Barbaric Circumcision of Young Males in Africa

Barbaric Circumcision of Young Males in Africa

It is utterly shocking and disgusting at the same time that the barbaric practice of sexual mutilation that hides under the inconspicuous label of “circumcision” is still practiced despite it being in the 21st century. This medieval savagery should have no place in civilized societies.

Best Gore member @african-angel explains:

Get a glimpse of uncivilized African way of life probably during the early years of colonization 1950’s to 1970’s.

Male circumcision is a transition from boyhood to manhood where participants, mostly young boys, are expected to endure the pain silently.

Latest academic research is very conclusive about male circumcision greatly increasing risk of urinary tract problems – circumcised boys are 16 to 26 times more likely to develop urinary tract problems. Consequently, Danish doctors come out strong against circumcision.

Documentary titled American Circumcision contains leaked audio of American doctors deliberately lying about the negative effects of circumcision.

Also see here for the previous example of male genital mutilation provided by our girl @african-angel:

Trailer for film American Circumcision:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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174 thoughts on “Barbaric Circumcision of Young Males in Africa”

      1. You must be American, right? Most of the world is uncut except for America and Muslim Middle East. Circumcision is a barbaric and superstitious practice. It needs to be stopped. And trust me, most women would prefer a big uncut dick than a tiny cut 2 incher faggot dick.

          1. Yeah, like someone has actually unzipped each man’s pants in India and measured their dick with a ruler. It must have been a white, American, 2 inched faggot pretending to be a Jew, like yourself. haha

          2. In a country of 1,349,489,823 (1.34 billion) people, where the total male population is 696,876,544 (696 million). You have seen and measured each of those nearly 700 million dicks, and sucked them too, haven’t you?

          3. @Hindustaan: You make a good point. I doubt that all the dicks in India have been measured. But I have to ask. How do you know that all Americans have 2 inch dicks? Are you personally measuring them? When you get to my house with your ruler, wear something pretty. And no cheating. I get to say where the base is.

          4. Sorry Dindustaan, the studies already show that international condom sizes are too big for Indian men and that it’s a big problem in India LOL. Tough luck baby dick!

        1. Hate to tell you but not all American men have these 2 inchers that you speak of. My fiance is doing well in that category and another thing,.. not all women especially ones that are smaller and take care of themselves are whores that enjoy gigantic dicks. Also from what I’ve heard, the ones that talk like they supposedly have them say that because they are insecure about what they have down there. Real men don’t need to discuss the size of their dick.

          1. @beneaththeplanetoftheapes. Yo I’m laughing so hard right now. Off topic. Well near. You know how the video takes you to similar videos. Well u hit one then another and so on. So PISST that douchebag company took down a lot of the vids. This one I did not have to see. Back in June 2015 there’s a vid guy cuts the tip of his DICK off high on Pcp. Yooooo. I was squirming just looking at the pic. Planet goes I can’t watch it. He said even I have my limits Hahah. Dude I feel u. Wtf that guy omg what a moron. Cut the head offffff. Mannnnn. Should I say wooomannnnnn

        2. @hindustaan from what i understand circumcision is performed as a hygiene measure and to lessen or prevent urinary tract infections, phimosis (non retractable foreskin) or paraphimosis (retracted foreskin that cannot return to its original position) in young males. I dont think its a superstitious practice in most western territories as you presume either. Also “most women” dont prefer uncut dicks like you reckon either its just a matter of personal preference for girls and most girls i have spoken to about cut or uncut fucking and sucking prefer a cut clean dick.

          1. That’s because you have only spoken to cheap 2 dollar american whores.


            Is that why white males account for the largest number of cucks, homosexuals and love doing scat porn and interracial cuck porn? Why do American marriages not last long enough? It’s like every white western cuck I know of has been married and divorced at least 3 times.

          2. Circumcision is sometimes the best option for certain individuals. My son was like 4 or 5 yrs old and had an infection in his peenis, it was actually a hard thing to watch him cry in pain, took him to the E.R. and he had to get circumcised…..he’s been fine ever since.

