Chinese Student Stripped and Beaten by Bullies

Chinese Student Stripped and Beaten by Bullies

Another video of girls beating down another girl in China. You can really hear the sick glee these young women are getting from their torture of this female student who gets stripped and kicked around.

No info on the justification for this beating other than bullies being bullies…and if any of our female members what to share tales of cat fights they have personally been involved in…well, I am all ears, ladies.

Props to MrsPink.

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  1. I don’t care; underage, female whatever. If that was my daughter I would kidnap everyone of these cunts and anally rape each one of them. One by one and then use they’re skulls as soup dishes

          1. I’d love to tie each one of the attackers legs spread open and heat up a,spoon and cinge their pussy lips then punch their twats til my arm sunk in their holes up to my elbow….. hahahaha!!!

      1. lol I was thinking the same thing. Im amazed that as disgusting some Chinese individuals may be, they might of ripped off her pubes and put it in her mouth. I always thoght that some women also carry around garden tools.

    1. I want to beat those bitches myself. Poor girl will have low self esteem for such a long time. I have had to fight a group.I done pretty well but it made me feel so worthless afterwards and it just isnt fucking fair. I kept my clothes on but I kicked so hard I kickef out of the boots I was wearing. I would have helped this girl against those cowards if I would have been there .

        1. @trainwreck you have no idea theass kicking Id give them bitches. Once I spanked somebody elses kid for killing frogs after I told him to stop. I grabbed him so quick and had him bent over my knee whooping his ass like his mama should have. That little brat.

          1. I agree wholeheartedly. My son has respect for humans and animals. He gets up on the bus so the elderly and handicapped can sit down. He started doing this at 7 he’s ten now. But I’ve always treated him with respect. I am proud to say I’ve done a kick ass job as a single parent but must admit he makes it easy

    2. Hahahaha. Holy shit! Yeah I would’ve definitely stepped in. I’m certainly no match for a bunch of cunt bullies. Believe that. It’s just stopping myself from going overboard that’d be as problem. I’m no match for Chinese prison. I’d be soooooooooo screwwwwwwed!

    3. I understand your frustration, but that would only make things worse for you and your daughter. I think instead they should all be forced to shave their heads & wear button up flannel shirts, plus have their makeup and phones taken away for a year. I honestly think that would bother them more than the anal rape. Bitches.

    4. this is fucking descusting , they should be publically fucking flogged for that , cold vile bastards , iff this was my daughter i would go to the end of the fucking earth , id make it my fucking lifes mission to kill every girl in this video

    5. Hell yea, little fucking wastes deserve to be ass raped with a butcher knife. If I got attacked like this, it would become my mission to individually stalk, terrify, and finally torture and murder each of these bitches. I’m a redhead. I was born with a temper. And I believe in getting even. Fuck with me.

  2. *sigh*

    Another thing I can’t stand seeing. I loathe bullies with a passion. Even if she did do something to ‘deserve’ this treatment at least make it 1 on 1. All of those bitches ganging up on one girl is cowardly.

          1. I’ve never been bullied but I have always hated when people pick on another person or isolate them. It infuriates me. My mom is the same way so I think I get it from her lol.

  3. When I was in 1st grade I was assigned a seat on the bus with this miserable chinese kid. His parents owned/rented the chinese food wok in the strip mall down the street next to the handy pantry. He was a miserable little dictator abd kept screaming at me to not look at him and to look out the window of the bus only. A real Kim jung un mother fucker. I was young and had mommy issues already so i took his abuse. He took all the gourmet jelly beans out of my easter project and I cried and he laughed with a full mouth of jelly beans and saliva dripping (and this is a 5 or 6 year old ) so imagine how they are when getting older. Knowing what I know today? Id go back in time and bury that kid alive in the woods. theyd never find him. Damn i need to see a therapist bad!

    1. @tomsfreshmeat, That chinese kid sounded horrible.Its not easy to forget little mother fuckers like that. Maybe one day you will run into him again one day and you can bust his ass! You would feel so much better. I know I would.

      1. The e was inadvertent. In trying to type on my phone it was added when spell check made the word plural. I was too lazy to add a correction article but alas, here I am debating semantics of spelling an inconsequential word to you. Thanks, you lovable asshole. πŸ˜‰

          1. So I wonder what the unforeseen consequences of my “potatoe” catastrophe may be? All I know is f Hilary Clinton gets elected, don’t look at me.

          2. @amnyc I’d also like to point out, technically Ross Perot cost Bush Sr the 2nd election. That little militant peckerhead basically handed it to Clinton. In my personal opinion though, all of them can suck a big donkey dick (preferably rainbow colored). πŸ™‚

      1. This up-and-coming generation don’t even realise that adult women have pubic hair! No joke, young girls shave their pubes at the same time they start shaving their legs. I’m all for leaving a landing strip.

        1. Honestly, hairy or shaved, I don’t much care, I love all pussy. Except smelly pussy.

          You know when you don’t have the heart to tell a woman that her pussy stinks so you kiss her on the lips to give her the hint but she’s immune to the taste?

