Woman Confesses to Molesting Her Daughter, Who Approves of It

Woman Confesses to Molesting Her Daughter, Who Approves of It

I really don’t know if this is real or fugazi, but this wig wearing couple does come across as one starved for attention and prepared to go any length to get their 5 minutes of internet fame, so I’m siding with fugazi.

It’s a webcam video of a mother and her daughter arguing in favor of incest, and child molestation by parents. As the daughter puts it – children are parents’ property and as such, it’s perfectly fine for parents to sexually molest them.

At one point, while explaining that she has the right to suck on her daughter’s titties and finger her pussy at 2 o’clock in the morning if she wants to, the mother exposes her daughters left tit and sucks hard on her nipple.

The weirdest thing is that cello in the background. A woman playing cello – that’s second hottest thing in a woman, after playing flute in band camp. Plus the mother has a G-clef tattooed on her throat. She must have gone through a few of those band camps herself.

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    1. It’s called stockholme syndrome if this is really real,, and to be honest, I wouldnt be surprised it if it’s real,

      So what is stockholme syndrome, is where you fall in love with your captures, because you
      1. Know no different
      2, completely afraid of them and their next move
      3, have fallen in love with them

      And in most circumstances, it’s all three emotion,


    2. i call fugazi. look at it again and watch papers on the table. once the “fight” starts the video blinks and it is darker, and the papers have been moved. so we are to believe they were arguing, paused the recording, started it again and “continued” fighting? nope.

      1. The flattened facial features that you mentioned, wide flat nose, big fat lips, sloping forehead etc… are caused when the the village Witch Dr. steps on the back of their head to pull their tail off at birth.

      1. Lol even calling them primates is insulting to other primates. They’re just disgusting filth. If it’s real, they’re really fucked up and if it’s fake they’re still fucked up for thinking to make a video like this.

  1. My god these people really are the lowest of the low. But in black families this is the norm comes from all the way back from their African roots, where it is the father who usually first has sex with all their daughters before they get married.

  2. I can look at hundreds of articles of graphic gore n shit but something about this makes me feel really uncomfortable? you can tell the daughter isn’t actually okay with any of this too. I really hope this is fake but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real. :/

        1. True rayf, I know a girl from South Dakota that had never met a black person in real life til she moved to Atlanta when she was 19. Now she have two biracial babies with no baby daddy.

      1. @espliam

        Thanks man! I appreciate the messages welcoming me back home haha. I’ve just had some issues that hopefully are now resolved. Should be back on with you guys now!! Hope your well πŸ™‚

  3. I couldn’t tell who is the mother and who is the daughter. Nigger females are one of the easiest to bang, I mean it’s no joke. All you have to do is white and be tall and just show up. Even though the nigger ghetto females state their preference for black men, the nigger female will quickly jump on a white man’s cock when no one is looking. I mean they are so vile and disgusting though. I can’t believe what men would find black women attractive since they are the lowest of the low. Simply classless, disgusting, vile, ugly and horrendous. I rather fuck a sheep and camel’s ass than go anywhere near a fucking disgusting nigger females.

    1. Male nigs won’t fuck ‘me either. That’s why they always try for the white women. Evidently, to a male spook, a 490lb sloppy, fat, sweaty white woman is preferred over any black woman.

        1. @Nutsnack Change your name and IP address…come back as @Nutsmack or something like that….I am willing however to just let you live it down. πŸ™‚

          1. @rayf,
            Lol. Thanks. I’ll just wait it out.
            I’ve said far more embarrassing things than this. Haha.

  4. This is just too much. This is making me nauseous. No respect for the mother daughter relationship. Makes me appreciate the angel of a mother that I have. She raised me to actually have a moral compas and integrity. Yuck!! These women are buffoons.

  5. Oh, and I’ve seen them before on Facebook. They do this disgusting thing where they “share” a cucumber by both sucking on each end of it. Gross. Way grosser than seeing a bloater or a Thai traffic accident.

  6. Yeah, definitely fake. The incest part I mean, the part where they come across as dumb fucking niggers is very much real though.

    I don?t know why those musical instruments are there because I guarantee those two cannot play them. Anyone who says ?axe? instead of ?ask? and rapes the English language to that degree surly cannot have learned to read sheet music and play correctly.

    Maybe the musical instruments are there to make them look smarter, a lost cause I know, much like how a stupid person might carry a book about quantum physics around with them to give the illusion of intelligence.

    However, with those blue wigs on their heads and their constant use of Ebonics they only come across as retarded.

    ?Axing me?, ha, ha, ha.

    1. Hey Empty, hope you’ve been well. Reading your comments again always brings a smile to my face.

      And yes, their act is fooling no one . In fact the only people being fooled are themselves for thinking that this show of stupidity is in any way entertaining.

      1. Haha, I never wrote that she hated me. You should stop reading between the lines Kitty. Thanks for the laugh…if you knew my whole life story you would laugh at your own pathetic comment too. Have a nice day!

  7. Whether it’s fugazi or not the mother should be facing criminal charges for encouraging incest with children, she talks about molesting the daughter at a month and a half old. If that was some creepy old white guy he would have the police knocking on his door.

