Man Caught Sexually Abusing Child in Africa

Man Caught Sexually Abusing Child in Africa

Man Caught Sexually Abusing Child in Africa

In what looks like a sub Saharan African country, a man was allegedly caught sexually assaulting a child. After some slapping around, the mob decided to capture on video the type of scene the man was reportedly caught in.

Brilliant idea – take a stressed out child, and shove her into the crotch of a naked man so you have a video document of it.

Best Gore member @african-angel notes that in HIV infested African countries, rumor has that sex with a minor can cure AIDS. I wonder if the molester is an African Jew, because the Talmud allows sex with 3 year old girls, so in his mind it would have been kosher.

Thanks a lot for the video, @african-angel:

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      1. I don’t think they’re gonna let her go until she does. That asshole with shrink dink ain’t helpin’ this go along, any. They’re even trying to beat a boner out of him, nothing seems to be working.

      1. If you search the interwebs, you will find that every politician is being accused of pedophilia. Not only that, they are supposedly murdering them, and drinking their blood. It’s a modern day witch hunt. Politicians do enough fucked up shit that it’s unnecessary to bring that type of craziness into the equation. Those types of accusations are easy to make, and hard to shake. I choose not to believe it, until I see proof.

        1. True. Which is why i like to ask for refs. I must admit i do believe a lot of it as i think most of the elite are jaded and powerful and thus need ever more kicks . Also their power allows them to get away with it. Many world leaders were documented perverts because they could.
          Yet,i get what you are saying and agree in principle.

          1. It’s been proven that they have no problem committing mass murder. I have no doubt that they are capable of that type of shit, all I’m saying, is that it’s already a fact that they have no problem killing babies via war, why muddy up the waters with hearsay? It’s crazy. Apparently everyone who is famous, is a tranny pedophile, who is a host to a parasitic anal Jew squid.

  1. That HIV infested freaks blood is already on the innocent pure child. If anything they should remove the child from that infested freak and use proper quarantine protocols by burning the pestilence in a pit so as not to infect other clean people. Was I too harsh or does this sentence sound proper?

  2. This only illustrates the paramount need technology plays in these roaches’ lives, and how it has helped exacerbate their ignorance. Fuck reading, fuck laws, fuck due process, fuck habeas corpus. All you need is one video and that’s judge, jury and executioner all in once.

    Convenient, since then all monkeys can be easily placated by showing them videos of (alleged, lets not forget subhumans aren’t dumb enough to not lie and deceive) criminals, and that’s that. There’s no evolution of behavior or even a full comprehension, for example, of why stealing is wrong and why refraining from it is the morally right thing to do. Instead they don’t steal because they don’t want to risk a canning.

    Hence, they are incompatible with soft western laws.

    There was once a paper I read, an In iit it explained that subsaharans are intellectually unevolved because they had everything they needed with minimal effort from the get go. Abundant rivers, fruitful flora, plenty of fauna to hunt and eat, and a damn nice weather. There was no point in investing too much effort in agriculture or domestication, their ways remained unchanged for millenia.

    Compare that to the struggles of living in a frozen wasteland, or an empty savannah, or being raised in the merciless jungle. That’s why we had norsemen, egyptians and mayans. Nature was a bitch to them and they hardened as cultures.

    1. “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa–rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.

      A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.

      In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.

      With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.

      He lived as his fathers lived–stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape”.

      –Thomas F. Dixon Jr

        1. @asskingforanal

          Facts are not delusional. They can be used for the purposes of cruelty and hatefulness but they are not delusional.

          Sub-Saharan Africans were already thousands of years behind white Europeans when we reached their lands.

          Sub-Saharan Africans did and still do in places have homes made from mud and sticks.

          Sub-Saharan Africans were tribal hunter gatherers and did not have sea going vessels or farming industries before we arrived.

          They hadn’t even developed Bronze age equipment and tools by the 17th century. They were barely even stone age in development.

          The only parts of Sub-Saharan Africa that had access to more modern tools and equipment was those parts bordering Egyptian and Arab territory via trade and being conquered.

          This isn’t just white man history telling this story. Roman history, Egyptian history and Arab history all tell the exact same story and there still exists many books and documents from those times detailing this history.

          To conclude then, cruelty and hatefulness can be considered delusional but facts cannot….unless you’re a libtard then facts can be considered delusional I guess but then I was never going to throw my hat in the ring with the 5429465785 different genders and sexuality brigade.

          So for the love of God stop being delusional Sphincterpiston. Lol.

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          “Much is true but how to explain the Ruins of Zimbabwe“.

          Logic tells me that it was built with black labour at the instruction and lead of non black peoples, a bit like the Pyramids.

