Adulteress Stripped and Violated with Bottle by Wives of Husbands She Seduced

Adulteress Stripped and Violated with Bottle by Wives of Husbands She Seduced

Adulteress Stripped and Violated with Bottle by Wives of Husbands She Seduced

An incident involving a number of women taking their rage out on an adulteress who seduced their husbands was filmed in Zambia. The alleged adulteress was forced to strip and was then violated with a bottle, but as a professional cock carousel rider who’s likely done every dirty thing in existance, she probably enjoyed it more than suffered, despite the cries.

Best Gore member @african-angel did some investigation about the video and these are her findings:

Indecent occurred on the evening of the 1st of December 2018 in Ndola City, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. The victim was identified as Denise Mwanakubwila, aged 21 year old.

She was assaulted by a gang of women led by 25 years Precious Kapambwe upon discovering that she (Denise) was having an affair with her husband named Harrison Mwanza.

The incident happened when the victim was having fun at a local night club with a married man, Harrison. Whilst there, the wife of Harrison popped up in a pub accompanied by four friends namely Bridget Chisha aged 21, Magrette Mwansa aged 25, Catherine Banda aged 29 and Maureen Mutale aged 29.

Upon noticing the women, the husband ran away, leaving the mistress to her own devices. She was abducted and taken to an undisclosed house, where she was tortured, interrogated and forced to undress whilst confessing that she really slept with the married man.

The women ushered all sorts of insults at the adulteress, such as bitch, whore, dirty ass pussy etc. The seductress pleaded for leniency and begged to be let free, promising she would never make the mistake of jumping on a married man’s cock again, but all in vain.

She was held by both hands and legs by four women and the fifth one inserted a bottle into her crack, who later applied chili paste (not captured on the video) into her vagina, causing her to sustain bruises inside the vagina and experience body pains.

The five suspects were arrested, charged and appeared in court on Monday 10th of December 2018. The trial continues and I will update you once the case is closed.

Thank you for the video and the backinfo, @african-angel:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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