Construction Worker Gets His Foreskin Nailed to Plank of Wood with Nail Gun

Construction Worker Gets His Foreskin Nailed to Plank of Wood with Nail Gun

A group of joiners and scaffolders decided to have some fun while working on a construction site and used a nailgun to nail one of them’s foreskin to a plank of wood.

I’m not sure if this was some form of a bet, or they just did for the sole sake of entertaining themselves on the job, but whatever keeps your boat afloat, I guess…

At least his parents did not mutilate him at birth to mark him as a useful idiot for Satan worshipers.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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156 thoughts on “Construction Worker Gets His Foreskin Nailed to Plank of Wood with Nail Gun”

      1. @bloodygoodgore– You must be fairly new to the site if you are asking why this is on BestGore. There is an abundance of genital mutilation on the site. This is a reality website after all. Mark is vehemently opposed to circumcision so it is extensively covered as well as the numerous posts of idiots like this guy mutilating themselves (even a couple of doozies wherein the idiots actually completely sever their own penises!). I agree with Mark regarding circumcision, and in fact, it was this site that formed my opposition. Being female, in the past, I did not give it much thought, but today, I believe it is mutilation and unnecessary. Back on topic, there are also numerous videos of genital mutilation resulting from motorcycle wrecks, bombs, being run over, and even jealous, idiotic bimbos performing at home gender reassignment surgeries! Anyway, since like 95% of the older content is unavailable (not sure why, but it is), you probably will be unable to view those gems, but maybe one day the past will be resurrected.

        1. @gaboonviper529 or @gaboonviper

          Well, shit both I guess that was a really good response you had, personally, I do have my own personal preferences of gore that I can handle there some content on here for which I do not really care for but hypothetically, and in theory, and in practice there are worse things in life than this and for some of us we kind of gotten used to it, now here and there I don’t mind being real away from being fake since this is kind of an alter ego on my end or a tool to desensitize myself but I want to know what do people prefer to circumcise their kids I understand there is a weird religious view of it which I never truly understood just thought it was a weird and kind of ducked up practice that gets forced upon them irrationally or rationally so which if a rational reason which seems worse but do you mind elaborating on such if you want to oblige not saying you need to by the way.

        2. I always told my gf that I had the penis of a god. (If God made man in his image, circumcision would destroy that image, leaving the uncut with penisis like a god).

          It’s stupid. Either way, I’m glad my dad said the following to the nurse: “Nobody is cutting my son’s dick!”

  1. Oy vey, that’s one of the many reasons why you should support circumcision (a.k.a genital mutilation) of babies, especially White ones! Allowing the doctor to mutilate your infant son’s penis will assure that he stays kosher just like us joos, has extremely sensitive genitals that will compromise his sex life, and won’t get his foreskin nailed anywhere since he won’t even have a foreskin to begin with! Plus the fact that his foreskin will be sold for humanitarian causes, like ending up in an anti-aging SkinMedica facial cream used by the lovely Oprah Winfrey.

    Trust me, I know what I’m talking about and I know what’s best for you. I already performed 6 million circumcisions.

    – Dr. Shlomo Foreskinberg

    1. Is it bad that I read that out in my head, using a German/Swiss/Israeli (ah, fuck.. You know the one I’m on about) type accent.?
      Cos’ to me, it just sounds better that way.!
      Yah. Choo no vatt hi-am szaying… Yeass.?
      Or.. It could be that I’m just all different shades of fucked up in the head.!

  2. Didn’t bother with watching this video, just waiting for the next murder video.

    Which is probably bad to say,
    But that’s okay,

    These men can have fun,
    Nail away,

    But that is all I’ll say,
    For I don’t want to create a giant ass,

    Poem for today.

    1. To keep it short and sweet, this man just bored his meat,
      Nothing more to see,
      Four skinny bored guys, a board and foreskin, it’s neat,

      You should probably give it a watch, switch gears for a second,
      The sure thing is deaths happen damn near every second,
      It’ll be but a moment before we see a slit throat or brutal wreckage,
      Before that, I wanna see this fool chug a deuce deuce through his rectum

      1. @voicesofavillain

        Interesting as you say,
        For one such as me to say,
        This fun little game we play,
        I think I’ll pass on this one,
        For today there is nothing to gain.

        For I don’t want to bear witness,
        Some guy’s interest,
        To nail himself away,
        To a board that is even if am bored,
        But I did enjoy your comment,
        As witty as always,
        A deuce in the rectum,
        Shit no thanks haha.

        (That was a good one near the end of your poem keep it up Villain brings some fun to my boredom)

    1. Most girls I know have never even seen an uncircumcised dick in person. My only uncircumcised friend that I know of confided in another that he was deeply embarassed by it. Most American women expect/prefer circumcised men; I have zero regrets.

  3. I worked construction for a little bit. Quit within a week. Now I understand why. Always follow the intuition. They’re sadomasochistic queers with a ridiculous time on their hands.

    Queerdom originated from upper class aristocracy, where the affluent, who are heavily involved in sadistic ritualism with a distorted amount of time and resources (capital) made them turn to faggotry and other grotesque debaucheries, then proceeded to disperse throughout bourgeois society and even managed to dab the crumb eaters below. These clandestine practices have been obscured from prying eyes for many ages. Whether deemed as taboo, these practices are still implemented today in close circles.

  4. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “As hard as nails…”

    Just a theory; perhaps he actually already has a ‘Prince Albert’ (Penis piercing) and the nail was put through the piercing hole?

  5. Gadzooks, how did this wally explain his actions to the foreman? (FOREman, geddit???)
    There is no way on God’s green Earth that this guy was going to go home at 5pm like a normal person.

    I hope it was really painful for him.

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