8 Year Old Filipina Raped and Killed, Naked Body Dumped in Creek in Biñan, Laguna

8 Year Old Filipina Raped and Killed, Naked Body Dumped in Creek in Biñan, Laguna

A young girl from the Philippines named April Erispe, was allegedly raped and her naked, dead body dumped in a creek in Barangay Zapote, Biñan, Laguna. According to local reports, she was only 8 year old. I don’t know if that’s true, or if they’re trying to make it sound more dramatic.

Uncensored photo of April Erispe’s corpse was shared on behalf of her family by her foster sister Izhaiy Faraon, who wanted it to be seen in hopes that it would garner support for justice in form of death penalty for the offender. As per wishes of the family, we’re republishing the photo.

Meanwhile, the Laguna Police launched an investigation and found a possible suspect while reviewing CCTV videos from areas where she may have gone before her disappearance. However because the suspected offender is under 18 years old, the police withold his name as he cannot be prosecuted as per the Philippine law, which exempts young offenders from criminal liability. He will most likely be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development for rehabilitation.

Props to Best Gore member Assassinisher for the info. Video below is a local TV report on the incident:

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      2. Shit like this happens everyday on every continent on this forsaken planet with the exception of Antarctica. Country of origin or religion has nothing to do with a diseased brain that could do something like this to a child.

    1. Hhahahahahaha mohammed the prophet only fucks 9 year olds if im not mistaken? Still we have an epidemic in England with pakis fucking young girls and plying them with drink and drugs. Nobody seems to do anything as the police and social services get labelled “racist”

      1. Lol I have actually never heard of that but now that I’ve looked it up, it was good. Just another day really. I don’t really buy into the valentine’s day thing. I don’t need a holiday to feel special when I’m in a relationship.

        1. @Little Foot
          Sadly things like this still happen. Hell, not too long ago a 14-year-old girl was murdered in my state, took them several months to find the killer. I’m really big into murder mysteries though. I can sit down and watch Dateline, Investigation Discovery ect hours on end. Does that make me crazy? lol

          1. @Krzyimprt

            I love murder mysteries! I love watching anything about crimes, the forensics and criminal profiling. I’m also really into documentaries…I’m nerdy like that I guess 😀

    1. Ya, no shit! But at the age of eighteen, you know right from wrong. Especially this type of wrong! I hope they cane that little prick, until he,s dead!!! Little bastard could have jerked-off instead 🙁

  1. Christ… what some people won’t do, huh? Some get raped at younger ages so the eight-year-old thing, I’m certain, is not an exaggeration. Sadly, not a rare occurrence. And holy shit, the suspect is barely 18. Oh, man. Mamasapano and now this? 🙁

      1. In your country, what’s on television is just singing shows after singing shows, plus game shows about singing, a show dedicated to concerts of celebrities singing, competitions of normal folk singing, and news anchors and politicians singing, etc,etc,etc. ABS CBN is just a giant pop music channel. My sympathies to you….

      2. I agree that capital punishment would be a solution to the overcrowding of our correctional facilities and as an implementation of stricter disciplinary actions. However, due to our ridiculously corrupt and poor country, I don’t see this happening any time soon.

        The long processes of trials, court battles and professional fees would take a whole lot in our already mismanaged national budget.

        And who goes to prison for crimes anyway? The rich don’t even take a single step on those putrid shitholes called prison. They pay their way out of crimes they are guilty with. So, the very poor ones land in there and in most cases, they can’t even afford a private attorney and would have to be provided one – which would then be from our tax money. Hell, I wouldn’t mind paying 12 percent tax long as I see justice for these victims but, sadly the money you and I work hard for goes to the politicians – who suck on the large phallus of the national budget like filthy, thirsty whores.

        Plus, the whole country’s predominantly Christian. It would be against ‘moral’ standards. Different churches would go strongly against it and would really try and force the government to not consider it.

        I think what would be a solution to juvenile crimes similar to this would be kind of like in the American judicial system. Minors involved in criminal cases, such as the severity of this one, should be legally tried as adults.

          1. Ha, lol. I think that would be a cost efficient way to achieve swift justice; proven the suspected culprit is guilty, of course.

            Also, how you been, gramps? 🙂 Not seeing you much lately – or maybe I just don’t happen to see your posts. Lol. Either way, wish you’re doing well. 😀

          1. @Kay You do not see many young folks killing others. When 17-year-old Austin Sigg murdered and dismembered 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, that really threw me off. I wouldn’t of guessed that in a million years, I figured to the suspect would be in his mid to late 40’s

    1. Thats because our country has no death penalty for brutal crimes like that. Even the drug cartels in Mexico had entered Philippines already because of the medium punishments for the offenders.

