Egyptian Man Sodomized with a Rod at Cairo Police Station

Egyptian Man Sodomized with a Rod at Cairo Police Station

That Egypt is a torture capital of the world is a well known fact. Total, violent and callous disregard for human life is one of the main reasons why the American government sends prisoners they want tortured to Egypt, rather than anywhere else. Egyptians plain and simple have no respect for fellow human beings and nothing makes them happier than seeing another suffer. On top of it all, Egypt is also an Islamic country, which alone explains a lot.

Throughout much of Egypt’s history, the abuse of power has been the name of the game. Enforcers had all the power in the world while general public had none whatsoever. If you were an ordinary citizen who had a misfortune of crossing enforcer’s path, or if an enforcer simply felt like having his way with you, there was nothing to stop him. You had to take what you were served and that was that.

Such was the fate of 21 year old minibus driver by the name of Imad Kabir (several English language spelling variations of his name exist, such as Emad Kabeer, etc.). Imad Kabir was taken to a police station in Cairo’s Bulaq district because he dared to get in their way when they were messing with his cousin. You don’t do that to Egyptian police so to make a point, they took the man to the police station and subjected him to torture by sodomy. They raised his feet up and forced a rod up his rectum. The ordeal was filmed on a cell phone camera by one of the torturers who threatened to it to all Imad Kabir’s co-workers to further shame him.

In a country like Egypt, where tortures are untouchables and victims will always be victims, distribution of such video would present no prospect of backfire for the police. However at that time, the internet started to take off, the video leaked into international channels and countries where torture and abuse of power are not openly tolerated struck back.

This was a major blow to the sense of security Egyptian police felt for centuries. They were always sheltered within their own country, always able to torture anyone with no chance of backfire and then all this starts happening.

Previous to this video (filmed in 2006), Egyptian prosecutors would receive thousands of torture complaints from lawyers and various human rights watch-groups but nothing has ever been done. And then the internet becomes wide spread, a video of some 21 year old bus driver who was arrested on no reasonable charges (something commonly practised in Egypt), tortured, raped and sodomized by the police goes viral and shit starts hitting the fan. WTF, right?

As a result, owing to the international pressure and with hard evidence on hand, two of the tormentors – Islam Nabih and Reda Fathi – were charged with torture but their case dismissed by the judge. But someone did end up going to jail as a result – Imad Kabir, the man subjected to sodomy with a stick himself was jailed for three months on charges of “resisting authority”. Instead of punishing the torturers, the judge used the video as evidence of victim’s crime.

As an “old gore classic” for today, the video which shook the Egyptian police’s sense of impunity is below:

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    1. The guy was screaming as if he was experiencing Hades rage… Basically, he took it like a champ. Oh, how that must of hurt. No lubricant, either. Just a metal rod getting shoved up as far as it can go. What homos….

  1. That scream sounded fake. like a teenage girls scream when they are pretending to be scared. i wonder what he did to provoke them to do that. the way it sounds, he probably didn’t have to do much. were they forcing it in there or moving in and out? i couldn’t tell. i thought they were probably trying to bust his b hole or something

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  3. well, to be historically accurate, the method of correcting delincuents and political opponents by introducing a rod or batoon in their rectum was pioneered by fascist blackshirts in the twenties. At that time in italy it was tought that someone who had endured such a shamefully degrading punishment in public would not dare to even think on commiting a crime, opposing the regime or show his face in public again………but times have changed, now some people do it for sport

  4. You think he could file a lawsuit? Or this that allowed in that country. Man that sucks and you get it videotaped and people hear you scream like a little girl thats more emabarassing. Word the one thats actually shoving the rod is a fag.

  5. See, if he had just relaxed and tried to enjoy it, it could have been the best experience of his life. It always ends up being bad when you clench up. Hope remembers that for the next time. He’ll be looking for ways to be “tortured”. lol.

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