Dashboard Video of Girl Being Assaulted by Guy on Tram in Belgrade, Serbia

Dashboard Video of Girl Being Assaulted by Guy on Tram in Belgrade, Serbia

Dashboard Video of Girl Being Assaulted by Guy on Tram in Belgrade, Serbia

As Zionist overtakers of Serbia continue their push for pussification of the country with anti-male laws and female privilege propaganda, a video surfaced playing into their cards so it’s being heavily used to trample the place even deeper into shit.

The Belgrade tram dashboard video appears to show a guy dressed up like a total fag assaulting a girl sitting in the chair. There’s little context, but the follow up news suggest that the faggy guy is a total loser who would definitely deserve a boot up his ass.

Some time later after the assault, the Serbian police received a call from a bakery on the Zrenjanin road, that an assailant armed with a knife had stepped behind the counter, cut off two pieces of burek (not sure exactly what that is), put it into a bag and took off without paying.

The patrol tracked the assailant down and apprehended him not far from the bakery, only to find out later that he was the same guy who attacked the girl in the tram.

On the topic, Best Gore member @srbijabgd notes:

Media goes crazy about this as we are being battered with anti male campaigns and pro female laws that traitor government is forcing upon us here in Serbia.

And while women are being pedestaled, police don’t respond to calls of actual crime, like theft that they don’t deem large enough.

Pick-pocketing by out of control Gypsies is tolerated. Police are not allowed to do punish gypsies when they catch them stealing. Gypsy minors, who perpetrate crimes on daily basis, are released on the spot.

We already have laws that give everything to females and nothing to males, so this incident only opens the door for more brutal anti male campaigns and propaganda.

In the old days, before the Zionist occupation (pre 2001), people would stand up and beat this scum on the spot. If no one else, the driver would club him and kick him out. But nowadays, nobody is safe from persecution. You are not allowed to stand your ground if someone attacks you.

Thanks a lot for the video and insider thoughts on the situation, @srbijabgd:

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175 thoughts on “Dashboard Video of Girl Being Assaulted by Guy on Tram in Belgrade, Serbia”

    1. GONE,,, And Like the Wind. And All because They Had “Every Single One Of Them” Already Fucked Her Loose Hole. Some Once,,, Twwwice,,, Three times,,,, No Lady!
      So Cum-On Boys & Girls,,, Take A Carousel Ride On A Tramp-Tram For Free. 😉

        1. @Trevor and @Rena

          She Did Look Like A Cute Little Skank, didn’t she??? I’d Hit That If Back In My Twenties. Cause Now, and For Many Years since in my 50’s ,,, They Just All Remind My Of My Nieces.
          I Wonder if the loser at least got the Sweet Smell of Young Pussy on his fingers, as Jerk-Off material, for later, lol, ???
          But No, instead The Retard/Loser goes to A Deli And Steals/Cutting-Off a piece of Bosnian Smoked Sausage to stick-up his ass And Compliment His Sticky-Fingers,,, but Gets Busted For It instead, lol. What A Triple Fucking Loser, ha, ha! 😉 Teach-Him To Molest/Assault Young Girls Fucking Creepy Fucker!

          1. I guess your “solution” to this “problem” would be to intensify our rotten brand of feminism in their country?

            The incident in the video is nothing more than what females are naturally equipped to go through, the little price they pay for looking pretty. Just like males cannot grow up without being bullied and brawled with. It is nothing but a stage in life… and really they wouldn’t mind. Just watch the reaction of the other females, a combination of envy and disgust, after all she’s the prettiest in the carriage and they don’t want to appear to be trying to invade her turf and take the attention away from her. Assuming the man is a stranger to her, Believe it or not, naturally, this female after this experience would have even more fantasies about him. And don’t take it from me. I’m telling you a raw natural female opinion (untouched by feminist doctrines).

            However, by law, if this is a crime, then it should be dealt with as one criminal incident rather than a cry to “change the system” which will inevitably be worse for both men and women in their country.

            I had a Serbian squeeze for over a year. She lives in Belgrade now and we still talk about these “little things” once a while. She’s never been a feminist, and now that she knows what the movement is about, she’s a seasoned anti-feminist just like the rest of her friends there. The sweetest kind of female packages already out of stock in the US. I say again, they don’t mind until someone comes along and tells them how HORRIBLE it is for a man to lose control on their attractiveness and female aura, then they start feeling victimized.

            These overly evolved women (AKA Feminist) here took femalehood from its natural context and turned it into a political block worshiped by useful idiots and controlled by butch dykes. They’re the ones who teach everyone how they should feel when something like this happens to a woman. Just like OP suggests, they’re likely to use this one incident which we don’t know whether staged or real, to push for “reforms”. @hopingfornemesis Don’t get soft and buy into the BS. Don’t be one of those who confuse a woman’s moaning with an “expression of pain”. YOU fankly should REFUSE to be indoctrinated / castrated by feminists.

