2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video

2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video

Best Gore’s Sexual Disaster category has been all sad and lonely lately so here’s a video to perk things up a bit. Appropriately titled “2 Kids 1 Sandbox“, the video is a brief, but painful to look footage of a man getting his urethra rubbed with a dildo by a woman whose pussy he appears to munch on as the couple lays in a 69 position.

The woman shoves half an inch thick, conical object right down inside her partner’s penis seemingly causing serious pain, but the man doesn’t seem to mind. His urethra is stretched way beyond normal size anyway but one could easily guess that he’s had a few dildos down his pee pee hole in the past cause despite it being an incredibly sensitive on touch part of human body, he seems to draw pleasure from having it rubbed.

The 2 Kids 1 Sandbox shock video is below. Painful to watch especially if you’re a man. BTW, I wondered why they called it “2 Kids 1 Sandbox” cause in my mind, sandbox was that small enclosure filled with sand in which kids build sand castles or play by other means. I thought that maybe among builders they may call various objects coated with sandpaper sandboxes, and assumed the object the man took inside his pee pee had sandpaper on the surface, but it looks like regular plastic dildo you see in many porn movies to me. Or am I completely out of my element here?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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127 thoughts on “2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video”

    1. Oh the things u learn about when being involved in the body mod lifestyle..

      So basically, this act is known as “sounding” i don’t know why.
      The idea is that, inserting objects to stretch the urethra stimulates all the intense nerve endings on the inside on the penis.
      Women do it also, but it usually results in a urinary tract infection from what i have read on BME when i learned about this strange practice a few years back.

      It’s a commonly enough sexual activity; common enough that you can buy sounding kits that consist of different sized tapered tubes for insertion and gradual stretching of the urethra. apparently it can be very pleasurable but if any of you have ever had a cathedar in after surgery, you’re probably on the same page as me when i say that i dont see this being fun for anyone.. to each his own, i slash my wrist for shits so im not about to judge.

      I found a link to show you what a sounding kit looks like off BMEzine ;D

      Hope this was informative for everyone; im going to bed ^_____^ night Gorlings

        1. It’s a great way to keep the sex life from stagnating.

          I could say that about all BDSM though.

          “A man should try everything at least once, except incest.. And morris dancing”
          – Oscar Wilde

          1. for @lascerated; the term ‘sounding’ was coin to basically measure the depth of something internally. eith way, i wonder how this conversation came about… ‘honey, shove this down my dickhole, it might feel good!’ oy, to each their own. cant say i wouldnt try it if my old man gave me the go ahead

          2. I keep hearing “Dickhole” does no one know that it is actually called a urethra? Maybe that’s just what everyone prefers to call it, but I must say sounding the urethra is amazing though. Just need to start smaller than a catheter.

      1. The term “sounding” came from the French word “sond,” meaning “line.” Originally it was a nautical term because they would drop a line overboard with a sort of plumb-bob weight on the end to determine the depth of the waters. “Beyond sounding” meant extremely deep waters. The term later came to mean testing any kind of testing for depth (usually vertically) & was then used surgically to describe the use of a long, slender instrument for exploring body cavities or canals. BDM users originally used surgical (steel) sounders (they come in a variety of sizes) to stretch the urethra; later ones made of glass were made specifically for body-play sounding. I don’t know why glass was preferred over stainless steel.

      1. no. i promised her i would not do anything perverted with her pic. i cannot however speak for the other freaks on this site. who knows, she might be gaming us all and it’s not really her. i will take her at her word and keep my promise. + i’m not that savvy to do any photoshop superimposing bullshit.

  1. That would be known as a vibrating “bullet” Mark, and this is a type of foreplay and gratification for those who swear by this practice.

    While to most of us men, this does look incredible painful and is a WTF moment, However, it’s actually rather common, and this guys is one of many, who explore the ritual art of stretching the Male Urethra.

    Why? Plain and simple, they are pleasure seekers! And for those interested and would like to google some info on this, the more commonly used name for this practice is called “Urethral Sounding” and those who are familiar with this and who have been doing it for years, swear it’s maximum pleasure.

    To each their own, I guess ….

  2. Saying “Don’t watch stoned” is like telling someone “Don’t think about polar bears”, all they can do is think about those damn white bears, and all the smokers can do is pause and reach for some more bud.

  3. There’s another aspect of sounding that deals with medical instruments too. I had a co-worker who was into that. He used antique-type medical equipment (but updated and sterile, obviously) to “practise” certain medical procedures, mostly to do with piercing the flesh and the urethra. He sure loved it, and while I’m a pretty liberal-minded person, the things he described made me squirm.

  4. I thought this sounded familiar when I clicked on it. I didn’t bother reading anything. I think I’ll just…. Yeah, I’ll just cover my dick with my hand like I covered my balls when I kept thinking about them being crushed by a train.

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