Man High on PCP Cuts Off the Tip of His Pecker

Man High on PCP Cuts Off the Tip of His Pecker

As much as I want to cry fugazi, I hear this is very real. It apparently happened in Brazil. A man high on PCP decided to not only cut off the tip of his pecker (which should be punishable by death), but to also film the “procedure”. Because, why not? It’s 2015, everyone and their mom has a goddamn phone on them at all times, detailing every aspect of their pointless lives…ugh.

Mad props to Best Gore member amnyc for making my dick hurt.

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    1. Thanks @justice, just found the video, couldn’t find any info but after forcing myself to watch it a third time I was convinced it was the real deal. Thanks to @Obli for finding the backgrounf info and posting it. Happy Fathers Day to all you still penis having gorians out there.

        1. @amnyc LOL!!! You son of a bitch, you made me laugh so bad that I had to look at mine in the end and I replied to mind, “Noooo! I would never ever do that sort of thing to you”. 😉
          One of the best comments I ever read here at BG. All thumbs up @amnyc.

          1. Cured it with salt and made a shot glass?…… Ok that might have been what I would do but it was worth a thought…. Right?

          1. Big in Russia that stuff.
            They say once a user has injected Krokodil and continues, he/she has 2 years maximum left on this earth.

            The things humans do to their bodies !. Very sad.

      1. Good ole ‘wet’,it was used as a animal anesthetic years ago.Bit like ketamin but way more fucked up.Not unusual to strip off (butt naked)….Krokodile is a purified (usually very badly) over the counter pain pill,injected.It kills the tissue because of chemicals used to purify it.Fkd up stuff.

  1. why, why, why, why, why,??? I don’t think I could ever be that high, and I’ll tell the truth…yes , I must be a pussy.because of all the videos i’ve ever seen on bestgore …truly disturbing disturbing shit, I just can’t watch I’ll take your word for it!!!why why why why?

  2. PCP is no joke. Watch some videos on YouTube, shit turns people insane. Its use is also most prevalent in the black community (who credit themselves as the inventors of this drug, not sure if its true just saying) here in the states. People who take this shit will run around naked, speak nonsensical bullshit, and mutilate themselves on this drug. Utterly horrific, but anything for a cheap high I guess…

  3. Wow I can honestly say for the first time in my life I was cringing from watching that. I have watched all the crazy shit on here and nothing I mean nothing made me cringe or bite down so badly as this vid did.

  4. Since visiting Bestgore, I’ve seen a whole lot of brutal shit, but this video is the most difficult and cringe worthy. It made my toes curl, my teeth clench, and my dick turtle so far up inside me, I may have to stick my finger up my ass and yell “snake” just to take a piss for the rest of my life.

  5. This is one of the most arduous videos for me to watch. I have seen people getting beheaded, people squished under wheels, etc. But this one seems so much more personal, and you can almost feel the pain. I had my hand over my mouth every time, even after already watched it.

  6. Make a good commercial against drugs. Show it to your kids and say don’t do drugs. Might end up like this. I remember a video where some idiot was up on a high tension tower and got fried. Dad always said not to play on them. Probably should show that to the kids as well. Dad was always good at telling us what not to do but lousy at explanations as to why.

  7. Wonder what he planned on doing after he did that? Because it looked like he had grabbed a napkin as if ‘ ok that’s done with now it’s clean up time’.
    As if he just finished preparing a meal or something…lol.

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