      2. my girlfriends tell me the opposite and yes every girlfriend any guy has tells him what he wants to hear, yes yours is perfect, I dont like those circumsised ones, I didnt like giving oral sex until I met you,blah blah blah, just like you ido the same for any women you have had, no your breasts are perfect, I dont like those big fake ones, I like big bums like yours, yadda yaddda yadda

        1. @hindustaan hahaha you are such an angry tough talking little indian man. I know that if you got circumcised you would end up with a shrivelled little clit. I bet all the $15 hookers that you try to book open the door and turn you away because they know that all they have to work with is a little smelly crusty foreskin. Keep borking you angry little chihuahua haha oh the population is 1.75 zillion in pankot blah blah blah just fucking shut up 0_0

          1. “Keep
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            Is that supposed to mean something or is that just gibberish? Looks like you are trying too hard to feel better about the little, cut, dick you have. You know you can never get that piece of foreskin back. While, an uncut person can pretty much do whatever he wants. He can decide to keep it or cut it. You are just unlucky.

          2. @hindustan Most women would still choose a white dude over an Indian guy despite dick size. So who’s really unlucky? Of course men can keep an uncut penis clean but Indian men? I don’t know. You piss in the streets like it’s totally fucking normal. That’s disgusting – pissing through your foreskin funnel and then giving it a shake. That’s nasty as fuck. That must smell putrid. There’s no way you’re doing anything to be sanitary. You’re not even in a restroom to wash your hands after. You people just pissing over your fucking cities. You don’t give a damn if where you live is clean. Why would you give a fuck about your body?

          3. @dethbyplaster your man must pee sitting down. A stupid comment coming from a woman, about what it’s like to be a uncircumcised man lol
            How the fuck would you know what is like to be a man?
            Are You a transvestite?
            Uncircumcised men peel the skin back to pee. We don’t run our fingers through the pee.
            And for you to say only Indians pee on the streets is preposterous. Many men do it. Even in first world nations. You sound so stupid commenting on a topic you have experience on.
            and I bet you when your man wipes after he pees, he doesn’t always wash his hands and touches your face and pussy or penis? You got me wondering now.

          4. @stupidretards Oh boy, a new jackass. Awesome. Indians piss in the streets on a regular basis. That’s a fact. Their government has addressed it as an issue in Mumbai. Some lazy men do piss right through the foreskin but if you think not, fine. My man wipes his piss on my face. It’s great. – gives me a lovely glow. Thanks for checkin’ in.

          5. something teeny-boppy about that phrase ‘get the dick’ ‘she not getting the dick’ i always picture some grubby long haired american rocker teens on skateboards when i hear that, must be an american thing dont really hear that phrase here in the uk, just sounds a little faggy and angsty to me.

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          2. Indians are odd in the way they ‘shop’ and I put it in quotes because they don’t buy anything.

            scene is either a lone Indian woman spending an hour+ looking at everything, buying bits of office supplies and child’s activity book

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            every time

            and hell if any of them bring children , no discipline no correction EVER complete coddling like their kid best thing ever to scream on earth

            never not once ‘normal’ family unit shopping, wholly bizarre and quit frankly irritating as fuck

          3. @illegalsmile55 I made ONE comment about penises. It was a direct insult at Hindustan because he calls American women whores. I said -Indians just piss through their foreskin funnel.- Is that worth getting your panties in a twist? You just look for a reason to say something cute to me as usual. And if you want to do one of your troll victory dances, have it at. Why do you, a woman in her 50s, enjoy childlike games?

          4. @dethbyplaster I’m not a new guy. Second account. Been on here longer than you. I don’t love anyone in specific. You talk like a 19 year-old know it all. You Google a fact and you ride it to your grave. You don’t have any experience first hand at anything around the world. 60% percent of the people in Mumbai pee on the streets. So what? I live in Canada. We had a bunch of people pissing on the streets and alleys of a main street, where all the restaurants and clubs are And guess what? 85% Majority were Caucasians. You know what the city did? They brought in Porta pottys, those looked ugly pm they eventually made public bathrooms in the main road. So shut the fuck up With your know it all nonsense. You probably haven’t even left your country. So can’t comment on worldwide events you little cunt.

