Brazilian Prison Justice Dished Out on a Man Who Raped and Killed His 1 Year, 8 Month Old Step Son

Brazilian Prison Justice Dished Out on a Man Who Raped and Killed His 1 Year, 8 Month Old Step Son

A Brazilian Jujitsu instructor by the name of Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier turned himself into authorities on charges of sexual assault, abuse and murder of his 1 year, 8 month old step son. He appeared with his lawyer in Taguatinga, state of Brasilia, Brazil, where he was held for thirty days to await trial.

The incident occurred when the child was left alone with Xavier, who called the mother to report that her son was having seizures after falling. The child was taken to the hospital, where he died two days later. During the course of investigation, namely autopsy, it was established that the child had suffered blunt force trauma as well as having an anal fissure common with forced penetration.

Xavier was taken to Taguatinga prison and put into general population. It wasn’t long until word of his atrocious act spread among the inmates and a group of twenty men attacked and took turns raping Xavier. Guards possibly turned a blind eye to the event, as I don’t see how a twenty man gang rape could go unnoticed. After the fact, when guards saw all the blood on the back of his uniform, he was taken to prison hospital and had his ass stitched back together. Afterwards…get this, he was put right back in general population and was promptly raped again. Not as badly this time but it seems that he’s spending the rest of his time before trial in a hospital bed.

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        1. Ohh I believe that’s much more than poo in his panties HaHaaa!! That’s more of a mixture (and of what -I’d rather leave to the imagination lol) but here’s what I WILL say:
          It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! May he live out his days to the ripe-old-age of 100 or more in GenPop being a horny Mexican Mafia member’s BITCH!! ~Peace

        1. The above pic looks like he felt it so much that he can no longer hold shit in his ass…
          I really don’t get why the fuck he would do such a thing to a helpless 20 month old. How the fuck does that get you off??

    1. Everybody in there are sick. It’s pathetic when criminal morons think they are better than other criminals, and get to punish them, and it’s equally pathetic when people outside think there’s something right about it.

      They are all in there, because they are either unable to judge right from wrong, or because they don’t care about right or wrong.

      None of them should get to judge and punish anyone else.

    2. No lube. Rawdog that opened up, stretched out asshole.. Just as a bonus, those 20 dudes should line up…heads down, ass up and force this piece of scum to toss the salad a complimentary reach around.

      1. Nah he shouldn’t die. He should be raped every day for the rest of his sentence and then left to live his life so he can remember his punishment and think about what he has done every time he feels pain when he takes a shit for the rest of his days.

    1. ***Is it just me or do those marks look like they might be from rubber bullets?

      ….I think you may be on to something shutemdwn

      It appears to me anyway, that these inmates may have used a condom, before being granted an honorable discharge…

  1. It would be punishment for me too if I stuck my pecker in another guy’s bunghole. What’s up with that prison “tradition” anyway? I might want to hit him, but I don’t want his poop on my dick just because he did something bad. Maybe there’s a lot of closet homosexuals out there & this is their excuse.

      1. @bloodbinge that’s what it is. These guys get bored with jerking off so they decide to get some ass.. of course there are men in prison who don’t bother with it.
        I’m sure alot of the men do it because they are gay or bisexual and then of course there are men who do it for sadistic reasons..
        There was a series on HBO years ago called OZ. It was pretty good. This type of thing happened on that show.

          1. @bloodbinge
            Oh you have to watch it. it’s pretty crazy but I figured since you’re on a site like this that you would actually like it haha I know I did.

      2. IDK, I’m not convinced of that because I’m sure there’s millions of guys not in jail that have years of dry spells but still don’t crave male bunghole. I’m sure I could stick to jerking off for quite a while, lol.

          1. She’ll probably want you ringing it more than once before she even considers letting you in.

            If I was you @BB I’d just do a quick jizz on the doorbell and fuck off.

