Disgusting Sleaze Begins Touching Little Girl in Grocery Store Isle

Disgusting Sleaze Begins Touching Little Girl in Grocery Store Isle

In an isle of a hypermarket in the North Zone of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, a CCTV camera caught a pedophile inappropriately touching a five year old girl. Wherever the girl’s parents were…

The establishment’s security guards restrained the pedophile and provided the footage from the camera to the police.

The man is 62 years old. According to the police, he has no criminal record.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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155 thoughts on “Disgusting Sleaze Begins Touching Little Girl in Grocery Store Isle”

      1. This guy will hopefully get serious torture sessions inside a Brazilian prison, I would personally set the fucking dirty old cunt on fire, not enough to kill him just so he has to live the rest of his days in excruciating pain while getting butt fucked by a gang of flip flop wearing da Silva’s on a daily basis, a prison castration should also be ordered preferably with the bluntest knife available! Oh his fingers would have to go too because of the finger sniffing incident after ruining this kids life!

          1. That’s the British justice system mate , steal a packet of biscuits from Sainsbury’s and you’ll see daylight in 6 months … smash the life out of a young mum with your car because you were sending a Snapchat ? 6 points , a £200 fine, and a stern telling off from a pervert judge , my only regret is that I can’t afford to leave this fucking corrupt shithole

      1. Really @lordhumungous, you really believe that ? I don’t think folks that lived in the times that the bible, quran or such were written had quite the grip on how old people were. Do you really believe that Moses lived to be over 800 years old, or Mohammed wife was 6?
        These peoples concept of time is pretty fucked up imo.

    1. ” Whoohoohowhoo ”
      I just hope you react the same way when your future son gets Touched up upon a 15years or older female than.
      Otherwise shut the fuck up.
      Or eat your bullet to the brain.
      If you think you penis is not In style.

      1. Wtf are you talking about,that would be awesome if my fifteen year old son got hit on by an older woman,thats free pussy. Like seriously what in the fuck are you talking about you little fucking pussy,what planet are you from. What a little bitch gawd damn what a little bitch.

  1. I’ve always been attracted to younger girls. Usually about 10 years younger than myself. When I was 56 I married a 46 year old. But way back before then, when I was 33, I dated a 23 year old. Good times.

    1. the law is different because two thousend years ago there were only this kind of relations if the gir is willing to fuck and until nine like egyptians there was no law if youtrya young girl to try to see if she is willing to have children so the older boys were trying to get the youngest fron 11 when thet were ready to have a child even nine years old, it was a survival thing it was normal nowadays they practice the intercourse only the people who has power and that because presidents and multimillonairs fuck young girls only because they have the power to do that cause of the power thewy have, I only know I I had the power I will restrain these mans to share some

    1. he will be tied up on a mattress and set a blaze. It’s just a matter of time. First they should face peel and jelly him up!!! Or give him a gaping asshole. Can’t wait to see him up here soon.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. She’s very young. Why let her roam the store without any supervision. Look what happ now. Could’ve been worst. Glad the police got him. Watch the video of the rapist they wrapped in the mattress and set it ablaze.

      1. I agree Plaster.

        She pulled away and he pulled her closer as he stooped down just enough to be obscured from others by the middle aisle donut boxes. He was quick and calculated – definitely not an amateur. Therefore, the whole ‘don’t talk to strangers’ bit wouldn’t have helped once a predator finds his prey.
        There is no rehabilitating these kind. Castration wouldn’t amount to much since their twisted thoughts still run rampant. As in this video, their hands/fingers can cause just as much damage and trauma. When there’s a will then there’s a way –
        and these sick perverts will find it.

        The blame is 100% on this man.

  2. there are just as many female pedophiles but they tend to be clever about it and go for jobs such as a teacher. there is a tidal wave of female teachers molesting and raping underage men and i have no doubt there are plenty in primary/kindergarten schools too but they will be so well disguised and trusted that they wont be found out. but the ones from 11/12/13 upwards from that age the number of female teachers preying on them is jaw dropping.
    p.s – i already know that some answers to this comment would be ‘lucky kid’ ‘wish i had those teachers’ etc etc

    1. You’re definitely right that some say “lucky kid” etc. They make it very hard for men to be taken seriously as victims. I’m sure a kid is afraid of being called a fag or something if he doesn’t want the advances of a female.

    1. ” Whoohoohowhoo ”
      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if that old pedo guy,
      Is a ” kingpinb” and he’s actually gets respected in the priso, Lmfao the odds & boy would you negative people feel very dumb.
      But hey, he’s probably not.
      & in saying that the prison folks love abusing the number gang to submit another individual.
      That’s Cowardly, people all over deserve to get Sniped supporting overwhelming numbers.

  3. Sex offenders in general, and pedophiles in particular, should be killed on sight. What good is putting them away? They get out and they are not cured. You do not repair these deviants. Just look at alcoholics and addicts, rarely do they stop doing what they do. It’s innate behavior, it’s in their brain. Nobody can get that out. Meds don’t do shit especially when they won’t comply and take them.

    First offense…BAM!…fucking gone! They should not lurk among us.

  4. That poor little girl, words can not describe the rage I have and only the imagination of The GOD above will bestow apon me HIS vengeance to dispense on those that would harm the innocent children. -951-

  5. Back in italy, we pay police to hand’em over before they take him to jail ! and you all know what we doing to these individuals.! NO MERCY! and we say he got away !!! if you all know what i mean

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