          5. @stupidretards You’re Stupid: Let me address your whining. You are so mad because I said India is dirty and people pee in the streets all the time. Well, I didn’t say dirty before, but it fucking is. It’s common knowledge. You’re the one with no world knowledge if don’t accept India has a problem with people pissing all over their cities. I’m 100% sure you’re a nasty Indian yourself. Or you’re just a weirdo who wants to argue against facts. When you tampon eaters decide why you have a problem with me, let know or don’t. Whichever.
            Some links to bring you up to speed. (Just 2 pages results)











          6. Lol angry- teenage- adolescence- attitude. You know fuck all about how the world really works. But keep Googlin things baby. If you think that makes you smart. But your not impressing anyone here. More of a nuisance. With useless empty facts.
            You’re not educating anyone here

          7. @stupidretards I presented “useless empty facts” – from major resources, even a few Indian newspapers. Odd statement you made. So you, alone, are more informed than dozens of reliable sources? Oh my.
            You can continue to call me stupid, childish etc but with every post, you’re claiming those traits for yourself. I do know that sometimes when people have been bested with non-bias, factual, documented information, they lash out with irrelevant personal attacks. It’s all you have. And I can’t help but wonder why you’re so upset over piss. You are arguing with me passionately over pee-pee. And you’re so worldly. It’s a shame piss is your pet project.

          8. @dethbyplaster are you that stupid? You’re gonna tell me that, you couldn’t find anything about fines. if you urinate in public in other parts of the 1St world nations? You suck at doing research. If you want to search for red cars, you will find red cars. If you want to search Indians peeing in public, you will find Indians peeing in public. You could even find red heads eating shit in a cup if you wanted to. And we could state that red heads love it when men shit in their mouth. But I won’t do that. I won’t judge all redheads, just because you love eating shit in a cup hun.

          9. @stupidretards Like I said, personal attacks are all you have. You went from “some” credibility to ZERO credibility and you know it. And I don’t eat shit from a cup. I have class. I prefer it from a bowl with a silver spoon. If I ever want a real treat, I’ll crack your skull open and get that rare retard shit. I have heard it’s delicious.
            Give up … hun. : )

    1. Anyone upset over circumcision, or claims for it to be barbaric is just envious that they have a god-awful ugly penis. I would never have sex with an uncircumcised dick, it’s just revolting. Get over your penis envy and have your foreskin removed. You’ll feel much better.

      1. Don’t kid yourself you obese American land whale. You have no choice but to fuck with mutilated dicks, because no unmutilated man would stick his perfect, God sculpted penis into the greasy fat bucket you got.

        Unmutilated men have divine sex with beautiful European women. Mutilated sorry sticks have no choice but to scrape for sleazy American land whales because no beautiful woman would introduce that horrid puke inducer into her body.

        Only nasty women like nasty things. Beautiful women like beautiful things.

  1. don’t let a rabbi anywhere near that kid. he will suck the blood of that mutilated dick faster than you can say, jews are raging homosexual kabbalah satanic piss drinking and shit eating retards.

      1. There are no “real” studies on this subject, just assumptions. Most of the people think dick size is related to height, so countries with a higher average male height are assumed to have larger dicks on average, which is just not true at all. Only if you go knocking door to door, ask men to unzip and measure their dick with a ruler will you get actual results.

  2. Circumcision, indeed, is many thousands of years old and had been carried all over the world — to Australia, Central and South America, and to many Pacific Islands –before the Jews “adopted” it. The Egyptians practiced circumcision at least as early as the time of the IV Dynasty (about 3,766 to 3,566 B.C.).

      1. The Joos controlled Egypt only after the 26th dynasty via their tool the blacks. Baphomet is the title of the serpent Goddess of the Indo-Aryan tradition. Baphomet means simply to be reborn by the powers of ones own soul. The sacred Baptism of Sophia is the baptism of spiritual fire of the kundalini power: it has nothing to do with subservience (unless you believe the joo lies) and everything to do with wisdom.

          1. how right was i. i knew you were spreading kabbalah satanic disinfo from the bible of freemasonry, where esoteric egyptian and babylonian filth is molded together to pervert the true meaning of the real bible. cheers for the link. anton lavey’s famous last words “oh my, oh my, what have i done.” are also the famous last words of anyone who puts trust in nasa and believes in aliens or space travel in general, for that matter. egypt and babylon were entwined together in false idol worship, as they were a stones throw from each other. circumcision is a kabbalah blood ritual of subservience, to defile gods creation.