            Luckily Serbia is not yet a full EU member, so they can do their own thing their own way. For now

          2. Not at all. My take has nothing to do with feminism. My comment was on the forced Sorocisation,natoisation and globalisation of Serbia causing apathy and a breakdown of law and order. Also my response to skeletor was tongue -in-cheek ,I was going along with his Joke.

            This was a crime,the guy was not cool and I would think you would be HARD-PRESSED to find a woman to want THIS guy rubbing his cock against her.He is a pervert creep.

          3. @hopingfornemesis
            You never know!!! many things happening in this world these days are either staged or fabricated, for an outcome as desired by the schemers.
            They report sex trafficking in Asia.
            They report Assad is using chemical weapons on his people, and they show you video evidence.
            They report that rape used as a weapon of war in Africa.
            They report child marriages are going up in the Philippines
            They report sex crimes are on the rise in the US, etc…

            Anything that makes it to mainstream media, I either find it funny or view with extreme skepticism. Don’t be surprised if you see these 2 again somewhere together having fun OR dead. They have served their purpose

          4. I agree wholeheartedly with the gist of your response.

            I would bet money on Assad not using chemical weapons ever. I read the reports from disinterested parties. It also does not make sense given i read a lot of geopolitics/war/history blogs too. No way. That is all made -up crap by zionatoamerikkiya.

            I also agree with you about this girl laughing off this cockrubber. I even mentioned it somehere in this post or somewhere else ,about Euro women being more hard boiled and seasoned to pest/perverts.

            I also know many women are scheming and can get up to tricks. It is the nature of the beast.

            We agree on most things friend. We are cool.

          5. Thanks @hopingfornemesis

            I like the way countries like Egypt handle this madness. But it’s still us who will criticize them and try to make them become as stupid as us, on these issues.

            That feminist idiot brainwashed by the west tried to make a woman being cat-called to become a national emergency when the country has other serious problems and real public safety issues. She was jailed for stupidity. Perhaps we need to learn something from Egypt.

            Mind you the news article is recreated by feminist standards for a western audience to feel sympathy for the idiot

        1. B.M.W.s, or Beamers as many call them have always attracted Fagottery, and sexual deviants in general. So For Me This, well known German Sports Car Comes to mind, Seeing Many Rich Little Puffers over the years in the Drivers seat, & they go right alongside the Preppies. Especially in The Mid 80,s when Pop/Rock Bands many members were back then, and still are today Closet Bisexuals.

      1. I really don’t see what that has to do with my comment about living in the Twilight Zone. The (lack of) reaction of those people isn’t limited to just one place. It’s becoming a worldwide problem with people. The lack of empathy for others in general.

          1. Haha you’re right, especially about the latter. I have seen so many incidents where no hero was necessary, but one was definitely going to step up and “save the day!”

        1. Lmao!
          “…the touch of a Mans Penis against their breast…”
          I couldn’t stop laughing at that for a good couple minutes. I instantly had a visual: one of the old women pulls her titty out, and that guy just walks over and tickles her nip with the head of his dirty meat whistle like it’s the thing to do! Hahaha

  1. What kind of a whipped populace just sits there and watches this shit? Those three biddies sitting feet away could have gotten up and purse-smacked and kicked that POS to the ground, as well as the people in the other car who watched and did nothing, absolutely disgusting

    High Speed Trans-Cortical Lead Injection Therapy IS the answer

    1. Bubba, come on, those are three Balkan Babes that can recognize a nonfunctional retard when they see one. They all have one at home. On the side? That’s where guys like Srbijabdg “enter the fray” or “come to save the day” or shit like that, 🙂 .

  2. It all begins with outside forces controlled by you-know-who undermining a country’s sovereignty with shill leaders who will transform the country in a puppet state.

    There’s also the jew owned global mainstream media who will follow the zion script to the letter by omission of facts, alteration of facts and straight out lies and censorship. The rest of the global media, the non journalistic part (as if we can really call these mainstream “journalists” true journalists), is filled with all sorts of degenerate shows that also follow the zion script to the letter by brainwashed people with propaganda of consumerism, bad music, bad culture, vain people, interracial relations, undermining of the family, anti-White, anti-male and especially anti-White male propaganda, plastic implants and all kinds of other useless surgeries and cosmetic procedures, homosexual and transgender propaganda, Islam propaganda and the list goes on and on.

    Meanwhile, they make sure the education system from kindergarten until university is also filled with Cultural Marxist indoctrination and other Postmodernist crap. I could go on and on, but these practices lay the foundations for a brainwashed and submissive nation of sheep, of cattle,of goyim. Thus, the puppet leaders mentioned above can pass without consequences more and more stupid laws and policies that will send the country further down the drain. The police, of course, is nothing but a tool of the State and is obliged to follow. Countries like England, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain and now apparently Serbia too by what I just learned with this post, are all police states bound to serve the globalist agenda and uncaring about the innocent native population of their countries. You know, the one they’re supposed to always defend.

