Newborn Albino Baby with Umbilical Cord Still Attached Discarded by Mother

Newborn Albino Baby with Umbilical Cord Still Attached Discarded by Mother

Newborn Albino Baby with Umbilical Cord Still Attached Discarded by Mother

According to the backinfo I got, the video is from the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Apparently, a newborn albino child with umbilical cord still attached, was wrapped in blankets, put in a shopping bag and discarded by the mother. Passersby found the bag in a bush by the road.

The resilient baby with obvious will to live was still alive when found. Whether it lived beyond the discovery, I do not know.

Props to Best Gore member @chinesevirus for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Newborn Albino Baby with Umbilical Cord Still Attached Discarded by Mother”

    1. @Fuck Pig, I would dare say this baby would be nothing but trouble for the parents (oops my bad the Mother!) in africa those albinos are a cherished commodity for the witch doctors. So they’d be fighting off bounty hunters for years. What actually really surprised me is that this new born wasn’t offered up to the highest witch doctor bidder?
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  1. It’s not albino, if it was they would have been fighting over which one of them get to boil it up and use its bones for one of their fucked up voodoo potions.
    Instead they will decide amicably…..

  2. So they’re just talking about how evil the mother is and saying (on the lines of) “Oh my God”, “Jesus Christ” and how small the baby is why someone would leave them there and that’s they (the baby) was crying and that it’s still breathing.

  3. Those stating that the child is not albino is correct. It was a whitish baby with black hair so the mother intermingled with a Caucasian male probably through prostitution for survival. The mother did the right thing by not killing it immediately and probably abandoned the newborn knowing it would be discovered and cared for. I cannot condemn the mother as I never had walked in her shoes before.

    1. Prostitution is not done for survival. Prostitution is done out of privilege. If she were born a man, or born really ugly, or otherwise not born with the privilege, she would have to work for survival. A man doesn’t have such easy option to earn money as prostitution. A man has to create a product if he wants to sell. A woman is born with the product. She just needs to exist. There is a reason why they say “Being an ugly woman is like being a man – you’re gonna have to work to earn a living…

  4. That timing was simply amazing. The Chances that somebody would happen to drive, or walk past that Poor little Baby while still alive, and kicking, sort of speak was nothing short of a miracle. I Hope that a well ta do family has adopted this miracle child, and will give Her/Him a Chance at a Good Life. 🙂

      1. @YanDaOne
        And i also totally agree with you brother as i wrote my second comment right before viewing/responding to yours. You are A Good Person My Best-Gore Sibling.

        And just like the good-old saying Goes, and it could not be so incredibly truthful in this case,,, Great, Minds Think Alike. 🙂

  5. My God. How Women can do that to their very-own Child is completely beyond me. Am I Alone when i say that i could not watch the whole video without having gone thru almost 1/4 box of Kleenex-Tissue??
    Cause just seeing that little Gift, & one of God’s Miracles, being discarded like an Evil Zionist-Jew is so incredibly wrong, that i’d want to take Him/Her Home With us and love it like it should be. That Poor Little Thing. 🙁

    I Hope that Mom has nightmare for the rest of her miserable life for doing what she did. And i don’t want the hear bleeding hearts for mom saying that maybe she was raped,,, forced into prostitution, or whatever, cause there are such things as condoms, and hospitals where she could have brought it.

  6. These afrikan countries are so overcrowded that a single mother with a tatoo on her low back can’t quietly manage herself in the bush. I wonder why COVID -19 hasn’t rised to 1 million dead toll yet in any of these.

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  8. Black Lives Matter? Apparently not in AFRICA!?? What in the flying fuck, that child is not albino first of all and why the fuck are they uncovering he/she as if its a parasite? Jesus, it’s a baby, animals don’t even treat their young this aweful. *shakes head*

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