Man Caught Sexually Abusing 8 Year Old Girl Chopped Up with Machete

Man Caught Sexually Abusing 8 Year Old Girl Chopped Up with Machete

A man was allegedly attempting to sexually abuse an 8 year old girl, but her uncle caught him red handed, and immediately proceeded to apply machete justice on the perp.

The would be child rapist had both his hands cut off, his head slashed in multiple locations, and other parts of the body lacerated.

Props to Best Gore member @ThePortugueseDude for the video:

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        1. Old style justice !!! If we had justice like that in North America , there’d be a lot less crime , that’s for fuckin sure ! If that was my 8 yr old , he wouldn’t be moving because it would be his head stuck between his legs not just his hand !!!

        2. Couldn’t agree w/u more, hun. Like i always say, i believe in an eye for an eye. Whatever u do to a child, animal, elderly, disabled, ect., u get put in a room w/a huge, pissed off fucker who does all u did, to u & then some. Fuck putting the bastard in a cushy jail where he gets fed, alotta X’s their own room, tv, rec time, schooling, computer access, ect. Why the fuck do we have 2 pay taxes 2 give these pricks vacation? If sick fucks like this one knew he’d get that instead of a slap on the wrist & told he/she’s a bad boy/girl, i think crimes like this would decline greatly. Lord help the fucker that’d touch my kids… I’d get REALLY creative w/my retribution

          1. I agree with everything you said, child molesters need to die slowly and painfully under horrible tortures…I was browsing old videos and to see this fucker agonising in pain on that table made my day, I enjoyed this video very much, would have loved to see him suffering right there…still smiling about it..,piece of shit fucker, hopefully he is fucked up for the rest of his life…

        1. She’s 8 years old.
          No excuses ever. An adult should damn well know better and have control over himself.
          Sick minded to confuse a child wanting to be loved with wanting to have sex with you.
          Now put plastic bags filled with salt on those stumps.

          1. Agreed @RayF. First thing I thought of was my own 8 year old daughter and catching some ape in the act of raping her. The police would find me sitting there finger painting his name in blood on the cement. I wouldn’t even try to run. Some things are just worth it to go to prison for.

          2. @IP I would come over to help you finger paint that work of art…takes 12 people on a jury…one of those 12 is bound to sympathize.

          1. Mentality like that is why children are raped…”they wanted it”…the second such vileness leaves their mouth they should be choked lifeless.

          2. @Tas I come from a huge family and have a large one myself as well.
            My observations yes children can be curious….maybe they see mom and dad tongue kiss or a prolonged kiss…maybe they try to kiss you different after seeing this…as a parent or any adult you properly tell and correct the child that that’s not how children kiss and things exactly like that Sometimes ” quite embarrassing and funny things” happen all the time.
            That is innocence.
            It is a very sick mind that would confuse things like that for a child “wanting it”.
            I am with you on this one I’m no killer but crimes like this done to any child let alone mine could definitely make me one.

          3. Any adult who exploits a child for their own sexual satisfaction is a predator. Those people are proven scientifically to never change. They are simply hard wired differently. There is a law in Washington State that allows the authorities there to hold an inmate indefinitely because of that fact. Its only a matter of time for them. Its hard for me to have sympathy for child molesters and abusers, there simply is no excuse.

          4. @IP Do you make any distinction in a predator ?
            Say like the kind that one comic did a skit where he was like uncle so and so is with the kids ? Anybody else with them kids!?! ? Somebody go save them kids !!! Ok that is vile enough and most molestations if you look at statistics are perpetrated by a family member or “trusted” family friend….but to me the most evil one’s are the one’s that work very hard get degrees or clerical training or coach anything like that to specifically be near children and family situations when peoples guards are down and they are vulnerable or desperate…are Super Predators in my eye’s.
            Because they worked so damn hard to achieve that position of trust.

          5. @rayf, I agree, there is no ‘cure’ for that kind of sexual behaviour either, they lie to their ‘specialists’ – “I do not want to touch children anymore”, as soon as they are released, they start preying on kids as soon as the opportunity arises, it’s ‘opportunistic’ crime, just because a little girl sits on a person’s knee or whatever, she is definitely not thinking about sex, they are just sick in the head.

