Man from Kenya Gets Circumcised with Knife the Traditional Way

Man from Kenya Gets Circumcised with Knife the Traditional Way

This video depicts a man from Western Kenya getting circumcised with a knife the traditional way. Despite using no anesthesia, the man takes it like a boss as his foreskin is cut off.

I find it difficult to even call this a circumcision. They literally skinned his dick along 60% of the shaft.

End genital mutilation now. Make it “all genital mutilation“, because men deserve advocacy too.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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125 thoughts on “Man from Kenya Gets Circumcised with Knife the Traditional Way”

        1. @Mil Nobody ever replies to me on this site, but whatever; I just figured I’d point out that in the case of a tight foreskin, there are far less invasive options besides “just cut the whole thing off”. American doctors know no better though.

          1. My ex was circumcised about age four for common medical reasons. His Catholic grandmother worked with this Jewish doctor and he strongly advised circumcision.
            Now in his forties he is most upset that this was probably unnecessarily done. Also, he now realises that this procedure (done in a UK hospital, 1970’s, under general anaesthetic) has caused a few problems there too!
            I personally think that no person should have this done unless it’s to remedy very important health conditions. Or an adult male gives full consent.

            The above circ is being done by bloody butchers/idiots. I feel sorry for the chap involved.
            When this is done in infancy it’s much easier to make surgical errors as the penis is so small. Thus a lifetime of anguish and pain for no reason.
            All genital mutilation must end worldwide.

        2. Right US doctors are apt to unnecessarily cut off all foreskin, which is contrary to ethics of patient conservation of keeping functional foreskin. Less invasive is: manual stretching w/optional topical corticosteroid like Preparation H and effective for about 95% men; z-plasty; retaining the outside foreskin for some coverage; partial circ. Hell US drs. say to use soap which wrecks proper pH promotes irritation can lead to infection, can lead to circumutilation.

  1. Once in a blue moon I might cringe while watching a video on here… And fuck, did I cringe while watching this…

    Judging by the laughing from the dudes watching it I think this was their idea of playing a joke/prank on him… The fuck is wrong with these people? Damn savages

    1. I wish I didn’t have a remnant penis. Lost Crown Jewels (Frenular Loop). Leaves so many questions and a permanent prominent scar that can’t be hidden, always reminded. Sexually exploited to lifetime advertise circumutilation. So YAY for non surgical foreskin restoration, covered modesty, and 24/7 comfort. Nude not naked.

    1. That’s what I’m sayin!!!! Wayyyyy too much epidermal flesh being butchered away!!! And what about the handful of jovial African fools who were standing around amongst the spectators giggling whilst the savage procedure was undergoing? There must be some more to this story/footage! Maybe dude had made an offence to the village???

      1. No this is typical. Consider Philippine forced circ on prepubescent boys, everyone laughs at the boys as they’re performing circ. Then there’s Turk boys dressed like a prince circ parties. And US doctors and nurses laugh at a males’ circ complaints.

    1. It’s no different than fgm in that it is a social custom that a person must go through to be considered a real woman/man. If he chose not to do it, he’d probably be rejected by his society. Also, I’ve heard of this particular type of circ before; It’s called “penile flaying” and if the man shows any sign of pain, he may still be rejected (or even killed in certain parts of the middle east where this is also practiced) by his society. Even though circ is largely enforced by other men, fgm is also largely enforced by women, and most of the time performed by women.

      1. Thanks for saying. See Yemen circ that take sll the skin plus more at circumstitions. Likewise there’s genitally intact societies that will reject those who get circd. Another level of circ also crushes one testicle. Conversely a sharp stab of the foreskin is lessor type termed circ

    1. My sentiments as well. Amount taken is not much different from half of US circs. A very tight that cut that pulls in the penis making it look much shorter and sits on top of the bills. Being about the same amount is just not apparent because of the joined skin margins to heal by primary intention, not the large open wound left to heal by secondary intention. Note – USA supports tribal circ and funds as HIV partial prevention. So too bounty payment for those who bring a male to circ health center, by any means, candy, car rides, dragged in or carried by a circumutilated pack.

  2. I have been MIA for a few months, as didn’t have access to the interweb and also had a small job to do in Fiji, but have returned today to see the big fella Mark (@VOV) has returned to us ! I am stoked ! I’d been looking forward to this day for a long time as I love that man (no homo) – Markus you are the CHAMPION of the world……..
    As for this video, if you are stupid enough to willingly let some fruitcake near your cock with a knife, you don’t deserve the privledge of being a cock owner and hence, the events in this knob’s life are working out exactly as they should. Even as a two day old bundle of joy, I very firmly warned the doctor in no uncertain terms, if you even look at my foreskin with scissors in your hand, I will be the world’s first neonate to do time for murder in an adult prison…….

  3. Apparently this method is referred to as “penile flaying” and it’s usually done before a man’s wedding. The reason he takes it like a champ is because his life depended on it, as any man who winces or shows signs of pain during this procedure are either exiled, enslaved or just killed on the spot.

      1. I think it originally was man’s jealousy of women’s menses connection to the seasons and universe sky. So he would bleed his foreskin monthly. Aztecs and Mayas did such rites. Modern Maya spiritual leaders do with mushroom psychedelics, Foreskin blood on a fire allows ancestors to be seen in the smoke.

  4. i dont get why any guy would allow that perhaps religion? screw that dam there is no religion worthy to endure that he was born that way and lived as an adult why now. most people have no choice parents decide to cut forskin many out of religion reasoning, i say ive seen babies scream but they endure it and get over it quick. i worked with a guy in his late 30’s and he went to a doctor and had his foreskin removed due to a religion. he had complications not to severe but infection after infection he missed so much work i had to let him go, over 2 weeks i was foreman and my super and owner got on my butt to replace the man, he did not have sex for over a month his gf split he had a rough time. if your an adult leave it be its like guys that got a bent dick many have them enlarged thats why there so bent a doctor told me at a bus stop i wasnt shire if he was gay or what with alot he said so he took out this book of guys he did surgery on no faces but dam its crazy i wouldnt do anything like that but this dr charged 3 thousand for 1 inch he said the most he added was 2 and a half inches so if you see a porn flick and dude has large bent oddly dick he got extended. crazy stuff people do but not me. seein this made me remember the cock doc several years ago i was with my girl friend at the time who kept the guy talking about what i did not want to know.

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  6. This wasn’t an circumcision, this was some form of punishment ,rape child molestation e.t.c any moron knows you only remove below the head otherwise the person will suffer extreme pain forever , the cut they made will turn into scarr tissue
    This guy’s happy days are officially over !!!!

  7. Well the myth is just that…a myth. On to other things. Lets say they didnt properly dress and bandage his skinned penis. You think we can get that video of his penis being infested with maggots and rotting off. This is bestgore after all.

  8. My clit is crying from seeing this, i couldn’t imagine being male and seeing this… Let alone partaking. Jesus wants your dicks cut half off, the good book says so, eh? What a joke. Is there any real reason for this nonesense?? Although, some may enjoy this.. Youd be surprised what some sick fucks enjoy as sexual gratification…

  9. Well, he won’t be dippin that into any goats anytime soon.
    Its so uncomfortable when your bellend rubs against your jeans, you gotta do the old discreet knuckle shuffle if your in a public place, which 9 times outta 10 is always the case. so god knows what it feels like when half of your member has been skinned. Ouch!!! Neanderthalic bastards.

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