One Guy, One Hot Sauce Filled Jar

One Guy, One Hot Sauce Filled Jar

One Guy, One Hot Sauce Filled Jar

In an adventure reminiscent of Alex from 1 Guy 1 Cup, some guy who unlike Alex seems to have been mutilated at birth, fills up with hot sauce a jar that looks like one of those Christmas tree ball ornamemnts, and shoves it up his ass.

The jar breaks up inside his anus, resulting in rectal bleeding and the need to pick glass shards out of the glory hole. Seems to me like he wanted to mimic Alex and intended for the ball to smash inside his ass.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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169 thoughts on “One Guy, One Hot Sauce Filled Jar”

        1. want some sauce on that burger? Seriously though i’ve gone giddy. I think this has affected me for life, what’s left of it anyway. I suppose there was a point to this. Any suggestions?

          1. I suggest High Speed Trans-Cortical Lead Injection Therapy, I think that would be very effective in a case like this (and for many other issues as well)

          2. @polluted… I think maybe he was trying to show how delicately he could control his sphincter and failed. Oh well… shit happens 😀

        1. Why are you labeling him as a pervert? Its his life you sensitive religious piece of shit. I’m assuming you have negative views on gays yet you still watched the video of a grown man stuff his asshole.
          FUCK YOU!

          1. @Trevor,
            You fucking freak,,, **I Did Not Watch It Weirdo**, butt you obviously did, Fuck-Tart,,, Princess,,lol. Oh,,, Was it *You* in the video? your *Dad*? Boyfriend? lol, that has got you sooo BUTT-HURT FAGOT-COCKSUCKER?
            And Yea,,, I Hate Fagots Like You, cause they are perverted child-Molesters for the most part, you fucking HOMO.
            So,,,,,, FUCK-YOU TREVY-BOY!,lol, lol, Fag.

      1. I only get the ornament if he wanted it to break in the first place, those things are so flimsy they break if you drop them on carpet, so he had to know that was going to pieces, even in his loose sphincter. Both together is a bit of over the top masochism.

  1. I’m surprised, or in retrospect I’m not, at how easily that extremely fragile glass bauble slid inside.

    That is one slack asshole.

    Point of interest; a Mexican cartel used hot chilli sauce bottles, on at least one ocassion, to torture a CIA or DEA agent before burning him alive in a barrel using diesel.

    The bottle was shoved up his ass and broken; the chilli hyper stimulated the rectum which tried to expel the shards of broken glass.

  2. When the broken hot sauce fillled ass ball pops out and sees it’s shadow the homo gets another 60 years of rim jobs and faggotry.
    Seriously, is there nothing these deviants won’t shove up thier launch tube?

    1. You and me both. I woke up, took a 10 min. morning piss, log in and get a screen full of tiny nuts and poofter ass. Great way to start the day.

  3. so unless the dude is playing it super cool, i think he intentionally broke the christmass tree decoration in his ass on purpose….

    this renders him super cool dude.


      1. Hahaha, I can’t bring myself to watch it. I can’t even understand why you would voluntarily do such a thing to your own ass….lol. These people are totally FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD.

  4. Oh for fucks sake already. Seriously, come on. Is the need for sexual/psychological gratification so high that this is what people are resorting to? I’d be less disturbed if this fucker self-immolated. I have lots of matches. Call me.

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