  8. So tired of these internet warriors I hope you all die a painful death and come back as a black person… im not black and not sticking up for any of them but just get sick of that bullshit I hate you all (white, black) FUCK THE WORLD

  9. From the point where the mother said she can go and finger her daughter, I just stopped listening. But then when the daughter said “50 Year Old Coochi” and the mother like dragged her by the hair, that was hilarious. These two idiots, regardless whether the’re black or not, are so messed up that they’re going to rape each other. Just when you think you’ve seen all the different types of people, then this.

  10. In the next day I expect they gonna kill each other. Who’s gonna win? Well! I guess the Mom will πŸ˜• There’s pride in every human being but when will the daughter outrage and back her ego? The Mom owns her as if she was hers. What a shame! I don’t want to waste my time thinking about these creatures. I have more important stuff to think about.

    1. @Amer exactly bro….but if you can find a video of ISIS beheading these two…even edited…as long as we get to see it we would all be much happier. πŸ™‚

    2. You mean the million and millions of Native Americans over higher death fatality then any other genocide ? Caused by white settlers ? Oh yeah no one pays attention or the hell black people went through ? African didn’t ask to be here but I guess you can say they were shaped an form by the uhh Americas . Brought on ships raped tortured and forced to work. Of course it’s gonna stay in the DNA . They were fendin off fucking lions wtf do you expect them to kill? Dogs white men ? No to easy .. Themselves .. White women ? STFU are you willing to rape a fucking black chick ? Didn’t think so

      1. Why get mad at him ?
        He didn’t tell the 2 sheboones to put on their Blue Battle Cat wigs and set the dignity of your people back even further than it was before. Didn’t think that was possible until I saw these two losers.

  11. What ? Most of you hillbilly rednecks do this all the time .. Except they kill after and eat :/. No different well.. I guess them black people’s ancestors got fucked by white people and made those hillbilly blacks… I don’t know what’s more obscene this ” couple” or the ” family ” on this website

    1. Sexually interfering with your or anyone’s child is WRONG, but the popular conception that it’s somehow a white people’s disease is absolutely flawed. When white people do shit like this it’s popularly reported on in the media, other races barely get a mention for the same crime, same as serial killers. Even black people will say that incest is a huge problem, but the black community still try to brush it under the table. Do us white people do weird shit to kids and if the perpetrator is powerful, then do get away with it,? Yes, we have a whole ton of shit coming to light where influential people have been fiddling with kids for decades and getting away with it. Children should be protected and to just bring it down to race is doing them an injustice.

          1. I hear you @Ilovemygramps
            But when a person thinks of the lifetime of suffering the victim endures…a bullet is for somebody that deserves mercy. For just a few short years the world is magical to a child….to kill that magic in such a way….I don’t believe anything is too brutal for them.

    2. @18X,

      The ?family? as you put it does not exist, what you see as family behaviour is merely collectives of shared opinion. Therein lies the main issue, if large majorities of people from all around the world dislike black people enough to hold a similar disdain for them it must stand that there is truth in the arguments of those who stand opposed to blacks.

      Populations of people from all around the world didn?t just wake up one morning hating blacks, they learned to hate them through their own personal experiences with black people and no matter what ?isms? you throw at them those experiences are what made them so.

      ?I guess them black people?s ancestors got fucked by white people?.

      The above ?theory? only applies to slave stock black people and even then the whites of today are not responsible for the actions of their ancestors any more so than the Romans of today are responsible for the actions of Julius Caesar. Also, what about the criminal behaviour of those blacks who immigrated in recent history and came from parts of Africa that were never colonised?, what is their excuse?.

      All throughout the first world black people commit far more crime, per head, than any other race and it has nothing to do with poverty or lack of opportunity because the same behaviour, at the same rates, is not observed in other impoverished peoples.

      Even black people do not like other black people hence the lopsided interracial dating statistics and the mass movement of black people into white peoples territories.

      The rape statistics are also quite revealing as well, showing that black rapists almost exclusively target white females. The list goes on and on and so do the numerous excuses given for their bestial behaviour.

      White people are just sick and tired of being told that they are evil and that they are the cause of every black person?s criminal actions and so those tired and angry people join up with other likeminded people to become what you refer to as ?family?.

      Cause and effect.

        1. Or, in other words @Wulf91, you hate yourself.
          Because when a person states, as you just did, that they hate all people, creeds, colours, whatever, it is usually much more likely that the hate reflects their opinion of themselves.

  12. Interesting the standards are here. Apparently child molestation is fine, but once the daughter brings up doing some form of female pederasty-incest hybrid form of sexual behavior on her part, (i.e. “So if i just want to randomly finger my Mom’s 50-year old pussy,”) the Mom is all like “What Bee-yatch?” and then gives her daughter a beat down. Apparently, the matriarch makes the decisions in that matter.

    Also, apparently their hair under their wigs is some type of purple-red dyed crew cut, or at least the daughter’s is. Both have quite peculiar tastes in what they want their hair to be.

  13. The truth is, sexual abuse goes on in all races, genders, poor people, rich people etc. Its like alcoholism, it can touch anyone.
    Still, it is more difficult to digest when it is a mother doing it.
    I think its fake….attention whores.

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