woman did not remember anything. The police matched her to the victim in the CCTV footage.

The police subsequently identified the assailant as Nicolae Tiberiu Dragoi from Alba Iulia. He was previously convicted of robbery. The apprehended him on Monday, November 19th.

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