          2. as i already said, ancient egypt and babylon were one in the same. all jews. your freemasonic bible says it all. worship the phallus. believe in aliens. get your info from satanic freemasonic forums and have faith in what they say. it’s your choice. it took me two seconds to find jewish influence in egypt earlier than what you said.
            i believe in god and it isn’t the jew god(satan the light bearer). it would help if i knew what you believed in. a little bit of context wouldn’t go astray.

  3. You must be American, right? Most of the world is uncut except for America and Middle East. And trust me, most women would prefer a big, uncut, dick than a tiny, circumcised 2 incher, faggot dick. You are just trying to make yourself feel better with that tiny, cut dick of yours.

  4. I am an American I also was circumcised at birth with no memory of it happening! But I also do not regret it happening and never had any complaint about the size of my penis. Now as for you Hindustaan you seem to know so much about the uncircumcised penis should not be throwing stones calling people faggots and being prejudice about anyone who never had the right to choose at birth. There are many woman who could careless whether there man is circumsised or not is long as it gets the job done! But for a little punk like you that seem to think there is only 2 inches of dick left after circumcision tells us allot about your uncircumcised dick reaching only 3 inches erect. Probably the reason why your parents didn’t have you circumcised because they felt sorry for you since you didn’t have much to work with in the first place.

      1. @hindustan Circumcision is a fucking barbaric and disgusting procedure. I’m a white American male and have no love for the pieces of shit who held me down and mutilated my penis against my will. Fuck that shit man. Myself, along with plenty of other American men, suffer in silence. FUCK America and their religitard traditions.

    1. I was not circumcised, so I do not know how it really is. It seems logical that it is easier to keep your dick clean when it is circumcised, as the foreskin keeps it in an enclosed and humid space, but I wonder how it is in terms of sensibility, like, can you get it up as much as you would if you had foreskin? I would imagine the lack of sensitivity is not that much of a thing, and perhaps even good for young men (last longer perhaps), nevertheless, it would become more of a problem when you get older and erections may get harder to achieve…

  5. The benefits of circumcision.
    1. It toughens a boys mind and psyche.
    2. It toughens his body.
    3. It greatly reduces the chance of penile cancer and helps the person keep his penis clean.
    4. It is a sign instituted by God to separate the Jews from the rest of the nations of the world.
    (Later copied by Muslims )
    5. It helps for a longer duration of sex before ejaculation.
    As an indian Christian man I have seen some of these results among indian Muslims though I have not done a scientific study on the topic.
    Just my observations.

    1. Bullshit:
      1 – circumcision, just as any mutilation, breaks a boy’s psyche
      2 – no mutilation toughens the body. Mutilation leaves the body scarred and vulnerable – I mean just look at Jews and Muslims…
      3 – it causes for sensitive parts to constantly rub against unclean surfaces, leading to significantly increased chances of medical problems and uncleanliness (as per study linked in the article)
      4 – it is not. God created men with a foreskin. Circumcision is a mockery of God’s creations that only worshipers of Satan practice. Circumcision is the mark of the beast – the way Satan recognizes his followers, for God’s men are the way God created them – intact and unmutilated
      5 – it prevents the same enjoyment of sex as unmutilated men enjoy, often causing mutilated men the inability to reach orgasms

      1. I agree 100%. I suffer from Depersonalization and rock bottom low self esteem and believe it is from my circumcision. I’ve noticed other European cultures that do not circumcise, the men in these cultures rarely have low self esteem like most Canadians and Americans do.

      2. I think there are some big calls in there Mark. Of course there are plenty of reasons why circumcision is done. I assume most of it is for religious purposes. My particular example, and really the most common reason for a white, non-religious practicing Australian in my age group and older (not sure the standard now) was because my father had had it done, because his father had had it done. It is done as an infant, zero religious ceremony/balloons/passage of manhood, simply an op done like a girl getting her ears pierced, same amount of grand fair. I remember growing up at school and noticed some looked different to me, prob about 30%, I asked my parents why the difference. And was happy that it had been done because the other’s looked weird. But then, I had never grown up with anything else. I do not know what mental effect or physical changes there are if the procedure is done at a much higher age like these guys. But for me, I don’t know any different so am as happy with mine as anyone is with theirs. And I don’t think Satan had anything to do with it.