  2. although this is terrible and sad it doesn’t surprise me anymore sick shit like this happens all the time. what really interests me is how does a person turn into the kind of person that can rape and murder another human being. i don’t think it’s a sex thing. like someone that can’t get sex doesn’t turn into a rapist, you can jerk off, there are prostitutes.

    1. I have a cousin on my mothers side whos doing life for his second rape murder! But lets start with my mother. She had 2 sisters her and her sisters were raped and beaten daily by thier own father. At 16 my mother was adopted by her aunt and uncle who were devout christians. In the sense that they lived morally abundent. They are good people despite the fact that they are christian. Lol so my mother for the first time being treated like a human decided to believe in jesus christoff as well. No suprise when all you know is the nightmare. Her sisters being older and already adults were not adopted they grew up to be male hating prostitutes who out of the control of fear still had sexual relationships with thier father. So the oldest girl has a son either a johns or her fathers dont know not gonna geuss. So my depravedly abused aunt without even knowing why or how she could; unleashes a lifetime of abuse and hatred on a child that never did a fucking thing to anyone! Hated for being male abused for his grand… er… fathers mistakes. Taught nothing but violence hatred and sexual abuse. So he develops a severe hatred towards women and people in general.
      In the first yrs of your life till your about seven your hardwired neurologicol patterns are developed. All things; according to tony robbins, learned can be unlearned! the problem is that everything since has piled on top and many people dont even remember what made them the way they are. Save a few nightmarish memories. So how do you think my cousin reacted when he found out his grandmother was in the know and too scared or forgiving to do anything about the abuse that eventually filled him with hate for women. He raped strangled and stuffed her body under the stairs of her own home. Three weeks later the police arrest him driving around in her van. He spends 20 yrs in jail with a short parol that he used to track down my family to kill my mother! unsuccesfully. He blamed my mother as well for doing nothing to help him. So eventually he serves his sentance fully and is released. So now pile twenty yrs of whatever they do to rapists in prison on top of the rest. Promptly(within 3 weeks) he murders his new girlfriend (prostitute) and stuffs her under the hotel bed. Back to jail he goes. So how do people get this way? Misdirection. to erroneously guide or teach. He was taught. And where in all that did he ever learn anything else. It doesnt even matter wether he wants to be that way or not his brain is hardwired to do just that even though he KNOWS its wrong. Sins of the father pass to the son. This is how!

      1. Could be that part of your cousin’s sociopath behavior is genetic and he might have inherited it from your grandfather and from your aunt. Since you visit a site like Bestgore you might even have inherited a bit of that “evil blood” yourself too.

  3. I can’t take much more of this world. Give a moment of silence or prayer, B.G. members, for these 2 dead girls today and hope that the souls of their attackers burn in hell for eternity (if there is such a place).

    1. Scientiffically hell does exist lol a blackhole traps and seperates matter the posotive energized matter is stripped from the negative and begins to build around the black hole the negative is trapped and spaghettified for what will be all of our eternity if you believe in time as such. Im sure spaghettification is horribly painfull but it is likely only your conciouse negative energy that will experience it. The posotive energy is eventually spread back throughout the universe in a mass projection. Given that all matter is formed by pressure this will reprint the positive energy into everything from carbon and silicone to hydrogen and oxygen or something more basic that will gather with other matter and become stars. Amongst other things. But all the while negative energy still being tortured by immense gravitational pressure.
      Heh SCIENCE it so COOL. And hot and cold and temperate lol

      1. That type of science is my forte’ , I like your (or you’re – lol) spin in black holes ie hell , we never stop learning, but now I’m creeped out by this new angle. I better talk to Hawking about this. Thanks dulphwiggins.

  4. And “Justice” for All..

    Brothers and sisters, humanity is and has been in decline due to our own eternal ignorance. We are a doomed race and may our eventual departure offer this Earth to be restored to its glorious days long before this parasite called human decided to pollute and rape it. We are the bane of this world.

    Today, we are nothing but the leftovers and rejects of a fading race that was once offered the chance to make miracles and do wonders. Instead, we chose to piss on that chance and enslaved and corrupt ourselves to the point of no return. We are taking down with us anything on our path.

    We are driven by a false sense of megalomaniac supremacy that compels us to believe that we are somehow better and wiser than other species and beings. We are nothing but sad, pathetic dirty jokes at the expense of this planet.

    This piece of human filth that did this, whom we have many in our beloved western countries, is most likely a drugged-out, wasted to the last cell of his maggot brain youth who thinks he is invincible and can get away with anything including raping and killing a poor 8-year old village child.

