Mason Jar Painted Blood Red, Confiscated by Doctor in Russia

Mason Jar Painted Blood Red, Confiscated by Doctor in Russia

All is not quiet on the Southern Front – with the sounds of it.

Desperately in need for quality anal in Russia, a man asked the only person he knew would never say “NO!”

The popular Sphincterpiston #59535 was used and quickly swallowed whole by his hungry anal cavity. Regularly out-of-stock, the pleasure device fills up with man’s love juices.

Props to Best Gore member @asskingforanal for the inspiration and for always being a funny asshole!

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          1. Hey, records are made to be broken…

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  1. Sounds Russian to me.

    Anyhow. I always thought scenes like this was how homosexuals give birth nowadays.

    When Elton John went to hospital and came back with a new born baby I just assumed it was extracted in such a manner given his lack of uterus.

  2. Just as a medical curiosity-how the fuck do you get the open end of a fucking jar into your ass hole, never mind the why!
    I mean, what’s the upper limit, is there a world record, does Ripley’s or Guinness keep track?

    1. Could you imagine dedicating 10 years of your life and an assload of student debt just to get a piece of paper that says you’re certified to remove improvised stimulation devices from bloody gaping buttholes.

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