          6. @RayF I guess there are levels or degrees to which a person is a predator. Some are more opportunists, some are more calculating. Both are dangerous obviously but the one I’d have more of an issue of are the ones like you described. The ones who go out of their way to earn trust in the community and wait for your guard to be down so they can have their way with children. Those are the worst. They deserve no mercy because they are the most dangerous and hardest to spot. Not just men but females that do that too. I’m sure you’re aware of all the female teachers having sex with their students. I view them the same as the predators we just talked about.

            I know allot of guys say “where was that teacher when I was growing up?” I wonder how serious they are? I don’t want some adult having sex with my children, period. It just aint right. But those fucks who prey on the most vulnerable, the ones that don’t know how to say no because we teach them to obey adults and authority? I say stone them in the streets. I would gladly throw the first one.

        2. Wow if you think an 8 year old is capable of knowing they want that and that an adult is innocent for trying to take advantage of a child’s innocence…just wow.

          @ray, @IP and @tas I agree with everything you guys said.

          1. You have proper morals, that’s why @LF, A child molester cannot use the “they wanted it” or “they let me” excuse when it comes to little kids. That’s why these people are segregated in prison, the average crim has kids too (somewhere in their lives, or most people just like lil kids), and they’ll beat their heads in if they come across these disgusting predators in jail.

          2. Sorry I don’t mean to offend nobody, yes they are capable to know what are they doing, and I agree with you there’s no excuse for an adult to make a sexual intercourse with a child what they ask or not

        3. Kris van dike…are you fucking kidding ?
          How can an 8 year old girl ask for it ?
          I have a 9 year old daughter and if I caught a dirty twat anywhere near her I’d gouge his eyes out and shove them up his arse…
          That’s after I’ve fed him his own bollocks ,
          I can’t believe you’re actually justifying what this animal has done with the excuse that she led him on , fucking idiot

          1. Wasn’t Aisha, Muhammad’s bitch, only nine when she rode his dick like a cowgirl from hell? And doesn’t the Hadith say she let Muhammad ‘thigh’ her (place his penis between her thighs so she could gently massage it) since she was six? Some 9-year-olds are just extremely precocious, that’s all. I’m sure Muhammad refused to touch her at first, but what would you do if the flirting and teasing continued? How long would you be able to say no when your 6-year-old bride whispers things like ‘I don’t have titties yet so you can imagine I’m a boy’ into your ear? Let’s face it: some 9-year-olds are genuine cockteasing sluts. Who says this man wasn’t chopped to pieces because he said no to some midget hoe?

        4. Really? Did you stop to think maybe something is seriously wrong with you for thinking an eight year old would ask for sex ? Were you asking for sex at 8? Fucking piece of shit. You deserve to be mutilated just as horribly as the asshole in the video, if not more for trying to sympathize with a child rapist. You are what is wrong with the world , your mother should have aborted such a useless retarded fuck.

          1. Sorry, did I hurt your feelings, seems to me this happened in south America,well let me tell you a history that I lived on my own flesh, back on time I have to travel to Venezuela, Brazil, and Colombia, I used to work on an oilfield company,I get to know a lot of people from those countries and I saw a lot of twisted things back there, like girls as old like 7 to 13 offering a bj or hand job for a cigaretteor a few bucks to buy some crack, it’s a sad thing to see I have a little son I’m a good father I’m not a pervert or a child molester, and obviously I’m not on their side but I do a researchand find out some of that kids are homeless and some of them had family good loving parents, but they choose to leave home becauseof the easy money they get for sex and for the urge for drugs sad but true my lady and the next time you want make an accusation I suggest you ask first don’t you think, and no I never accept to respond to what that kids ask like ii said I’m not a pervert I have a family and I loved them more than my own life.

        5. @Kriz van dike you sir, have trolled quite well. but if you actually believe in what you posted, well kudos to you for accepting that you are a sicko. it would be your responsibility to kill yourself and every second spent alive is failure of duty on your part. have a fine day sir!

        6. You fucking cunt, you’re obviously one of those sick fuckers that think sexual molestation is “just loving a child” & hang out in chat rooms trading child porn w/other pedos. Do u belong to one of those “man-boy love”groups or whatever the fuck u pricks call it? Do YOU have children? I pray u don’t. Someone needs 2 sterilize u b4 u breed & pass ur diseased genes 2 another animal like u.

