Korean Man Cuts Off His Testicles In Front of People at Train Station

Korean Man Cuts Off His Testicles In Front of People at Train Station

Commuters waiting for a train at the Dongdaegu Station in Daegu, South Korea had a shock of their lifetime after a man in his 30’s pulled down his pants and cut off his own testicles in front of everyone.

From what I could gather, the man was mentally unstable and was homeless. He expressed pity over who he was and said he had horrible childhood. He began yelling and called himself a loser and a failure at life. Eventually, he concluded that it would be better if he made sure that someone like him could never bring another “failure at life” like himself into the world and proceeded to pull out a knife, drop his pants and amputate his own testicles right there in the middle of the station.

Everyone was in too much shock over what they’d just witnessed so I don’t have any photos of the man cutting off his balls, but there are some pretty graphic aftermath pics showing his severed balls bathing in blood on the train station’s floor. Police later identified the victim as 32 year old Mr. Kim.

Props to Best Gore member seoultrain for the pics. BTW, Best Gore is banned in South Korea. This happened just yesterday:

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64 thoughts on “Korean Man Cuts Off His Testicles In Front of People at Train Station”

  1. He had balls, I will give him that.

    Can anyone explain why Best gore is banned in South Korea because I don’t know much about the country but it doesn’t seem to be that strict in the personal choice department.

      1. @fornothing- well look on the brighter side. At least your here. My condolences on the free-porn ban though. I can’t imagine life without being able to watch swinger-sex and awesome 3/4-somes for free. If my USA ever banned it- I’d have to move.. 馃檨

        1. @Juicy Dx if best gore gets banned I will have nothing else to watch in a daily basis I spend more time here than on Facebook -.- *1 year off Facebook* I don’t want to go back and watch *rottendotcom >.> nothing changes there and the stupid pictures are old as fuck .. If best gore gets banned in the U.S I will seriously bust a nut ..!!! -.-

    1. China is much more openminded and hasn’t banned Best Gore even though there are posts about Tibetan monks self immolating, Tiananmen Square standoff, tankman and other such events on here. Fuck South Korea!

      Best Gore was also the first to point out the involvement of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in war on Libya and current war on Syria and for that it’s also banned in the Arabic countries.

    2. It is quite odd isn’t it. China hasn’t banned it but South Korea has, maybe if Best Gore gets even more popular it might start getting banned everywhere.

      Banning however can be a double edged sword in that often at times people only start to take notice of things once they have been banned, you might find yourself a cult hero one day, you might find yourself jailed and then released twenty years later, a bit of a white man’s Mandela if you will.

      @fornothing, sorry to hear about the ban on free porn, life can be too cruel sometimes.

    3. WTF!?!?!?!?

      another Korean here…lol

      I’m living in the city of Daegu
      near the dongdaegu station.
      and wow..I didn’t know that happened in that station near my house OMG lol..it’s near my home!!!

      I’ve never seen that before…wow…..jesus urghh lol

      uhmmm…. I can access here now
      馃槢 I don’t know why. guess… unbanned now?

    4. It must have gotten un-banned since I’m writing from South Korea right now. Plenty of other stuff is still banned here though. They even blur out cigarettes on some mainstream tv channels.

  2. If the dude running around without balls thinks his life will be better off now that he has none, boy is he in for a rude awakening. Now that he has no balls, he will find himself challenged by even the smallest boy when told “act like you have a pair” while performing any task that requires strength. I’m almost certain that if you have no balls your required to use the female restrooms as well…

    1. Lady at the counter: “are you going to keep those? Because I have family in Thailand that love this sort of thing for family photos”

      Train station employee: “Are you fucking NUTS?!”

      Woman train station employee: “I see what you did there”

      Lady at counter: “Can I at least take them home and feed them to my dog?”

      Train station employee: “NO!”

    2. If I were him, I’d… well, first I’d get help. THEN, I’d replace my missing balls with ball bearings, that way I could literally say I have steel balls. Then I’d find the meanest feminists I could and invite them to kick me in the junk.

  3. ??? ???? ???? ? ?? ?????? ? ????? ?????? ????? i’m fuckin pissed off cuz everytime i visit here i need to turn on the orbot which is the one of a few ways to land on bestgore in south korea i find bestgore really helpful but other people seem they dont

  4. I read an article about self testicle/willie cutters, most of them have a psychological concern about their genitals getting smaller and would disappear day by day, thus they cut it themselves in order to finalize the pain asap. Nice way of solving the problems, dont wait for the pain come and find you, bring it yourself.

    1. human balls are actually quite small; those in the picture were pretty normal. I’ve heard of about an equal number of guys who cut their junk because of religious/spiritual reasons as those who do it because of a fascination with genital abuse, or because they are a woman trapped in a man’s body, or because they’re just flat out delusional and need professional help.

  5. At least he did the proper thing and took his himself out of the gene pool. A lot more scum buckets should do this, besides you can get prosthetics from a veteranarian’s supply catalog. Just pick something between the hamster and elephant sets.

  6. that makes me remember that guy in Japan who cut his own dick and balls and cooked them in a very expensive dish to some very select rich customers, have you ever heard of that story ?

    Or this young boy who was tied in a bed and get his cock and balls cut by his sexual master, the video was posted somewhere, never knew what happened next cause I just wasn’t able to watch till the end.

  7. Damn gook never heard of a condom? I have no intention of contributing to the downfall of mankind by spreading my pitiful excuse for genes either, but I think I’ll be hanging on to the boys. Just imagine never being able to teabag a close friend in his sleep again. What would be the point of living?

  8. I wonder if the 5 second rule applies for reattaching an organ that’s on the ground… probably 5 seconds before some old lady steps on them and slips. Damnit Mr. Kim, didn’t you think of the old ladies?!

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