Pen Shoved Inside Woman’s Peehole Needs Doctor to Remove It

Pen Shoved Inside Woman Peehole Needs Doctor to Remove It

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a peehole, right? Not a vagina. Peehole, also known as urethral opening, is a small hole above vagina through which urine is flushed out of body.

While we’ve seen a fair share of crazy anal and vaginal insertions at Best Gore (anal insertions are done by both males and female), such thing as peehole insertions are also practiced by both sexes. Here’s an example of a female peehole insertion, and here’s of a male peehole insertion.

Video below shows doctors removing a pen from inside female genital organs. There are sensitive nerve endings along the urethra wall, so I presume it’s a form of masturbation that induces different type of sexual sensation when objects are inserted into the peehole. But as with all insertions, if lose the grip of it and your excited organs swallow it, then it’s on to have some embarrassing ‘splaining to do to a doctor.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. Can I ask what made you decide to try it? I might get curious or bored one day and try it, but I’m thinking it would hurt during or afterwards and possibly get tiny infected lacerations. It stung like hell to even touch it when I was younger, so I’ve steered clear of it ever since. Lol. I also wouldn’t want to have to ask a future lover to put a Q tip in my urethra.

          1. @Alexander
            LOL, I was hoping that was the case. Forgive me for being unreasonably literal with your comment. Sometimes you can’t tell who’s playing and who’s..well ya know. Haha! πŸ™‚

      1. Ah ah it’s all right. Besides English isn’t my first language and I noticed sometimes when I try to say something it can be understood in a different way, but it’s all good , lol I am here for a laugh..;-)

    1. Yeah, it’s called “sounding”. They sell kits of metal sounding rods at some adult stores, and you can order them all over the internet. That’s a fap level few people ever achieve lol. Shit always makes me think of that short story “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk. πŸ™‚

  1. It’s videos like this one that makes me want to give up pussy eating, but then I remember that pussy taste very sweet and a little ink is not going to spoil the whole bunch.

    Ok I lied. I’m still going to eat the pussy. More videos like this, please.

    1. Hey @the-vulva-eater and @xtasee4free a simple question though: Why in the world do you have to share your pussy-eating and ass-chomping fantasies here, why??? Seriously…..!!! No offense though, but share a thought about the concerned video, not a gosh-damn-son-of-a-cock-sucking-bitch-of-fantasies dudes…!!! We don’t have no doubts about both of y’all abilities about licking, sucking, tasting, chomping, swallowing, scatting, but come on…!!!

    1. After surgery I had to use a catheter for a week in order to tinkle. It is true…there are a whole new set of nerves up in the urethra…I could almost see it being something that was enjoyable. Unless it is medically necessary though, nothing is going up into that hole again.

      1. Got sent completely “unresponsive to pain” and unconscious to the E.R after getting drugged with GHB at two of my best friends house (both girls and it was just us there). I believe they did it as a joke but I slipped into a cardiac arrest at the E.R with over 4.4 per mille in my blood, after only drinking a couple of light beers and one glass of wine.

        Anyhow, I got a catheter I noticed when I woke up, from which I had to pee from for two more days. Nothing enjoyable about that at all, especially not when they pulled it out. Peed blood for 3 – 4 days.

        Maybe we’re just wired differently. My nerve endings sure didn’t find the catheter satisfactory. Needless to say, I haven’t had any contact with these ‘friends’ of mine since then. But they did call the ambulance… So half a point for that I suppose.

    1. The Cunt: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Sharpie Pen Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new vulvas, to seek out new clit and new pee holes, to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before.

  2. Its actually a thing called sounding this fekn weirdo i knew did it had a whole kit from a sex shop i guess the crazy bastard even had his cock split to fit lager diameter sounding rods into his urethra

    1. I bet that’s what gonna happen even beyond those six weeks .
      Words like, “How To Get Horny” would be outta her mind for a long time to come .This woman will have to endure hell a lotta pain and its gonna be she not with her usual piddling but wild painful screamings ya see and the whole neighborhood will know !
      Even the thought of pushing in objects to that passage brings in chills what say ya Bro@thedre.

  3. Last heard she’d kept her “will papers” shoved in deep to this vaginal vault and she was only trying to scribble in something that’s when the Pen said ,” Hey there Lady Let me right in ; that’s where I always wanna be . Once in ,there’s no way ya can get me out .

    1. @Porno Directing for Necromancer
      just about felt the same but you know its always different for people how they get to pleasurate and seek fulfilling their wild fantasies and have no fucking qualms about it .
      As long as it doesn’t hurt they can even go shoving in whatever comes to their mind. Pens are minuscule objects so no big issue there .

  4. This comment was so misleading, i came for the doctor shoves a pen in girls pussy (it was my mind filling in the blanks)
    Now i feel so violated, i don’t know how i can life with myself anymore after all this trauma, the potential scarring…


  5. I have looked at this vid a few times and whilst i agree it doesn’t look like its coming out of vagina, at the end when they take their hands away and you can see vag and anus there doesn’t seem to be another place for an opening…also the pen was removed nearer the anus which is not where the pee hole is. Can anyone else see this?

  6. Seriously, the things people do to their bits and pieces is just mind boggling …. listen if you are that bored with your life that you have to stick everything and the kitchen sink up your hooey then perhaps you need to find another job, social life, friends, hobbies whatever!! Cos this shit is just downright goofy

  7. I can’t see how this is at all pleasurable. Whenever I insert a catheter into a female or male they complain that it hurts like hell, and I am quite skilled at doing this procedure. I also have had a catheter in before my c-section and that was as painful as anything else that was done. Some people will do anything!

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