Newborn Baby Recovered from Squatting Toilet in Beijing, China

Newborn Baby Recovered from Squatting Toilet in Beijing, China

Newborn Baby Recovered from Squatting Toilet in Beijing, China

In Beijing, China, a pregnant woman apparently shat out a newborn baby into a squatting toilet, and then just put her pants back on and went on her way a few pounds lighter.

Other toilet users overheard the cries coming out of the drainage hole and alerted the authorities. A cop put his hand down the toilet and recovered the live newborn girl.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video. Similar case HERE:

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79 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Recovered from Squatting Toilet in Beijing, China”

    1. Yuck! I’d grab a reverse plunger! Put that back in the hole and jettison it further into the pipes! It’s all contaminated with covid and all kinds of shit- no parents and let’s face it-it smells awfully bad now! Get rid of it!

        1. Just the fact that they shit into a hole in the ground shows that they’re animals.
          What happens when they miss? Do they swipe the shit into the hole with their toe?
          Normal people like to sit and relax, read, etc while taking a dump, not to squat over a f’ing hole trying to keep your balance so you don’t fall onto piss and shit. Fucking debased animals.

          1. Back at the Moss Landing harbor a good 1/4 of the commercial fishermen are Asian and when you go use the facility’s shower/toilet we were having a problem with them either shitting on top of the shower drain or finding shoe prints on the toilet seat and shit on the tank. It got so bad that the harbor master had to put up instructions like this.

            I guess all the questions the immigration agents ask the key one they should be asking is”do you know how a toilet works”

        1. no captain ,i would call you a realist not racist..everyone has their own reality subject to experience…a black man who never saw a white man has no experience to base a valid opinion ,just hearsay..reading your posts are quite revealing as to your experiences,so who am i to oppose your truth .i accept and understand ..your right to speak without shackles that the jew media impose upon us daily…the dr.

        2. That can’t be for real @the-captain (your post showing the sign to not squat on toilet) but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.
          I can’t imagine taking a shit like that especially in a public toilet. The toilets in the video are so close you’d be bumping heads with the guy across from you.

          1. @illegalsmile55

            Incredible, apparently the angle is such that it’s easier to evacuate the bowels, but I’ll stick with grunting.
            What’s amazing is they need photos and written instructions to use a toilet, isn’t it pretty obvious?
            Also December, thanks.

    1. @thedre
      Start with a plunger then work your way up to larger things! Skip things like zucchini and carrot! Go straight to size 10 boots, jack hammer, and 2×4 with nails turned outward! If she screams use the Louisville slugger! Swing like it’s a piñata party! Discard bits of bone and hair! When finished clean self with lots of soap and water/wipe down with alcohol, and douse her body in gasoline! Light match- then go watch a football game! When flames go out shovel remains into heavy duty garbage bag and drop into tree chipper then bury all under a pile of dog shit and plant a tree! Help save the earth and smile-job well done!

  1. “Royal Flush” came into the world in a similar fashion. A royal guard fished him out of Prince Harry’s toilet after Tikka Masala Tuesday’s. Prince Harry was quoted as saying “I don’t even remember eating that”.

  2. Poor kid, hope it made it after all that. As for the mom, it doesn’t surprise me that this happen in China of all places. Since families are now allowed to have 2 kids instead of one, its possible that the mom already had a daughter and when she found out what it was she probably just said Fuck it and let it die since she can birth more kids. But i’m thinking something else on this since the area was under developed, the mom could of had the baby before marriage and feared the family would kick her out or possible kill the baby anyway or more likely the mom was a slut and was sleeping around for money.

        1. Lol I read in a book about China that a family had 3 older daughters when they wanted a son because of the one child rule. The grandparents put them under pressure. They left their daughters at a station one by one and going by train over and over again and worked a while in a village because they may not come home before they had a boy

  3. Glad baby is ok but not one comment about the lack of privacy?? Do they really just squat side by side to use the loo?! Not like urinals where a guy can discretely whip it out and piss. So weird!

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