    1. It’s ok. I think it’s fair to say this piece of shit deserves it. And you’re right on about the torture bit to, I would love to prolong his fucking misery for as long as fuckin possible before he expires…

          1. That’s true @ladybug, the rage inside may make you snap and kill him too soon. Maybe we can all take turns and have 10 minutes at a time so we don’t go too far lol.

    2. In the UK the soft liberal fearful fuckwits would be making sure their “duty of care” is carried out providing him with a varied menu for his meal in his cell and taking his order for breakfast making sure he is comfortable and has enough pillows…

    3. Yeah, I was thinking he’s missing blood from the one spot their should be blood. At least the uncle got both hands. Good for him. a nice touch would have been to use a a massive roll of duck tape to tape his cut off balls and cocks in his mouth. Just keep wrapping and wrapping until no way to get if off but cut it.

    4. They should be used for product testing of things that animals are currently used for. They should be used to test new drugs on. Drug experiments…. Indeed, they have a nefarious function in life. So why not use them instead of animals, it’s the humane thing to do for the animals.

    5. I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who abuses a child he deserved everything he got plus more hopefully he goes to prison and they finish him off! He should’ve never been taken to the hospital for help and left to slowly and painfully die
      If these drs take pity on him and do surgery to fix the damage i hope they do it by tying him down and do it all without any anesthesia!

    1. Just goes to show that medical emergency shows like ‘casualty ‘ and A&E (accident & emergency) are really just a group of doctors and nurses creating a bit of drama in ‘resus 1’ for television – because if I ever saw a medical emergency – this is it ! And they are doing fuck all for this guy ( or maybe its because he’s a rock lobster)…..

    1. I dunno my loves…I honestly don’t think I’ve got it in me to give someone a prolonged torture treatment. If someone fucked with my 13 yr. old perfect Aryan poster child boy, well, I honestly know I can say with true conviction, his dad or myself would just put a bullet in his temple & dump him in the mountains somewhere. Plain & simple….

      1. @mamason, how has it got to the stage where it is politically incorrect to be proud of being white? I’m sick of all the “only whites are racist” bullshit. A black man stood on a corner wearing a ‘black and proud of it’ T-shirt. People pat his back, including whites and give him praise. Now a white man stands on the corner wearing a ‘white and proud of it’ T-shirt. People scowl at him, hissing “racist” at him. I don’t like how things are going, I can really ‘feel’ it in mainstream media.

      1. @ladybug, there are some very weird self mutilation videos online (I bet they are on this site) one guy had chopped his penis in half, long-ways and he filmed himself ‘jizzing’ lol, he still had his dick, though, kind of! The 2 halves sort of curled when he was ‘hard’. Probs on Extreme Body Mods, in the list at the top right.

  1. Haha, that’s why noone in the room is doing anything to help, what a piece if shit. I just got this weird idea of picking his hand up from in between his legs and making a pointer finger with it and sticking it up his nose hahahaha

  2. Good muslims all over the earth believe that 8 year old girls are fair game for grown men. I’ve seen that the quran says as young as 9 MONTHS is just fine.

    When the muslims take over, you guys are going to have to adjust your thinking.

    1. Here in Oz, a dirty 25 yo Muslim fucker married a 12 yr old girl in a secret ceremony.

      The girl’s father and the ‘groom’ are both in jail now, hopefully buttfucking each other…….Dirty fucking pigs….

      1. @Dutchy, I heard about that too. And some Somali’s got caught after getting their daughter circumcised. They were doctors FFS, ‘they’ (whoever finds this shit out) reckon about 150(?) Somali Australian girls get done each year, those Somali’s really go for that shit. I say stop mutilating your daughters and/or piss off back to Somalia.

    1. Fantastic mental picture you just painted with that hypothetical situation. Cleanup may be tricky though…I usually have a tissue to catch the mess but this fucker would go off like an unattended hose. I guess he could just lay on his back and hope his belly button makes a good jizz receptacle.

    1. The URGE and a psychotic mind and this is the result. I don’t think I’ve ever said this but your Jizz related comments are hilarious yet profound. You are like the spooge philosopher of our time. Keep up the good work, peace.