    And for those of you who think that he deserves to meet the same faith as that poor Jordanian pilot burnt alive at the hands of ISIS or be beheaded and crucified or die a brutal death like many prolific ways BG is displaying, I hate to hand it to you:

    Please read the original post..

    “..because the suspected offender is under 18 years old, the police withold his name as he cannot be prosecuted as per the Philippine law, which exempts young offenders from criminal liability. He will most likely be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development for rehabilitation”.

    It’s time for any awoken soul to fend for themselves.

    1. @taran9
      What bothers you then?
      And after you tell me your answer. Tell me…..How does it make you feel and why …I’ll be here sitting with a note book and pen ….waiting for more of your narcissistic jabber ,

        1. Hmmm,I see,yes ,yes I understand. I’m going to give you a few home exercise implements to help you cope and manage your repressions of empathy and self deep resentment toward your self .causing you to feel this way .I’m going to give you a prescription that’ll help you.for a week ..I w ould like to see you in a week from now ..thank you ,…Dr.DanielRay.MF-G.MD

    2. @romtaran9: what if this was your sister, daughter, or niece ?you still wouldn’t value her just because she’s not of the other species like a cockroach or a worm? you should just kill yourself hopeless loser. despite what’s going on in this world, I choose not to give up. I’ve met loads of shit people in the past and in the current time.My life is full of mediocrity and challenges at the present but I look forward to the future regardless. why? because I still have fucking hope that’s why. That hope can only manifest greatly if we perhaps all do the same and never despair.if motivational speeches seem gay to you and only yield empty promises, in fairness I can just say giving in and despairing perpetually is equivalent to getting fucked in the ass without any attempt at resistance.I assume you must have a very wide hole down there due to your continual submission to defeat in life….

      1. See now there is empathy “just kill yourself” lol if youhad any you might concern yourself with what has desensitized romtaran! But instead you supply a useless bit rhetoric that probably doesnt affect him anyway. Pick and choose your truth if you must but truth IS and doesnt require you for its existance or any of us for that matter.

  5. Nice you respect family’s wishes. If that was my kid.. or yours… you would hope the media (BestGore included) would respect those wishes.

    My wife is a Filippina. The kid was 13 years old.

  6. but in a womans top 3 fantasy is rape. so now ladies do you still fantasise about rape fantasy? womens logic is fucked. youl scream blue murder on here but you will have a dark twisted mind that has a rape fantasy. hypocrites. its disgusting a young girl is killed like that id behead the fucker if it was m y daughter, this should happen to whores of america the interbreeding race traitor types that would be sweet i wouldnt feel a thing if that was a whore in that stream.

  7. Now this looks like a competition between Obli and Ate, to see who gets the worse bellow 18 rape situations. So far Ate is winning on this. 🙂 Now we just have to wait for Kay to post about a 6 year old girl that was raped in Hawai and dumped in a nearby vulcano… 😆

    1. Just follow any larger muslim population, and you’ll get lots of cases of muslim men raping young girls. Many beat and kill them – or their families kill the girls as punishment for being a rape victim.

  8. Predator is a good word for it, these cunts are basically everywhere, just waiting for a chance.
    You can’t let girls out of your sight thesedays. And At an age where she probably had no idea what was being done to her, really sad RIP.

  9. I can not wait to depart from this world, I can not wait to see the end of it. Intentions are bull shit. Man is not inheritly evil, Man is not inheritly good. We are bound by what we are given. What we do with it, is our choice.
    When I see garbage like this, I get so enraged. What can I do? What am I supposed to do? Where do I start? I feel so helpless.
    I can’t live sheltered in this life anymore, I know. BG and all the SOBs have broken me out of that. I don’t know where to go from here.

  10. My mother once told me of a story of a little girl in her neighborhood in her native country El Salvador that wasn’t just raped, but was also tortured, sodomized by an object, hung from a tree and had her throat slit like a pig. The guy who committed the act was a repeat child abuser and molester, well this time he wasn’t going to repeat. When they found the guy, they tried to subdue him, but the guy had a machete and attack the people trying basically arrest or beat the living shit out of him. When the little girls father found out about this guy, he headed there to the location where this guy was with his own machete and they got a machete fight, basically to the death. My mother told me then that the father landed a heavy blow right to the child murderer fuckers neck that nearly tore that shit off. She said it was the sickest thing she had ever seen, but that the guy deserved it and more. At least in this case justice was done, I hope it is as well for this poor girl. Child rapists and murderers deserve the worst death in my opinion.

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