Adulterous Couple Forced to Promenade Themselves Naked by Carrying Each Other

Adulterous Couple Forced to Promenade Themselves Naked by Carrying Each Other

I have no idea where this video is from, but it could be from an African or a Middle Eastern country. The video shows a couple forced by villagers to promenade themselves by carrying each other naked on their shoulders.

Whereas this type of public humiliation is typically reserved for adulterers, and whereas the receivers of the punishment are a couple, I think it’s fair to assume they are being punished because of their adulterous activities.


This happened in Shambhupura village, Banswara district of Rajasthan, India. The couple are cousins who bumped nasties with each other despite being cousins, so they got disowned by their tribe. They escaped to Gujarat, but were brought back and this was their punishment. Props to @vvrk77 for the update.

At least they didn’t get stuck in the copulatory tie like with dogs after sex.

Props to Best Gore member @assassinisher for the video:

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74 thoughts on “Adulterous Couple Forced to Promenade Themselves Naked by Carrying Each Other”

        1. I was thinking that, bet he was trying to get them to fuck each other when they were on the ground. This does teach us one thing though, it’s not only us that think cousin fucking like they do to the west of India is fucked up literaly!

    1. At least they had their own band. Hi guys, I’m new here in the sense that I have never had an account with this site but I have watched probably 80-90 percent of the videos on here and have read through so many comments that I am pretty darned familiar with this site. Nice to formally say hello to everyone!

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  3. Disgraceful but seeing this is india or some other prehistoric shit hole of a country i’m just glad they didn’t get stoned or beaten to death, anyway the way things are going this will be London soon

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