    1. Put his name and address here on this post, and I’m sure a few ‘nasty accidents’ would find their way to him……….depending on your country and your step daddy religion ( ie if you’re a Muslim it seems to be business as usual or the other way it’s seems to go in those God forsaken countries is you, the victim is stoned to death )

  3. It?s truly mind-boggling how often I?ve met women, whose children or themselves as children were abhorrently abused. The most disgusting case was the mother of three, whose 1-year old boy was repeatedly fucked and beaten by her “husband”, it?s a miracle, that the boy survived this agony. Another one was again a 6-year old boy, who was kept in the closet over days by the “boyfriend”, who has tortured him with a bat and his rotten dick. I don?t get the mindset of those people, what kind of arousal do they get from a 1-year old?! If that?s true, what the guy did above, than he should consider himself lucky, cause after I?d beat and slice him to a pulp, I?d connect him to my torture VR-machine, which would induce the worst nightmares I can imagine, and they?d be perceived as the actual reality, moreover, I?d program it with the most horrible experiences from people all over the world. Plus I?d amplify his pain and keep him awake with the right medication. Hope that scenario will be possible in the near future. 🙂

      1. The worst thing was, that they?ve all proudly admitted it, and have even bragged around about it. Not the brightest idea, cause one of them was incarcerated back then in my town, and I told that to my acquaintances who was about to go to jail in the same prison, and I urged him to tell about this scumbag in there. Although the child abusers enjoy some protection whilst locked down over here, I?m pretty sure that he (the one, who tortured the 1-year old) received some punishment. He went back then to Albania for what I know, and I hope the news about him went with him.

          1. Yeah, I?d love to see that, but in the right way, and although you can?t hook up everyone to a CT-lie detector, who is accused of child molestation, I?d guess, that there are not as many cases as in which the abusers are wrongly accused as in comparison to other rape charges. The bigger problem is, that pedophilia among “our” legislators is so morbidly prevalent, that only the small fish are caught and prosecuted, while the fatheads keep on ordering kids like pizza, and after they?re raped and murdered in their rituals, the parents should consider themselves lucky, if they ever hear about them at all.

  4. How can you look at a 8 year old kid in a sexual way or any kid for that matter ffs death would be to good for this fucker he needs to suffer and all others like him lets hope he gets a daily gang ass rape in prison let him feel the fear that he put this innocent kid through diff is he guna get it every day by multiple dicks and he can’t escae it every nite in his cell he will be laying there knowing he guna get ass raped and he be fuking terrified and with no hands he can’t even hang himself to escape it enjoy years of brutal rape BITCH

  5. I would’ve been more happier if this beast was left with his legs , dick and the nuts chopped off and dumped in a Lion’s cage to be eaten alive .
    Sex offenders don’t deserve to live and have no place here on earth.
    It would’ve have more befitting if he was to be hacked to death.

  6. Good! He deserved every single second and minute of those agonizing pain and great job to that little girl uncle for chopping off his arms.. So he will never be able to touch another innocent child again! Sick faggot!

  7. Drag the scummy fucker into a workshop, clamp his bollocks in a vice, give him a dull knife, then set fire to the workshop.
    Failing that, if I was one of the doctors, I would bin his wank hands and give the uncle a medal.

  8. Sick fuck got what he deserved. Hope they can sew him back up and together, then the motherfucker can have his hands chopped off again. Should have cut off his cock and made him choke on it. Bitch ass got off easy.

  9. My gosh!!!!!! He got fuccin wrecked!!! The doctors are just standing there like where the fucc do we start…? My gosh this guy got fucced!!! The guy who did this to him must have been filled with rage!!!! Must have been his daughter… Regardless daughter or not, any person in there right mind would be filled with rage. The guy who did this to him I’m sure could have killed him easily and probably thought about it but wanted him to suffer so let him fight for his life… Fuccing insane!!!

  10. We were in Fiji, in a villa near Fijian Resort and at about 3am I heard irregular footsteps upstairs where our nine year old daughter sleeps. I went to investigate and there, two foot from our girls bed and climbing through the window, naked below the waist was a man. I charged the window while yelling at my husband to intercept him downstairs but he’d disappeared. I know that with the anger and adrenalin screaming through my body that I’d have killed him with my own hands and despite it all happening so fast, a plan was formulating in my head of all the things I was going to do to make that fucker suffer as I did it. In the morning we found a mans jacket with our daughters swimsuits and underwear in the pocket. We were lucky but to this day I still feel cheated of a chance to make that sick fucker suffer!

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