Priapism – Emergency Surgical Treatment of Persistent Erection

Priapism - Emergency Surgical Treatment of Persistent Erection

Priapism is a painful medical condition whereby a man’s penis retains prolonged and persistent erection without sexual stimulation. Priapism is considered a urologic emergency and requires prompt treatment or else it could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction or necrosis of penile tissue. Sucks to be a man – as if a possibility of not being able to get an erection was not scary enough.

Priapism is caused by blood becoming trapped in the penis and not being able to drain. It can occur in absolutely all age groups, from newborns to the oldest man on the planet. Several drugs used for treatment of depression or other mental illnesses, such as Desyrel or Thorazine are known to cause Priapism. Approximately 42% of adults with sickle-cell disease will develop Priapism at some point in their lives. Leukemia, malaria, spinal cord injuries, Black Widow spider bites and carbon monoxide poisoning are all known to cause Priapism.

Emergency surgery for Priapism in the video below consisted of numbing the penis, and draining blood from the shaft with surgical syringes. Fast reduction of pressure and swelling is essential in ensuring that the penis remains functional for future use during normal sexual stmulation.

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  1. As a man, the absolute worst thing is getting one on the bus. It always seems to happen when you’re tired on the way home from a long day at work and just before your stop. The dilemma of whether you go past your stop until normality is resumed or whether to try a snide ‘tuck in’ to your pants.

    Man problems.

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  2. Nope! Not a good thing! Can kill the penis and lead to amputation. If the blood stays there long enough clots can form and the guy has a pulmonary embolism, stroke or heart attack.

    I don’t recommend it!

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  4. PubMed returns 119 pages of papers on priaprsm (19 papers per page); this one sort of sums it up:

    Adv Urol. 2012;2012:672624. doi: 10.1155/2012/672624. Epub 2012 Jul 3.
    Priapism: comorbid factors and treatment outcomes in a contemporary series.
    Gottsch HP, Berger RE, Yang CC.
    Department of Urology, University of Washington, USA.
    Objective. The goal of this study is to describe comorbid characteristics in patients who have priapism, and their treatment outcomes. Methods. Chart review was undertaken on men who had a diagnosis of priapism from a tertiary medical center, from 2000-2010. Men with priapism due exclusively to the use of prescription erectile aids and medications were not included in the review. Results. We identified 79 patients with the priapism. The most common type of priapism was the low flow variant. High flow priapism was identified in 2 patients. The most common general comorbid condition associated with priapism was mental illness (including substance abuse), which was present in 56% of the patients. Neurogenic priapism accounted for 19% of the total priapism events. Psychopharmaceutical agents and recreational drugs were commonly associated with ischemic priapism. Acute complications of priapism treatment were not common, but long-term complications, especially erectile dysfunction, were frequent. Conclusions. We describe the characteristics and outcomes of a large group of patients with priapism. Our experience at a tertiary care center indicates that mental illness, including substance abuse disorders, is a highly prevalent comorbid condition in men who experience priapism. Consistent with previous reports, erectile dysfunction is the most common complication from priapism and its treatment, occurring in the majority of men.

    Substance misuse is usually cocaine; I have seen one case of an elderly man who developed priapism after feeding his penis through his wedding band; that was a bastard to remove.

  5. I always like to know something from someone that knows. Most people listen to people who haven’t got a fucking clue what their talking about. If you want to know something about a legal matter ask a lawyer not your next door neighbor. If you want to know something medical ask a doctor, not your neighbor.

          1. @oddy!!!
            hey you! dont encourage him! he has been spurtting all over the place – i think he has sprung a leak – must have been pumping too much
            oddy i cant get access to my email as soon as i can i shall send you one 🙂

  6. I was serving a clinical rotation at the local VA in the ER (loved & adored it!) and an elderly African-American came in with this condition. Denied viagra, denied his girlfriend giving him “extra” viagra, and I don’t believe at 70-80 something, he had sickle-cell anemia. The doctors told him to go home & come back if it was like this tomorrow. This was in Nov-Dec 2007 or Jan 2008. They did not drain him; this solution nmakes so much more sense—at least this doctor *did something* for the man instead of just sending him home. I do not know what happened to the elderly man I saw.

    Yeah, I come to Best Gore for the pictures.
    But I really do read the articles.
    Nobody else is providing this type of education in world events, history, medicine, and Darwin award contestant criteria. Thanks Mark! You’re one of a kind.

  7. I can imagine the distracted response they got when they asked that guy if they could film it for medical instruction. Being female I can only imagine what he’s feeling must be similar to having a rubber band around your finger.

  8. I wasn’t sure what to make of the video & photos, but the comments have been keeping me amused for the past 15 minutes! ROFL. I nearly PMSL when one person mentioned “tucking it under the belt” only to have it “poke out” when their shirt comes up! xD

  9. I will be completely honest here. I have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and about a decade ago I was getting priapism’s every morning for about 1/4th a year. The pain is insane! The Dr. would drain the blood and things would be okay. Then I would get pulminary embily. Finally they put me on coumadin and I haven’t had a problem since. PRIAPISMS ARE NOT FUN AT ALL!

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