  2. He was raped and has his ass stitched and then taken back in the general population! Who the hell no matter how gay he is to have a stiff hard-on on a rotten, infected, bleeding, and stitched ass like this one! Anyway they are fucking incarcerated Brazilians, and who gives it shit!

  3. This post makes me so happy. I wish that this could happen to all the child rapists and rapists in general. You get what you deserve and he def got that. Altho this wont bring back the little boy i bet his mother will be glad to know that her sons rapist and killer will get punished for his crime not just go to prison but really getting punished there.

    1. I see but definitely one thing is true: any molestor who feels bad and turns themselves in probably won’t , so that’ll leave more repeat offenders out there. Not saying he don’t deserve it but the ripple effect of vigilante justice will keep more monsters hiding among us, if they ever considered trying to change their ways.

  4. Uncanny. Here in NZ a chap who has been locked up 20 years for killing the father of the little boy he was fiddling did a runner while on temporary release. That was a week ago. Today he was picked up in Rio and will have to spend a few months in one of their jails awaiting deportation proceedings. Good luck Bitch!

    1. ***From some comments it seems you?re gay and want his ass too but cover it with the fact that he comitted a crime and so it would be ?justice? (the law of the jungle). Strange

      …would you like to disclose additional information regarding your observations “Jungle Jim?”

    1. ***If this guy is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and couldn?t protect himself from being brutally raped, then imagine how horrible something like this must be for children, elderly and impaired people.

      …I imagine this poor bastard is starting to understand this by now 42ridick

  5. He should be tied up at the end of the meal line and his ass is the dessert. Doing what he did to an innocent child he deserves everything he gets and then some. There is no place in any society for this piece of shit. I have no sympathy for those kind of people that prey on children.

  6. Prison justice at its best. That’s what you get when you fuck your young son.
    He lucky to be alive after that. It will be a miracle if he survives to go to trial and will be the same after that too. He will live the humiliating life of the prison bitch for the rest of his worthless life. Just another play toy for the big house!
    Lol! Don’t drop the soap! Really don’t matter you’ll get it anyways!
    It’s that or death! Lol!

  7. …Lol! Don?t drop the soap! Really don?t matter you?ll get it anyways!
    It?s that or death! Lol!

    Yeah, I hope this unfortunate incident, has turned this bastard “pro-life” bigstickemUP…

    …because I just purchased 1200 shares of isopropyl rubbing alcohol

  8. Seems like poetic justice,This guy starts out preying on children,most of which, likely rode on a bus to school and NOW he IS the bus being rode around hard and then put away wet (and bloody).

    Ride on boys!!!

  9. For me, this is is one of the best stories posted on BG.
    Sweet justice. Well done Brazilian prisoners, some of you da silvas are clearly all right.
    Oh and I Hope all those white bandages were used to wipe shit from toilets before application.

  10. Well I finally made an account just to try an get answer like another guy asked an that’s how you even get hard to rape someone ? They gay or just that pussy deprived I think I’d rather masturbate than rape another grown man

    1. Generally called ‘Diaper Boys’ as their sphincter has been violated so many times it becomes ineffective. Gay assed prosties get it..

      This POS is going to last less than a week in with the general prison population

  11. That’s what I expect from Flip-flopistan. However, I didn’t expect such savage comments from bestgore members. That man’s punishment is determined by the juridical system, who do other people think they are gangraping another inmate? If they were better human beings they wouldn’t be in a prison. I’m pretty sure most of them are parasitic scums who blow their steam off by gangraping another man. Fucking hypocrites, all of them.

      1. And he’s getting his punishment with prison term. Among other rapists, murderers, violent criminals is he really the only one who deserves gangrape? Every convict is staying at the prison doing their time, getting their punishment, no other convict has right to gang up on one man. That act has not honor.

        My point is: Brazil is a chaotic, morally corrupt, piece of shit land. Not even prison guards, whose duty is to preserve order, helped him. Fuck that country.

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