          It’s design is almost exactly like a Roman Fort and since these sorts of places are unseen throughout most of black Africa logically speaking it must have been created by those from outside of it and abandoned for whatever reason.

          In fact archaeologists did discover Persian artefacts buried there dating back to the 11th century so the evidence points in that direction.

          Zimbabwe is not Black Panther’s Wakanda after all. If these Roman type Forts were designed by black Africans there would be more of them in black Africa due to tribal interaction and competition.

          Look at South America for example, stone buildings were not the work of one tribe or peoples. They were seen, copied and spread to all the other tribes and peoples be it the Mayans or the Aztecs etc.

          European technological gain happened exactly the same way wherein one people created something and it spread across borders and countries.

          Unless Zimbabwe really was a Black Panther’s Wakanda with magical shielding equipment hiding it away from it’s neighbours there is no way in hell these kinds of creations wouldn’t have been seen and mimicked throughout black Africa.

          1. Oh , I agree. I personally believe they were built by Cleopatra’s Helleno-Egyptians with black labour and of course there was the Fiction of King Solomon’s Mines there as well.

          2. you are a fucking fool- trying to figure out how animals run their nonexistent civilization.
            These are African niggers, and they are sub-humans, and when we whites, were a healthy people, we knew to keep these dirty pestilent violent animals at arms length or further.
            Think of this, niggers believe fucking a child virgin cures aids, and by that very act they are further spreading aids. How futile of an action plan is THAT?

        1. Idk… Didja ever stop to think that maybe.. Just maybe.. They didn’t want these white man’s inventions? … Or.. Maybe they didn’t want any interaction with Caucasians period?… I agree with what you say to a certain standpoint, where I disagree with you and others is, calling a certain race or demographic “unevolved” because they didn’t realize and/or take advantage of the resources available to them? .. Wow!… Truly racist!.. I applaud you… However, that goes against some of your diarrheatribes.. I mean… On the one hand, they’re stupid, unevolved, P’soS… On the other, they’re able to orchestrate the genocide of the most superior race on earth?!… Are you just as confused as I…? @empty-soul…?

          1. @asskingforanal

            “where I disagree with you and others is, calling a certain race or demographic “unevolved” because they didn’t realize and/or take advantage of the resources available to them?.”

            We call people uneducated when they have failed to educate themselves to the level of those around them so why should it be any different when applying the same logic to countries?.

            Much of Sub-Saharan Africa is less evolved from a technological and societal standpoint. This is a fact.

            I agree that using the above to shit on a race of people can be considered delusional behaviour but the facts on the matter are not and it is a fact that much of Sub-Saharan Africa is less evolved than the rest of the world.

            “However, that goes against some of your diarrheatribes.. I mean… On the one hand, they’re stupid, unevolved, P’soS… On the other, they’re able to orchestrate the genocide of the most superior race on earth?!… Are you just as confused as I…?”.

            I keep telling you to look up London and black crime rates and yet you never do. It really would answer all of your questions here.

            Black people comprise of about 3%-4% max of the total British population with London holding around 2% of that number. Black people in London however were responsible for around 65-70% of all violent crime recorded there last year.

            To conclude then, their criminally inclined low IQ presence breeds crime and lowers standards. Put simply, because they’re stupid, unevolved P’soS they run highly functioning societies into the ground.

            They’re causing a genocide of sorts then because the Chinese, Japanese etc who have next to no niggers in their societies are going to leave white countries in the dust technologically and academically speaking, and already are in fact, because they get to keep raising their standards to meet their own peoples constantly rising abilities whereas we have to constantly lower our academic standards to allow black people an easier ride.

            Whilst East Asia focuses on and promotes their very best we are stuck with affirmative action Jacksons and are being left behind.

          1. @fred1212

            Sphincterpiston is under the belief that Sub-Saharan Africans wouldn’t have chosen to invade the white western world if they could and that they were quite content to simply be themselves and he is wrong. He is very, very wrong.

            The Sub-Saharan Africans attacked, conquered and enslaved other Sub-Saharan African peoples all the time. Tribal warfare was a way of life for them.

            If they had mastered the art of sea travel you can be sure as fuck that they would have invaded foreign lands like the North African Berbers did before them.

            They did in fact try to invade foreign countries actually. The Nubians tried to invade and conquer Egypt on a number of occasions and there were any number of battles with the North African Arab peoples.

            It’s not that the Sub-Saharan African peoples didn’t want to conquer others it’s that they were always so far behind other countries in weaponry and tactics that they just couldn’t conquer others.