    1. Noted all the renewed interest of Uncle Sam in Serbia,Albania and FakeMacedonia of late?

      Every week some bemedalled fuck is over there talking up referenda and joining Nato. FakeMacedonia just resoundingly turned down AmericanNato plans for it but Nato and the US have vowed to push on …forcing FakeMacedonia to toe the zionistnatoAmerrikiyan line…nothing like American style Democracy and the American Way to get your nation moving in the “Right ” direction.

    1. Fuck-Man,,, Mark was So Right about those Fucking Useless Fucking Garbage Gypsy’s man.
      Those Fuckers really are spreading like wildfire, and invading Europe by the Millions for fuck-sakes. Even at the Airports in Europe, i saw Tons of those scumbags just begging by day, and sleeping in these beautiful, and clean, air conditioned airport benches with their dirty junk all around them.

      And i found it strange that security especially in Frankfurt Germany would walk right past them and let them sleep, *And This Was During The Day* when The Airport was Jammed-Packed With people needing to sit. But Nope,,, these Dirty bastards were stretched-out on most of the benches while people stood, saying fuck-all to them Filthy Loud-Snoring-Scum.

      1. The last time I was in Frankfurt International was 2005. It was the ALDI of airports, highly functional (get ticket and pass inspection to board, Sehr Number 1029) and no fucking frills whatsoever. Goddam tan-grey drapes, water bottles and six fucking Spiegel magazines. I’m not too sure it’s changed for the worse!

        1. It must’ve been upgraded since your last visit cause even though it was my first time there, i found it quite nice clean, and huge man. Except for the gypsy’s and also many Young Jews with those fagot looking long curls, along with that stupid Rubic’s Cube looking thing on their Fucken Foreheads. What the fuck is that square block that a lot of the younger ones wear on their foreheads @CasualObserver do you know ??? 😉

          1. This phony dice setup is called a Tefillin, and it’s worn by Orthodox Jews according to their extra-fucked up lunar calendar.

            These cubes can be very expensive, and why not, there’s a big weekly competition between the Jews and it’s not college football.

            Supposedly there are special teachings inside, but I think they hide their crib notes for Saturday at the synagogue because they spend too much time making money and they want to score points with the Rabbi.

          2. @Rippchen&Kraut
            Can’t Say That I Blame You Brother, And Not Even One Tiny, Itsy-Bitsy Bit Brother!
            Cause You Know How I Personally Feel About Baby-Foreskin-Snortin-Jew-Fucks 🙁

      1. That Mark Guy,,, What A Nice, & Cool Dude he is.
        And Your Welcome Brother @SrbijaBgd as i am just happy to see You, Again, and the fact that You’ve started sending-in some Content again, is just A Bonus, as i, and many others i’m sure have also missed all the cool stuff, that you used to send-in on a regular basis. But, i also know that we all lead busy live, and as a result we cannot always afford the time to do so.
        Cheers My Good Man, & Brother! 🙂

  3. That’s their fault for not being “allowed” to “ask permission” to be armed with a weapon of any variety, namely a firearm, namely a pistol.

    Also. They’re just cucked out at this point. I live in America, namely Texas. Namely we’re just gonna do what we fucking want anyway and keep armed but we’re not going to let you cum in our faces without written expressed consent.

          1. Nah. Just a Euro woman capable of brushing off the filth of manhood there. Euro women are a lot more hardboiled than our women ,not such prudes. She is disgusted with the dude but will survive. Over here such behaviour would lead to a lifetime of manhating and psych counselling.
            I am not supporting his behaviour ,just saying how things are . She will go on to have a normal boyfriend and a normal family life and forget this even happened.

  4. We are in age of faggots. That abusive fag in this video need special treatment, i advise all my BG fellas who have been suffering from faggotism, there is cure, go and see a psychiatrist near you, always remember God hates faggots.

        1. All true but even the Leftish parties there are still anti -immigration. It is a policy that is backed by both sides.

          You do know that Israel has beaten up Christian priests in Jerusalem just last week right? The law changed to disenfranchise all but Jews in Israel.

          Soros doesn’t notice that or send his NGO s there. Funny that.

      1. Menachem Begin was a former Israeli Prime Minister.
        Before that he was a member of the terrorist organisation Irgun. They carried out bombings against the British and a whole lot of other crimes.
        He was asked how he felt about, that he was being labeled the father of terrorism in the middle east.
        He replied:”In the middle east? In the whole world!”
        I’m just starting to read a lot on this topic so I’m no expert but its safe to say Israel is literally founded on terrorism.

  5. The irony that these man hating feminists can’t see, is that this proves that the only thing that can protect a woman from a man, is another man. Those women on the bus did fuck all, not that they could have stopped him anyway. Sisterhood didn’t work out so well did it? But yeah, blame all men for the actions of a few scum bags.

    1. Well, it’s really all the Muslim or Christian fundamentalist men & related male entities who are true scumbags. Especially the Muslim radicals that are being freely allowed to overrun Europe & molest/rape/harass the native populace.

  6. Where are the female freedom fighters when you need them.. Oh right they cowardly protest in the streets and fake media platforms but when shit is about to get real they are the first ones to back down and mind their own business.

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