  6. Lastly, I would like to say that circumcision is wrong and should be outlawed when it comes to babies who can’t have a say in this regard. When the boy can make rational decisions by himself, only then should he be allowed to be circumcised. So, fuck you all Abrahmic superstitious faggots who think genital mutilation is okay! Fucking half dick, cut, faggots.

      1. One hundred percent this. Women hating faggots trying to blame feminism for this shit. If that’s the case, I suppose women are the real culprits behind female genital mutilation as well? Give your head a shake, fuck boy.

    1. You’re a fucking idiot. Circumcision is a cultural practice and also serves to prevent nasty shit like cheese dick. Some of these pigs don’t know how to clean themselves properly and this makes hygiene easier to maintain. Add to that the fact that no one wants to look at a cock in a turtleneck.

  7. The video is disgusting, especially the last part where the knife wielder makes a bad cut and has to make a couple more attempts to clean up his barbaric hack job. And the poor kid is supposed to just stand there stoically, like its no big deal. Fuck that. Piss in his face, then kick that bastard in the balls so hard that his grandkids will remember it.

  8. Did not cut enough off. I suggest that they start higher. Preferably right against the belly. I think they called then Unichs. Niggers breeding is a plague to civilized society. They need to all be sterilized.

    It is 2017 for fucks sake.

    Give a White Man a pile of bricks – he will build you a city.
    Give a nigger a city, they will give you a pile of bricks.

  9. See I’m must be a bad mammajamma cause I kept my foreskin and made a necklace out of it!!! But I had no idea that they had an elaborate device to successfully restrain the child like that guess that’s why my request was denied when I wanted to accompany my child to have the procedure done that deff changed my outlook for had I know he would be bound such as that I would have not let it happen!!!!

    1. you deserve it though because you mouth off to much when you are way too fragile to do anything about it. any man could take you somewhere secluded and do anything they wanted to do if they wanted but men are on the whole quite pleasant to you females. your hatred will backfire some day and you will have nobody to protect you

    1. Lol, they may have given him a small dose of khot, a chewable narcotic weed common in the more arid parts. (Might have misspelled that, never learned how to spell that when over there.)

      1. Qat is a northern herb. Central has a weaker, saw tooth leafed variety that is useless. Chewed Eboga root is a local anesthetic used by the “upper” Central classes, but is about as effective on circumcision as Trump is at making America great again and just as expensive.

  10. I am one of the few American men who is not mutilated. My father wouldn’t allow it, thank god.

    As a good looking guy, who spent a lot of years as a touring musician, I was blessed with a lot of beautiful women in my younger years. Not a single one of them knew I was uncut unless I wanted them to know. For one, you can’t really tell while erect. So, any women who “complain” about it are just nitpicking cunts with no real education or experience on the subject.

    And if you want your son to have a great sex life, you won’t destroy his penis with desensitization. When you permanently expose the head of the penis, you destroy nerve endings that are important when it comes to sexual intercourse.

  11. Ah, the hypocrisy that feminists cry “blue, bloody murder” over the few girl’s genital mutilation – performed by their own womenfolk – yet can’t see the elephant-in-the-room that multitudes of boys are routinely circumcised.
    May I bring to the notice of the good, gentle BG readers the most excellent African band Die Antwoord’s protest song against male circumcision “Evil Boy”? (a “fokken vibsy toon, man!” you will like.) Xhosa males must be brutally circumcised under unhygienic conditions or be considered unclean, dirty, inferior boys unsuitable for marriage, employment or society with “men” 4 life. Over 200 men die from the practice annually – and this is but one SA cultural group. Yet not a word is every mentioned condemning the practise.
    Personally it is not for me to make value judgements about another culture that I do not fully understand. In fact I would love a purse made from human foreskins – then every time I lick it it would turn into a handbag!

  12. My 2 boys are uncut. It isn’t my place to make a medically unnecessary change to their bodies, regardless of age. They can choose whether or not to make that change when they are old enough. Will it hurt like a bitch? Yes. But that doesn’t warrant me making that decision just because they wont remember. On top of that, imagine having a freshly cut penis in a wet diaper or soiled diaper. Im not psychic. I wont know immediately when they’re about to pee or poop. That’s just begging for infection.
    Plus by the time they’re old enough to have sex being uncut will be the norm. More and more parents are choosing not to circumsize whether for ethical,preferance or financial reasons (hello $250-$500 uninsured fee)

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