Naked Man Bleeding from Crotch Gets Tased by Cops in Chicago

Naked Man Bleeding from Crotch Gets Tased by Cops in Chicago

In the Irving Park community in Northwest Chicago, Illinois, a naked man with blood dripping from his crotch apparently from cutting off his penis, has been filmed acting irrational and unstable. When the cops show up, he appears to charge them and gets tased. No surprise there, as the cop ensemble appears to be of two fatties and a black woman.

The guy filming the incident demonstrates the same rich “Oh My God” vocabulary we have seen the Americans demonstrate before, so this part is not surprising either. The cops reaction to the bleeding man reminds me of Indian cops in that they too didn’t want to get blood on their precious uniforms, except that in India, the cops are at times held to account for their actions.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. For me, it was the adrenaline rush, that got me addicted to watching gore videos. Just like anything else that gets you “high”, the more you do it, the less high you get. Now, the “Flayboy” video definitely turned it up to 10, and ripped the knob off. “Flayboy”, courtesy of Sphincterpiston.

        1. Those susceptible to losing their minds are the ones who counter the macabre with misanthropic attempts at witticisms. If they can’t deal with the tragedies we witness here with a straight face, they shouldn’t be here in the first place. And bestgore does have its fair share of illiterate sickos who do all they can to ruin what is a socially relevant website. Bestgore to me is the ultimate anti-war and anti-violence website.

          1. That is a very interesting and wise perspective you have there I am not professionally adept on such matters but I can kind of see why this website could play in both positive, neutral, and/or negative ways depends on how it is used.

          2. Alois, Mark made it very clear on the homepage of this site, that freedom of speech and expression is extremely important. Your post suggests that you are trying to stifle that. People who visit this site, witness the worst that humanity has to offer. Some of this shit makes people want to cry. What’s wrong with people reading comments that also make them laugh? Yin and yang. Good verse evil. Light verse dark. That’s EXACTLY what this site, and the world needs.

          3. Stop preaching shit and say what you see here go to the forum and start a thread with that shit..
            We have a fat fucker in the buff with no cock being zapped it can’t get any better today….In my opinion.

          4. l can’t see how my comment can be construed to mean that l am trying to stifle free speech. Nothing wrong in laughing at comments; nor am I suggesting that you approach death with with genuflections. What l do object to are the illiterate swine bombarding the site with their puerile comments; as far as l can judge, you yourself have had to deal with these grotesque creatures. Freedom of speech is not an end in itself; speech for its own sake, free or not, is a senseless proposition. Freedom of speech is a means to an end, and like any other tool it must be utilised with forethought. Avoid the follies of the following clowns; you wouldn’t want to be one of them:


          5. It was not my intention to start off such conversations into a forum type of thing, but IMO this site is very useful and kind of necessary from a freedom of speech and expression stand point I grew into shock site culture if anything this shit is “normal” in a way kind of nostalgic way back when I was younger when people showed off that 2G1C shit way, way, back then. Nowadays this is just a tool to desensitize myself plus some comments are funny.

  1. Damn, what the fuck, I don’t have much to say on this but why was he running after them naked? Why the fuck was he naked in the first place? Maybe he wanted to be free willy and wild and shit. Our species is pretty fucked isn’t it. ☺️

    1. When I was a kid, we had alcohol (si) and marijuana (no), neither of which were consumed in private. Heroin (no-no) was one of those private materials that very few were ignorant enough to shoot up.

      To remain on topic, BG has reinforced the message to abstain from shit that doesn’t mix with the social environment.

  2. Too bad we see the lowest common denominator chiming in as much as they do. I actually agree that this site and others like it are needed to educate people on what’s real and what’s not. I’m not a false flag waver, conspiracy theorist etc but I do feel we as a society should not only be questioning our “leaders” about what’s really going on, in fact we should be yelling

        1. I remember Grade 7 math. That was 1962, solving proofs while waiting for the Cold War to ignite, writing QED as if it were my initials and squatting against the wall with hands behind the neck at the sound of a bell. No thanks. Please continue.

    1. “the good old days”. right. we were better off being segregated from you white folk, but unfortunately for you, you were too intimated by our unity, so you used MLK and the like to integrate, that way you wouldn’t feel as threatened. go figure.

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    Nigger in crisis.
    Wow normally I just tell em to pull their pants up….shooting him was the correct call.
    Don’t worry nigga they’ll get you some pants at 26th and California.

          1. You could just be black too….there is a difference….I’ve met more white niggers than black ones….meth ain’t done my peoples any favors…lol.

  4. Did any of my fellow Brits watch fantasy football years ago with badiel and Skinner? They did a sketch taking the piss out of maradonna cuz of the size of his dick,it was like a acorn poking out of a nest lol, this dude reminds me of that, must’ve been a bit chilly when this happened……..

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  5. Those cops obviously didn’t get the latest diversity training because if they had they would have known that what they were facing was not an unstable and irrational man with blood dripping from his crotch but rather a non-cisgendered, self-identifying female who was in fact menstruating in public as a form of protest against the rising cost of tampons.

    They should have been applauding her and instead they tasered her. The white knights will be livid.

    1. @empty-soul
      This has as much to do with shortsighted economics as it does multiple gender identification.
      We can all agree that the rising cost of tampons is a direct result of ever rising labor costs of harvesting cotton since the mid 1860’s. Now unfortunately, the ladies must ‘absorb’ this cost.

      1. Okay so here is some ghetto math….crack whore is bleeding and got $10….does she buy a box of tampons or does she go get her a rock ?
        Of course she bought a rock with it….paper towels work just fine for those ladies that like to keep shit real. The feminine napkin of choice has Mc Donalds or Burger King printed on it.

    1. Funny, to me this website “cured” or treated my mental problems because as bad as this site may be, or may not be, depending on who you talk to, I know my life is actually not as bad as the things on here it truly is a “reality news website”; although naturally, I was skeptical at first because I thought this was another excuse for watching gore but to me it is just a tool to a means to an end to desensitize myself to my mental bullshit awkwardly this has straighten me out.

      1. I think it depends on each one, if this fix you I’m happy for you, here is everything I suppose that people like you and people who enjoy and fantasize about these things, but do not take it too seriously I also joke a little about this. I am not the one to judge or point to anyone. each one is free to think and do what he wants

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