            Technology as well, it’s not that they were happy to be where they were without advancement like it was a fucking choice. They were simply unable to advance themselves.

            If they could have been Kangz and Queenz an sheeeeit with the magical lights bulbs and TV they would have been and done so but they just couldn’t.

            So when Sphincterpiston makes out like this was all just a personal choice for them it’s a bit like saying that Forrest Gump didn’t want to be anything other than Forrest Gump.

          2. Blacks shouldn’t be categorized as human. “IT”is more accurate.

            Overall, IT is and was and will always be a failed life form.

            “IT” wasn’t a typo.


        1. No debate friend. I love History and I agree with you . Bantu blacks only moved into southern Africa at earliest maybe six hundred years ago. Natives of Southern Africa are really the Bushman /Kalahari /khoisan peoples who are Pygmy/ Malay types.


          I suffer boredom interminably as well but i don’t drink. I am too scared. I know i would be uncontrollable if i did.

      1. Ah, I’ve read that paragraph. It oversimplifies some thoughts, but it has its mind in the right set, in that nature, under the right conditions, can create and support a society that finds no use in developing technology.

        However, the paper I was citing was a bit longer. And another aspect it put forth as support of its premise was that several african languages lack words that denote abstract concepts, like time or imagination. It went on to explain that just as technology, certain human concepts we take for granted, as the aforementioned time or imagination, just didn’t develop on these complacent societies. And thus their members were easily amused, never worrying about the future (nice weather all year, remember?) and lacking the capacity to deviate from Da Wey.

        It was a 5, 10 minute read paper, but it certainly gets the old rodent up there running.

  3. Sick fucking people over there let me tell ya! And if he is A Nigger-Jew,,, than double bang for your buck, as killing him without an incredible amount of tortures, and pain, would be senseless, and just All Kinds Of Wrong. Molesting Piece Of Shit, Cock-Sucking Negroid-Cunt! “KILL THAT FUCKER” 🙁

  4. Putting/Sitting that poor child on that goofs crotch, like W.T.F. Man????
    That arsehole who ordered it done should also be tortured, and killed for being so fucken Stupid.
    Those Neanderthal-Negroidian-Pigmy-Cunts!!!

      1. True but new evidence is now showing “Out of Africa”Theory is not exclusive. Evidence now shows that humans sprung up in different places around the world.However ,the former theory is not overturned yet as it is still too early to do so. Interesting times ahead.

  5. The talmud not just allows, but requires it. All rabbis and Jewish priests are required to have sex with 3 years old as part of their initiation ritual, and anyone who disobeys is sentenced to be broken on the wheel. Then, when the 3 year olds grow up, they repeat the sacred ritual, which is called The Rite of Fornification, and is memorised by all Jews and Jewesses.

  6. Tough country for identifying guilty parties. I gotta admit, you grab any of the other darkies there, strip ‘em naked and throw them to the ground, I couldn’t pick this one “guilty” goatfucker out of the lineup even in ten tries. Bunch of half-shaven ape-turds squatted out into day-glo shorts and cutoff T-shirts.

    I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit, only way to be sure.

  7. You know what you call an Asian child molester?

    A slippery slope.

    As for this sorry sack of gorilla shavings, seems to me this is just causing a domino effect when now all these other klukka-klukka-pop spearchucks go home and masturbate to the video they took of this scene.

  8. There has to be a second part of this, I would love to see his little dick getting burned with tires and all kinds of ape shit. These niggers come up with anything to do whatever pops up in their little brains.

    1. I doubt that little dick could hurt a fly let alone be guilty of raping a child. At best it could be used as a pee dispenser. Even if he is old enough to masturbate he would be using two fingers to do it.

          1. I’m not sure that it’s that big, I have been on his site where he dresses Elmo in different outfits. Of course, Elmo is flaccid, so who knows how big he can get. Elmo…hahaha

          2. Hoping for Nemesis – You’re full of puns. Cocky puns. But it’s okay ’cause you’re an Elmo fan, and everyone knows the best people on this planet are Elmo fans. Well, I know it anyway!

            And yes, most photos of Elmo dressed up in costumes show him soft. They didn’t have any little outfits big enough for him, so we kept him soft. Nice when the model is capable of dramatically changing size, eh?

        1. And what’s wrong with a penis having a name? Especially one that’s been around in videos, photography, motion pictures… Your dog, cat, horse, pet lion and boat all have names – right?

          And if you have an especially large penis, he should have a name as well.

  9. Having sex with child will give the HIV to the child and soo kill them young…
    soo in a sens, that mean less african.. wich is indeed a good way to get rid of the HIV.

    ( oh sorry for too much racism 😛 )

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