African Woman Takes Off Her Clothes and Lays Under Vehicles

African Woman Takes Off Her Clothes and Lays Under Vehicles

In an undisclosed location in Africa, a slender woman put on a show for passers-by by taking off her clothes and laying under vehicles on the road. I have no idea if she has mental health problems or was roasted on some synthetic shite.

It was a nice change to see a naked African woman who’s not a beached whale with tits playing her fat thighs like a fucking drum.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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154 thoughts on “African Woman Takes Off Her Clothes and Lays Under Vehicles”

        1. I save my waste synthetic oil from the lawn mower, cars and snow blower and dispose of it freely at Murray’s Auto Parts. Of course, I buy my supplies there. So I’m exchanging services in what I consider a win-win situation. I’m totally satisfied with this business arrangement, and it feels good not to contaminate the environment with my waste stream. I’m a lifetime customer…

        1. Hehe! I knew you’d get a kick outta that one, bro!
          Ya, I know it right? And that part where she goes under the pole, they had to tape it to the bottles ‘cus her tits kept rubbin’ up against it. That’s cheating but I still enjoyed. 🙂

      1. Nah, I think he may be onto somethin’, Stonehenge. Those African dudes do seem to like they’re monkey extra chunky. I like a thicc female myself but not beach whale thicc, like some of these dudes seem to prefer.

  1. Kray bitch. I am shocked and appalled these Afro-cans didn’t form a train gang on that piece of roadrash snatch.

    Also, why not throw a tire on her and lite it up; wake her up – looked like she was looking for shade to take a nap in that hot ass concrete jungle

  2. Slender or not these people are a parasite race, they have become an immediate threat to any & all 1st world countries they reside in……. A must read (free online) the negro & the world crisis , this short read is an absolute MUST & will shake you to the core when you find out “WHO” IE the “JOOO” is behind using them to water down the White race & mongrelize the civilized world to get one step closer to endgame IE New World Order!

  3. Crazy or on drugs!

    I dont care what anyone says .she was delectable and i would not kick her out of my bed ! Yes , i will be accused of race mixing and shit but it is a good thing i dont really care what most fucks say! I do my own thinking.

    Don’t you love how the guys just drag her over the asphalt as if she was just so much meat! None of this watch your head,dear , business! That is what i call manhandling!! Haha

      1. Haha. If only!! @1purple8 .
        Next time i see a Time Machine ,i will give you a call Legion.

        We will go back to the Ancients .You being musical and artistic can hang with Orpheas and the Muses. I will hang with the Philosophers and Explorers and we can BOTH cavort with the Maenads and Nymphs! Now that would be something to tell our fellow Bestgorians!


    1. I agree she’s really, really beautiful to look at. And I think she will be very much ashamed when sobered up. She can’t be a trash junkie (not) wearing this kind of underwear and these guys somehow care for her though dragging her “skinny” body roughly to safety . This seems like a drug inflicted psychosis. Hope she’ll never take them again after this…..than I’ll marry her 🙂

  4. Meh. She probably got a new African virus called Zikbola. Just run her over and keep moving.

    I wonder when the Africans start massacring white South Africans are we going to see those vids posted on BG so there is evidence and no one can claim it’s fake?

    Or is there going to be an agreed-upon blackout by the perps and sympathizers in order to make genocide claims more difficult?

    The Julius Malemas of the world is why the 2nd Amendment exists here in the US.

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