          I fuckin hate it when that happens…

          1. That’s a fucking classic move. I had a bitch who kept insisting I go down and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her pussy smelled like an anchovies cunt, so I lied and said I didn’t like to give oral. She was a good fuck but the backseat of my car smelled like a bloaters axe wound.

          2. @Jack, extremely funny Western Australian comedian, singer/songwriter, very rude and politically incorrect. He’s from the 80’s, sort of like Rodney Rude but er, ruder! Here’s a line from one of his songs – singing in a little girls voice “Santa Clause ya cunt, where’s me fucken bike. I’ve unwrapped all this other shit, there’s nothing that I like!” You promised me you’d bring me one, you remember who I am. I’m that little girl you made, sit right on your hand”.

          3. @Jack, I really hope you do, another of his songs ‘Livin’ Next Door to Abbo’s’, sung to the tune of Living Next Door to Alice. Also Super Mega Fugly ~ “When she puts on her lipstick, it keeps backing down the tube, I’ve woke screaming, dreaming, that I’ve seen her in the nude.

          1. HA! I’ve never looked at it like that but it makes sense to me πŸ™‚ On an somewhat related note, I used to work with a hardcore lesbian who would come to work with what looked like rug burn all around her mouth. I was pretty naive back then until someone pointed out it was from muff diving . That may have been the only person I’ve met who liked going down on chicks more than myself.

          1. Lol @ewestomper…
            Really, a girl should smell good, but, no exaggeration @bentendo: strawberry? Really? I smell really good, myself, but strawberry…Bring back that doll you stole πŸ˜€
            Just kiddin’
            No, I must be the only one who would rather give than receive, then…okay, that and the rest, makes me even weirder than I was already πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve seen girls tearing at each other’s clothes to mess them up or on accident during the battle, but never just to purposely humiliate by undressing them. They don’t want her to fight back or be able to defend herself at all, it’s just a mind game to them. Torturous bitches!

    1. Not to sound like “that guy” but a lot of girls are vindictive bitches, especially when they get in a group and develop a mob mentality like these “ladies”. It’s not always the case but I have been around to witness some cruel, fucked up cunts.

  5. Can anyone imagine what it would be like for a young girl to know that a video of her naked from the waist down was plastered all over the internet? The shame that girl must feel, this is the sort of thing a young girl would kill herself over. That shit will be coming back to haunt her for years, It can’t be over estimated the psychological damage this could do to this young girl. How fucking dare they, they’re girls, they know how devastating it would be, throw the fucking book at them, they’ve done lasting damage to that girl.

    1. @mama, there’s a movie called Unfriended coming out soon (maybe already out) a drunken girl flashes her fanny, someone puts it on the internet, she kills herself, then she comes back as a ghost infecting the computers of everyone who called her a slut and bullied her about being nude/drunk online. Looks corny but somewhat how this young lady must be feeling?

  6. Perhaps those fat bitches are jealous of that fine figure the poor girl has. Or perhaps those bitches belong to some kind of gothic group or something like that – they all wear those black tights..

  7. Sorry but this video is FAKE.
    Not a real bullying. Just a clip from a University of Beijing film student. I can’t remember the name but in the movie (it was a short film I saw while getting a hj in a karaoke bar). In the movie the victim goes home and then kills herself, but not before putting a curse on the bullies. A grudge so to speak. They each receive phone calls telling them they are about to die, but not before getting a video tape in the mail which shows the victim crawling out of a well. For some reason there is a little ghost boy in the movie too.
    Idk…wish I could remember the name.

  8. Nice. Share a story….I was picked on by a group of bully bitches in junior high, daily for about a month. Of course the leader was a huge tall and fat bitch named Paula who had been held back AT LEAST two grades. I, however was a little, shrimpy, 87 pounds. I finally got tired of it and carried a brick in my school bag one day. I waited till after school and followed that big bitch until she was just off of school property. I called her name and she turned around. As she did I swung the bag and broke her nose. I swear she bled like a stuck fuckin pig. Head wounds always seem to bleed more, or at least it looks like it. Needless to say, they never bothered me after that. If there is a group, you pick the biggest one/ leader and take the bitch out.

  9. Nobody picks up a stick, pipe, rock, chain, flings dust into the eyes, or removes the belt and proceeds to whip the shit out of anyone close enough to get hit, any more! That’s the best cure for bullies I have found. You can fend off quite a few that way and really test the neigh indestructible eye theory with the right buckle. πŸ˜›

  10. My father taught me when confronted by a group break the first two fucker noses to beack the rest up for a second which is all you need to go on the offensive its worked like a charm so far.

  11. I got into a fight one time drunk at a fire. There were about 30 people there. A slutty friend of mine fucked a guy at a party the night before, and then that night I got into a friends car, the guy she fucked approaches and talks to a girl I didn’t know in the same car as me. I gave her a heads up and told her that he just fucked this slut the night before, and then she let me know that was her boyfriend. Whoops! The girl then proceeded to hide in someone’s else’s car after she tried to accuse ME of fucking the guy as well. I beat that fat girls ass. Consider that I was a hardcore anorexic but I worked out a lot, I at the time was 110 pounds 5’6; she was 5’4ish 160 pounds. Beat her up so bad her friends came for me so I called a ride and bounced !

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